How do pacifiers affect the alignment of teeth? Advantages and disadvantages of pacifiers, when and how to stop using them.

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Last updated January 6, 2024

Does the pacifier affect the alignment of the teeth?

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The sight of a baby wearing a pacifier is quite adorable. On the other hand, however, some people are concerned about the effect on the alignment of teeth. In this column,Explains how pacifiers affect your child's teeth, their advantages and disadvantages, and more.I will do so.

Effects of pacifiers on teeth alignment

pacifiercan be very useful if you are careful about how you use it.convenientIt is a very good thing. However,Misuse.and teethInhibits normal developmentThe danger is that the teeth may be misaligned. Incorrect use can lead to crowded teeth, which rattle the alignment of the teeth, and an open bite, known as a popped mouth. It can also cause mandibular protrusion, which has a significant impact on facial appearance.

Advantages of Pacifiers

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There is no denying that pacifiers can affect the alignment of teeth, but on the other hand, they also have their good points. Here,Explanation of the benefits of pacifiersI will do so.

Adjustment of calorie intake

Babies love their mother's breast. Therefore, when a baby is held in the arms, it naturally asks for breast milk. If the baby is fed breast milk each time in response to this request, it may become overnourished and cause obesity. This is more noticeable in the case of formula feeding.Control of calorie overloadThis is an effective means to

tranquilizing effect

As your child grows, playtime alone becomes more and more important. At that time, abruptly withdrawing from the mother-child relationship can cause a great deal of anxiety for the child. The presence of a pacifier in the child's mouth,Promotes mental stabilityIt is possible to do so.

Sedative effect when going out

Going out is a great adventure for babies. Too much stimulation during the day can cause crying at night. The reason for this is that the brain cannot keep up with the information processing. By utilizing a pacifier, we can induce a sense of security, and the brain is able to process more information when we go out.Reduce stressThe company expects to be able to

Curbing finger sucking

Babies engage in a reflex movement called the sucking reflex. Finger sucking is part of the sucking reflex. Hygiene is a concern because fingers can easily become contaminated with germs. Since pacifiers can be washed and disinfected, they are much easier to clean than finger sucking.sanitaryIt can be said that this is the case.

Promotes nasal breathing

Nasal breathing catches invading viruses and dust with nasal hairs. Therefore, compared to mouth breathing,Reduced risk of viral infectionThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

Disadvantages of pacifiers

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While pacifiers have their benefits, there are also some things to be aware of. Here are some of the concerns in addition to the effects on teeth alignment,Disadvantages of pacifiersThis section describes the following

Delayed weaning

After a period of nutritional intake from breast milk or formula, babies transition to weaning. At that time,pacifier moth (esp. the common pacifier moth, Pseudobagrus ichikawai)making it a practice toThe fact that you are doing this will cause you to seek out the pleasant stimulation of your mouth too much.Delayed weaningbe just about toThere are times when

(alcohol, drug) dependence

When it becomes a habit to feel secure with something in the mouth, sometimesdependentIt is possible to become a

Bacterial infections due to poor hygiene

by the pacifier's exposure to outside air and saliva,Bacteria outbreaksThe following is a list of the most common reasons for this.Insufficient sanitationIn the case of the pacifier itselfRoots of Bacterial InfectionThis can be the case.

Misalignment of teeth

The most concerning disadvantages of the pacifier areMisalignment of teethIt is. By using pacifiers during the period of tooth growth,Inhibited tooth growthfollowingDentition disorderThe impact on the

Negative effect on teeth alignment and bite

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Pacifiers have no small effect on the alignment of the teeth and the bite. Bucktooth, open bite, and mandibular prognathism are,Disturbed dentition due to pacifieris a typical example of what causes Here,Pacifier on teeth and bite.negative influenceExplanation of an example that givesI will do so.


By using a pacifier during the growth period of the front teeth,Gaps between upper and lower teethdrawing picturesoverbitewill be.

open bite

If you become accustomed to having things stuck between your front teeth, you may find that your mouth is always open. This is called an open bite. When the mouth is left open, mouth breathing occurs. Mouth breathing causes the mucous membrane of the throat toBacteria and viruses invadeeasilyRisk of contracting infectious diseasesis increased.

mandibular protrusion

Mandibular prognathism is a condition in which the lower jaw protrudes forward of the upper jaw. When mandibular prognathism occurs,Significant impact on facial appearanceNot only are thereNegative impact on oral cleanliness.This will have a negative impact on the future. This will help to reduce the futureRisk of tooth decayis also heightened.

How to use a pacifier without affecting teeth alignment

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The pacifier is,Be careful how you use means ofSupport for childcareThis is a reassuring item that will Here,It doesn't affect the alignment of your teeth.This section explains what is important for

Decide when to use the pacifier.

During the day, such as only before going to bed or only when you wake up in the morning.Decide when to use it.It is important toUse throughout the dayIf you make it a habit to do it, you'll find that when it's time to stop, you'll be as happy as you thought you were.I can't graduate.There are times when

Never miss the right time to quit.

The pacifier is,Graduated by age 2Ideally, it is possible to do this. From this time onward, full-fledged growth of the teeth can be seen.To avoid inhibiting normal dental growth,Never miss the right time to quit.Make sure to do so.

How to stop pacifiers

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distinguish between different kinds

After trying several pacifiers, your child will probably decide on a pacifier that he or she likes. At the time of graduation, we dare you to choose a type ofDifferent be prepared. This may make them uncomfortable and cause them to stop using it.

add to one's amusement

By increasing physical play.Facilitates sleep onsetDo. Pacifiers are often used for sleep tossing and turning before and after sleep because they have many opportunities to be used,Quickly fall asleepThe most important thing to do is to move your body enough to get the most out of it,Gradually reduce the frequency of use.It would be a good idea to

hide a pacifier

Always keep the pacifier in the same container and show your child how you remove the pacifier from it. After a period of time, stop putting the pacifier in the container.Empty containerto your child and explain that "the pacifier is gone.

Use of bitterness

When it is hard to stop,Utilize bitternessIt is also a good idea to Rub the tip of the pacifier on bitter-tasting vegetables such as bell peppers or bitter melon. However, do this when your child is not looking so that he or she does not develop a dislike for the vegetable.secretlyThe trick is to do this with At this time,Never use drugs!. There is a concern that the patient may be reluctant to take the medication when it is needed, which may delay recovery from the illness,Danger of Drug InjuryBecause there are please do notNature's Foodto be used.

Create opportunities to meet the baby

Creating opportunities to meet babies who are smaller than your child is also effective.It is. Show the baby using a pacifier and say, "Your baby is so cute. He's wearing a pacifier. You're using a pacifier. Then, "Fatty, you're not a baby anymore, so you don't use a pacifier. and "Fatty, you're not a baby anymore, so you don't use a pacifier anymore.self-respectTickle the

Make use of it in the right way!

Pacifiers, if used correctly, are veryConvenient childcare aidsIt is. Please refer to this content when using it,Utilize it in a creative way to use and quit.Please try to do so.

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