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Last updated April 10, 2024

Access: 1 min. walk from Azabu-juban Station on the Oedo Line/Nanboku Line

Particularly recommended for

✅ If you would like to see a doctor who specializes in backside orthodontics.

✅ Those who are particular about aesthetic aspects and want to be seen by the director from start to finish.

✅ Those who want to have cleaning and whitening done at a reasonable cost.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

The director, Dr. Kikuchi, is a professional in difficult backside orthodontics.

A technically skilled doctor who is referred patients by orthodontists.and heal even difficult cases beautifully.

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What is the Director like?

Dr. Kikuchi, Azabu Juban Orthodontics Office
He is a very beautiful and kind doctor.

Dr. Kikuchi is the director of the Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office,Very calm and very good listening doctor.

He has a gentle expression and speaks in a relaxed tone, making it easy to ask questions and feeling very comfortable.

Even reviews received from patients undergoing treatment,'They are always kind and helpful, and take the time to carefully discuss the disadvantages as well as the advantages.'He was well received, and when I spoke with him, I immediately felt his good nature.

The doctor himself has experience with orthodontic treatment before starting treatment.Very sensitive to patient anxiety and discomfort during treatment, etc.They are trying to make the treatment as relaxing and anxiety-free as possible with

In addition, Dr. Kikuchi is not only gentle but also very skilled, so skilled that even orthodontists in the same profession refer patients with difficult cases to him. He also accepts cases and transfers of patients who have been rejected by other clinics.

He has more than 20 years of experience as an orthodontist and specializes in backside orthodontic treatment, which is considered one of the most difficult types of orthodontic treatment.The company also provides treatment for announcers, actors, and other professionals who are concerned about their appearance.

Those who are concerned about their appearance during treatment,I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to discuss their concerns about facial changes before and after treatment from a woman's perspective.

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Azabu Juban Orthodontics Office is recommended for

Those who would like to see a doctor who specializes in backside orthodontics.


Dr. Kikuchi is a professional in backside orthodontics.

After studying at a university specializing in front side wire orthodontics, he worked at a clinic that handled many back side orthodontic treatments and continued his studies,The same quality of speed and finish is achieved with backside braces as with front side braces.The patient is treated with

Backside wire orthodontics is one of the most difficult orthodontic treatment methods, and many clinics refuse it in cases with deep bites or large rattling,Dr. Kikuchi has never refused a case that he could not fix, even if he was told by other clinics that backside orthodontic treatment was difficult.

In addition, the teacherCertified by the World Association of OrthodonticsThe company has also been recognized for its backside orthodontic abilities by academic societies with world-standard technical examinations.

Generally, transfer cases are more difficult than usual, but Dr. Kikuchi usually treats patients who have had orthodontic treatment at other clinics but did not obtain satisfactory results, and those who have been transferred to a new clinic,We also undertake the continuation of treatment for those who are moving or otherwise looking for a new hospital.

You can see many beautiful cases on the clinic's Instagram.

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Those who are particular about aesthetic aspects and want to be seen by the Director from start to finish.


At Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office,Dr. Kikuchi, the director, is in charge of treatment from start to finish.Yes.

For a free initial consultationTake a full 60 minutes to view a 3D scan simulation of before and after treatment and explain the results.Dr. Kikuchi always performs a consultation even after treatment has started, because he wants to be personally involved in the treatment of all the patients he accepts.

Since I have always spent a lot of time with the doctor, I have ample opportunity to ask questions when I come to the hospital,If you forgot to ask something or if you have a concern outside of the clinic day, they can respond to you individually on line.It is.

Furthermore, even when a child comes for treatment alone, he reports to the parents on line about the treatment he has performed each time and the next appointment, which I think is typical of the earnest Dr. Kikuchi.

Also,The doctor is very particular about aesthetic results.For those who have teeth that have been ground down or are concerned about the length of their teeth, we shave them down a little and reshape them, and for those who have different gum lines on the left and right sides, we use a laser to reshape the gums.

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In addition to improving the alignment and bite of the teeth through orthodontic treatment, it is also important to focus on the appearance of details and the silhouette of the beautiful, age-appropriate mouth,A clinic that can also be recommended for those who want to discuss in detail the changes in facial features and tooth shape before and after treatment.It is.

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Those who want to get affordable cleaning and whitening services.

Fully private room 2

At Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office,We are very focused on preventive management during orthodontic treatment.

Since the risk of tooth decay and gum disease inevitably increases during orthodontic treatment, they try to provide thorough preventive management through tooth brushing instruction and careful cleaning.

In particular, it is used in teaching tooth brushing to those undergoing orthodontic treatment.phase-contrast microscopeare rarely introduced in periodontics, and patients can actually see the bacteria count in their mouths before and after treatment to motivate them.

In addition, self-funded cleaning called PMTC usually takes 45 to 60 minutes and costs around 8,800 to 1,3200 yen (including tax), but Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office offers this service for 3,300 yen (including tax) per 30 minutes in the hope that patients will feel more comfortable going to the office and proceed with treatment under good conditions. Airflow is also available at no additional cost for those with heavy pigmentation, and is very conscientious.

Further,Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office also focuses on office whitening.

Because it is quick, painless, and very reasonable in cost, many people come to the clinic just for the whitening process.

Office whitening usually costs between 33,000 yen and 55,000 yen and takes about two hours to complete the procedure, but at Azabu Juban Orthodontics Office22,000 yen and only 30 minutesThe second one is ¥19,800. In addition, the second one is quite reasonable at 19,800 yen.

This clinic is recommended not only for those undergoing orthodontic treatment, but also for those who just want to do prevention or are only concerned about whitening.

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In clinic 2

At Azabu Juban Orthodontics Officetotal fee systemThe company has adopted the following

No additional cost no matter how many times you go through.Therefore, even if the period of treatment is prolonged due to poor tooth movement or the number of times required for final fine-tuning increases, the patient can go through treatment until he or she is satisfied without worrying about the cost.

In general, orthodontists often list the device fee and adjustment fee separately, and the total amount may appear high at first glance, but this is because the adjustment fee alone costs 100,000 to 300,000 yen, assuming that the treatment period is approximately three years,Conscientious pricingIt is.

In addition, Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office rewards 11 TP3T of the treatment cost as points that can be used in the hospital, which can be used for any payment in the hospital, such as purchasing toothbrushes, PMTC, and whitening.

For example, if you have upper and lower backside braces, you will receive 14,300 yen worth of reduction. You can get a free lip treatment to make your lips shiny, or try full-scale whitening for 7,700 yen.

Click here for detailed costs. (All prices include tax)

Initial Consultationfree
inspection and diagnosis fee44,000 yen
Surface wire(metal bracket + metal wire)825,000 yen
Surface wire (plastic bracket + metal wire)935,000 yen
Surface wire (ceramic bracket + white wire)1,045,000 yen
Half-lingual (top is back side, bottom is front side)1,237,000 yen
Backside Wire1,430,000 yen
partial orthodontia275,000-440,000 yen
Invisalign (unlimited number of sheets)1,100,000
Invisalign (26 or less)880,000 yen
Invisalign (14 or less)660,000 yen
Invisalign (7 or less)440,000 yen
Mouthpiece orthodontics in single-piece units44,000 yen
Orthodontics for children (until adult teeth erupt)440,000 yen
retainer11,000-16,500 yen
PMTC (Private Maintenance and Cleaning)3,300 Yen
office whitening11,000-22,000 yen
PMTC + office whitening24,200 Yen

For other menus and details, click here↓↓.

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

1 1 in the clinic

The hospital is bright, spacious, and open,The clinic is designed so that patients with small children or those pushing strollers can come with peace of mind.The waiting room is also equipped with a coffee machine and a tea machine. In addition, coffee and tea are freely available in the waiting room,The doctor's desire is to make patients who have gathered up the courage to come for a consultation feel as at home as possible.

Also, the director, Dr. Kikuchi, is a very clean person.

The clinic itself is clean, and many of the instruments that most clinics sterilize and use are disposable, such as mirrors, tweezers, mold trays, and brushes used for cleaning,Cleanliness is very important to us.

Fully private room 1

The treatment space is also designed to allow each patient to relax and receive treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Testimonials from those who attend Azabu Juban Orthodontics Office

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

This is a review by a patient who has actually attended Azabu Juban Orthodontic Office.

  • They talk about the advantages as well as the disadvantages. The first lump-sum payment is made at the beginning, so there are no costs during the visit to the hospital.The staff and hygienists as well as the doctor are very kind.Thank you for the encounter.
  • They were very accommodating.Other clinics told me it would be difficult.I am very happy with the treatment, it was very beautiful.(Excerpt from google)
  • My son's teeth looked so good that I asked him to do the same.Full payment of expenses at the beginning,No further additional charges of any kind.I think it is clear that this is a good idea.(Excerpt from google)

Azabu Juban Orthodontics Office Clinic Overview

Clinic NameAzabu Juban Orthodontics Office
address (e.g. of house)2F KINOKUNIYA SUGAR RESIDENCE, 2-1-1 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number0800-8888-418
Access1 minute walk from Azabu-juban Station (Exit 4) on Tokyo Metro Namboku Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line
Office HoursWeekdays 13:00-19:00 Weekends 10:00-18:00
Open until 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, weekends and holidays
doctor's no-consultation daynon-scheduled holiday
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