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Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara Dentist's Choice for Orthodontics

Last updated on February 18, 2024

Access: 3 min. walk from JR "Ikebukuro", 2 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Ikebukuro".

Particularly recommended for

Those who want to see a specialist while keeping costs down.

Those who wish to treat TMJ joints together.

Those who want to be consistently and carefully examined by the Director from start to finish.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Serious, solid, craftsman-like teacher.A clinic where treatment by

You will be seen from start to finish by a director who is indifferent to profit and loves orthodontic treatment.

The clinic is run by a doctor who specializes in orthodontics on the front side and is well versed in temporomandibular joints.

What is the Director like?

Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara
He was shy and didn't smile easily 😆.

Kitahara Sensei is reallySerious, solid, craftsman-like teacher.It is.

To other certified physicians,

Kitahara is really smart and good at what he does, so please refer him to your patients."

It is said.

No salesmanship whatsoever., ,Patients who come for an initial consultation will not be rushed to the next appointment. Unless there is a strong request.I always tell them to go home once and think about it.

In the past, there was even a person who said, "I was going to make an appointment on my way home because I wanted to start at Kitahara-sensei's place, but I was told to think about it at home, so I lost my timing and came back.

Once orthodontics is started, it is a long term commitment and an expensive one,We want you to consult with your family and make a firm decision before starting.They say that there are

If I diagnose the problem and find that it is at a level that does not require orthodontics, I will say, "There is nothing wrong with your bite, so if you don't mind the way it looks, you don't have to do it, do you? andDoctor advises on non-corrective options.It is.

Also, as you can see from the case studies, those who need treatment are treated very nicely.

Time,The type of teacher who steadily strives for perfection.It is.

He is craftsmanlike and a bit quiet, but he gives me a good explanation before and after treatment, and answers any questions I have in detail.

When you send a patient referral, they will respond to you with details about the diagnosis, future treatment plan, and risks.He is a serious and responsible teacher,He was very kind to the staff.

Myosui Orthodontics, Kitahara is recommended for

Those who want to keep costs down

Tokyo, certified orthodontist, and so much more.Conscientious priceIt is rare to find a clinic that undertakes treatment in

The market price for orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist in Tokyo is880,000-1,100,000 yen (including tax) + monthly adjustment fee the place named

Myosui Orthodontics is

Basic 770,000 yen (tax included),Before orthodontic treatment880,000 yen (including tax) only if TMJ treatment is required + adjustment feeIt is.

Furthermore, it is not as if they are saving on materials because they are cheap.

All of them use self-ligating brackets, which are gentle to the teeth,White in color and inconspicuous.It is.

So are you saving money on equipment? You may think so, but not really.

Often not in orthodontics.CT also introducedThe doctor then makes a thorough diagnosis of the bone thickness and TMJ joints before treatment.

Two full examinationsOverall OverallAfter a careful examination of the mouth and jaw movementand proceed to treatment.

I think this price is really rare with good equipment and a lot of time and effort spent on it.

Payment is made in installments according to the progress of the treatment,No further payment in the event of an unavoidable transfer to a different hospital due to transfer during the course of the program, etc.If you have overpaid, they will refund your money.

It is rare to find a clinic that is so conscientious about costs.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Those with TMJ concerns

One of the major appealing points of Myosui Orthodontics and Kitahara isUnderstanding and dealing with the temporomandibular jointIt is.

Usually, a thorough examination includes "dental molding," "intraoral photographs," and "x-rays," followed by diagnosis, but Dr. Kitahara also performs a thorough examination of the patient's teeth,

Careful examination of TMJ movement and bite alignment using a special device called an articulatorI will do so.

If the position of the jaw does not match the current bite, treatment is initiated with therapy to correct the jaw position before orthodontic treatment begins.

Many orthodontists have a poor understanding of the temporomandibular joint, but Dr. Kitahara,

[In order to achieve a stable bite, treatment that takes the temporomandibular joint into consideration is essential.Therefore, we pay special attention to the temporomandibular joint.

TMJ treatment does not necessarily mean orthodontic treatment, but if the TMJ is ignored and the teeth are simply aligned, the jaw may be burdened and the face may remain distorted even after alignment.

I've heard that about 20% of cases require TMJ treatment,Those who have unstable chewing position or jaw concerns.Please visit the doctor if you have any questions.

They will answer any questions in detail.

Those who want to be seen by the Director from start to finish.

At Myungsui Orthodontics & Kitahara, we offer the following servicesThe director is in charge of all aspects of treatment.The company is doing so.

There are many clinics that proceed with a style of treatment where the director supervises and younger patients are treated, and a hygienist sees each treatment,

At Myungsui Orthodontics & Kitahara, we offer the following servicesPlanning, diagnosis, and treatment are all done by Dr. Kitahara.will be performed by the

In clinics where only diagnosis is done by the director, where the doctor changes every time, or in clinics that leave the work to the hygienist, you may not know who your doctor is, and you may worry about whether your doctor has a good grasp of your treatment.

In that aspect, too.Being able to see one doctor the whole time is a big point.It is.

What equipment and tooth alignment can be accommodated?

Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara

Equipment that can be handled

Basically, we specialize in front side wire treatment.

Standard self-gating brackets (clippies) are used, which are less painful and gentle on the teeth, and are white in color so they are less noticeable.

Anchor screws, splints (mouthpieces) for TMJ treatment, and various pediatric orthodontic appliances are also available as adjuncts.

[Supportable teeth

He is a doctor who specializes in orthodontics and has been treating patients for many years,

Can treat anything, including bucktooth, arch, open bite, severe rattling, etc.It is.

We also accept patients with jaw deformities and cleft palate who need orthodontic treatment.

If surgery and correction must be combined,

Only surgery can be done at the university, and preoperative and postoperative orthodontics can be done at [Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara].

Professional organizations recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareTherefore, health insurance can be used for those who need surgery.

Some clinics do not accept difficult cases involving surgery such as jaw deformities, though,

Myogohsui Orthodontics, Kitahara]Cost is also covered by insuranceThe treatment is safe and secure in

Can I have cleanings, tooth extractions, or cavities during orthodontic treatment?

A simple cleaning is performed before each procedure.

If full-scale staining, tartar removal, periodontal treatment or cavity treatment is needed during treatment,

They refer the patient to his/her family general dentist or a general dentist in the same building (Ikebukuro TK Dental Clinic).

He is a friend of Dr. Kitahara's, and they trust and collaborate with each other very much.

Surgical procedures for tooth extractions and anchor screws are also coordinated with general dentistryThe company is doing this by

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

The clinic is brightly decorated in orange and white.

Because it has just moved to a new location,New and very clean and neatIt was.

Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara

CT is also available for close examination of the TMJ and bone thickness.

A doctor who spares no expense in investing in equipment for good treatment.It is.

Myodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara
The doctor who peeked out of the hospital during the photo shoot is smiling a little...?

What people who go to Myongsui Orthodontics & Kitahara have to say.


We obtained reviews from patients who have actually attended Myongsu Orthodontics & Kitahara!

  • The doctor and hygienists are all very kind and I feel happy that my teeth are changing so well. I am very grateful!
  • Before each treatment, the doctor explains what he plans to do today, and after the treatment, what he did today and what he will do next time. The treatment is always very thorough and he always answers all of our questions.
  • As I had heard, he is a real craftsman. When I asked him a question about treatment, he explained it in a very logical and easy-to-understand way, and I felt that he has studied a lot.
  • The counseling is very thorough and very kind and informative. The staff and receptionist were pleasant and made a good impression.

Myosui Orthodontics, Kitahara Clinic Overview

Clinic NameMyodosui Orthodontics, Kitahara
address (e.g. of house)〒171-0021
8F Build T9 Building, 1-7-10 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-3982-8610
AccessNearest station
3-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station on the Yamanote Line
2 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro "Ikebukuro" station
Office Hours10:00-11:30 a.m.
Afternoon 14:00-17:15
doctor's no-consultation daySunday, national holiday, and one other day per week
Listed in the calendar on the website

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