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Machida Ekimae Orthodontics Dentist's Choice for Orthodontics

Last updated April 9, 2024

2 minutes walk from JR "Machida Station" North Exit
Odakyu "Machida Station" 5 min. walk

Particularly recommended for

✅ Those who want to be treated from start to finish by a certified physician.

✅ Those who wish to choose a less conspicuous and more efficient orthodontic treatment

✅ Those who want to be treated by a sincere doctor who listens carefully.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Gentle and calm atmosphere of the very attentive and treats the patient from the beginning to the end.

They are flexible to meet your needs for front side wires as well as back side wires, half-linguals, and mouthpieces in many cases.

What is the Director like?

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

The director, Dr. Watanabe, is,gentlyCourteous and very studious teacher.It is.

Rather than turning many many patients,A style of medical treatment that takes its time with each patient.And so, both the initial counseling and treatment1 hourWe spend about as much time on this as we can.

We value communication,Good listener, easy to ask questions and friendly.Some of the patients have become more like fans of the doctor than patients.

He puts the trust of his patients first, which is the opposite of a doctor who sets excessive expectations during counseling to get them to sign a contract,At the beginning of treatment, it is possible for orthodontic treatment to occur.Talk about the risks and disadvantages.A serious doctor who will tell you the length of the entire treatment period as well as theIt is.

Dr. Watanabe is also a member of theUniversity for many years.lingual braces (dentistry)Learn the knowledge and skills ofObtained certificationAfter doing,mouthpiece orthodonticsandlingual braces (dentistry)Studied at a clinic with a large number of cases ofThe company has been in business since it was established.

The examination for certification by the Japanese Association of Orthodontists is conducted only for front side orthodontics, so there are still only a few certified doctors who specialize in mouthpieces, though,Dr. Watanabe is one of the certified doctors who has been studying and focusing on mouthpiece orthodontics.

All of the cases are very beautiful, so please check them out ↓↓↓↓.

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics is recommended for

Those who want to be treated from start to finish by a certified physician.

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

At Machida Ekimae Orthodontics, Dr. Watanabe, who has been specializing in orthodontic treatment for many years as a board-certified orthodontist of the Japanese Orthodontic Association, is responsible for all patients from start to finish.

The Japanese Association of Orthodontics is currently the most prestigious orthodontic association in Japan. To become a board-certified orthodontist, a patient must complete at least five years of training at a specialized institution, submit a thesis on orthodontics, and pass an examination set by the association.

It is not a certification that can be obtained with only a few days of seminars and membership fees, but only if you are ready to learn orthodontics in earnest. It must be renewed every five years, and each time a case must be submitted.

If you would like to be consistently seen by a doctor with a solid career, please consult with us.

Those who wish to choose less conspicuous and more efficient orthodontic treatment.

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

The dental clinic is also recommended for those who want less noticeable and more efficient orthodontic treatment.

They offer a variety of discreet orthodontic treatment options to meet the patient's needs, including the use of white wires for front side braces, back side braces, and mouthpiece braces.

Multiple options require that much more knowledge and skill, and Dr. Watanabe has studied at many clinics, including universities where he can learn about front side orthodontics in detail, clinics specializing in mouthpiece orthodontics, and clinics specializing in back side orthodontics.

He has a flexible way of thinking, actively adopting new techniques and methods and using CT and anchor screws to make orthodontic treatment more efficient, so he can suggest the best treatment method for each patient from many options.

Those who want to be treated by a sincere doctor who listens carefully.

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics
Director, Dr. Watanabe

Dr. Watanabe is a member of theA sincere teacher who listens carefully and attentively.It is.

He believes that building a relationship of trust with patients is a top priority, as orthodontic treatment continues for a long time once started.

In the initial counseling session,Spend an hour listening carefully, including necessary tests.If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.You can consult with us by e-mail.The new system is designed in such a way as to make it easy to use.

Contactless medical ticket apps also lengthen chair time,So that I can spend more time talking with patients.Introduced with the idea thatHe did.

This is a dental clinic where you can talk about all sorts of things that worry you a little bit.

Before treatment, the dentist will examine the bones and jaw joints as well as the alignment of the teeth, and will explain in detail any pain or problems that may result from the treatment.

What equipment and tooth alignment can be accommodated?

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics
 CT at Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

Equipment that can be handled

At Machida Ekimae Orthodontics, we offer a wide range of orthodontic services, including front side, back side, and mouthpiece orthodontics.Ready for anythingIt is.

The director, Dr. Watanabe, has a lot of experience with backside braces and mouthpiece braces,I want to be corrected discreetly.I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is interested in this type of work.

anchor screwWe are also actively engaged in the treatment of bucktooth and profile improvement using

[Supportable teeth

Bucktooths, bucktooths, bucktooths, severely rattled teeth, passive mouth, etc.Almost all orthodontic treatments are availableIt is.

If treatment requires cutting the jawbone, the patient will be referred to an insurance-covered clinic or a university hospital.

Can I have cleanings, tooth extractions, or cavities during orthodontic treatment?

If you are in orthodontic treatmentevery timeWith airflowAround orthodontic appliancesRemoval of stains and stainingYou can have it done.

The quality of the cleaning performed at each adjustment varies greatly from clinic to clinic, and most clinics usually only perform a simple brushing for the purpose of removing food.

Air flow cleaning isCleaning that costs about 10,000 yen if taken on its own.Therefore,Service after every adjustmentThe only way you can get it done inVery conscientiousI think it is.

The anchor screw implantation is performed by the director, but cavity treatment and tooth extractions during orthodontic treatment are referred to the patient's clinic or affiliated general dentists.

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

Very clean and neat clinic.

During counseling and treatmentLarge windows and high ceilings create a sense of openness for a relaxing stay.They have made the clinic bright and spacious with a

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

Infection control measures are also considered,Ventilation system operates 24 hours a dayThe company is doing so.

pLarger parti to ensure that privacy is protected.long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)actionThe space is wide enough to prevent staff members' lines of flow from intersecting with each other.

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics

Facilities areX-rays capable of imaging the entire skulland ... and3D CT, ,Digital Intraoral Scannerand other destinationsAll the necessary equipment is provided.

Recently, Invisalign has enabled more accurate treatment planning by incorporating CT images into 3D scans, but at Machida Ekimae Orthodontics, where the equipment is availableNew and safer systemThe treatment is available by employing

Testimonials from people who attend Machida Ekimae Orthodontics


We obtained reviews from patients who have actually attended Machida Ekimae Orthodontics!

  • The doctor explains things really well. He answers whatever I ask. I think some doctors answer deceptively, but not here. Solid. Already, just solid.
  • The doctor is always very attentive. The explanations are easy to understand and the treatment is safe and comfortable.
  • The assistants and hygienists are all friendly. The doctor explains any questions or concerns I have until I am fully satisfied. Orthodontic treatment is hard, but this orthodontist makes me feel that I can do my best. (Adapted from google)

Message from the doctor to those who are about to start orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment may require some hard work, though,Our doctors and staff will do their best to provide you with safe, secure, and careful treatment so that you can smile and laugh with confidence.Because of the,Let's work hard together on orthodontic treatment!

Machida Ekimae Orthodontics Clinic Overview

Clinic NameMachida Ekimae Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)4F, 4-1-9 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0013, Japan
Phone number03-3864-0204
AccessNearest station
2 minutes walk from JR Machida Station North Exit
1 minute walk from terminal exit
5 minutes walk from Odakyu Machida Station
Office HoursMon-Fri
Morning 10:30-14:00
Afternoon 15:00-19:00
water (esp. cool, fresh water, e.g. drinking water)
Morning 10:30-14:00
Afternoon 15:00-19:30
Saturday and Sunday (examination twice a month)
Morning 09:00-13:00
Afternoon 14:00-18:30
doctor's no-consultation dayMonday, Thursday


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