Mirise Orthodontics Minamiaoyama, Omotesando, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Last updated April 24, 2024

Access: (English) 8 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Omotesando

Particularly recommended for

Those who want to receive the best treatment with the best equipment and skilled doctors, even if it costs more.

Those who want to heal their bite well.

Those who are particular about esthetics (appearance)

Those who want to be treated in a clinic with strong jaw deformities


I want to have my teeth aligned beautifully, but I'm worried about my bite and TMJ disorder.


I had braces before, but I'm not happy with the way my teeth look now.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

For those who want to receive better treatment with higher technology

OmotesandoMirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

is recommended.


Do you accept cases that other dentists have told you are difficult?

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Of course.

Even in Tokyo.Top-level facilitiesand

Only expert doctors trained in orthodontic specialtiesIn the clinic,

The clinic sees many difficult cases.

I'll show you the details.

What is the Director like?

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

Dr. Tomita is the director of Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama,Experienced orthodontist who has specialized in orthodontics for nearly 20 years after graduation.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

He gained his experience mainly at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. He is still a hardworking teacher after opening his own practice, and continues to be a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, regularly presenting at conferences and submitting papers.

The director has a wide range of faces, and doctors from various fields have told us that we can be sure that Dr. Tomita is the right person for the job.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Many patients come from far away to be treated by the doctor, and some even come from overseas.

Patients who were refused by other clinicsand ... andWe have many cases of patients who are not satisfied with the results after treatment at other clinics, and many cases of difficult cases of open bite.The diagnosis and approach to each individual case is made from various aspects.

There is also confidence from much knowledge and experience,A reliable type of director.It is.

I have referred patients who have been rejected by other clinics and patients who are distrustful of dentists after failed orthodontic treatment at other clinics,

interpoint (interword separation)They explain everything logically and are really easy to understand.

interpoint (interword separation)I finally figured out what's wrong with my bite.

interpoint (interword separation)The amount of knowledge is totally different from a regular orthodontist. I feel they are giving me an accurate diagnosis.

The patients who were distrustful of dentistry also responded favorably to the service. There was even a patient who could not decide which clinic to go to because of his fear of dentistry and decided to go to Mirise Orthodontics after visiting more than 10 clinics,They are satisfied and comfortable with the orthodontist's knowledge and consistent skills.

The director's goal for the clinic is,

Best for.Equipment combines higher technology and hospitality in a clinic.

A clinic that is involved not only in orthodontics but also in whole-body health, including regenerative medicine.

I hear that.

Initial consultation with rich content

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Branch office specializing in Mirise Orthodontics whitening and PMTC

The first thing to note at Mirise Orthodontics is thatInitial counseling.

The initial consultation with an orthodontist is,Most clinics only give a brief look at the oral cavity and give advice.

It is only after paying several tens of thousands of yen for a full examination that we can take x-rays and do scans.

In comparison,At Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama, at the first visit

Intraoral Photographs

X-ray examination(Panorama, Cephalo, CT)

Diagnosis of Jaw

Scanning and Simulation

You will receive an explanation of the current problem and treatment plan after all tests are performed using the latest equipment, including the following

The time spent on each person is one to one and a half hours. The initial consultation fee is 5,000 yen, even though you can hear about the current problems and treatment plan after all the detailed examinations are done, and furthermore, for those who start treatment, the fee is deducted from the diagnosis fee, making it practically free.

The director said, "Many people come from far away and we feel bad that they have to come many times for the initial consultation, examination, and treatment, and we can give them more specific advice if they have the materials available. I do this because I can make the counseling meaningful."

He said.very generousIt is.

In order to complete all the examinations at the first visit, Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama offers the following servicesTreatment can begin immediately after the second visit.

We have referred many people to Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama, and each time they are very pleased with the consultation, saying that it was the best they have ever had and that they received a very satisfactory level of consultation. We believe that the consultation provides very meaningful information for comparison with other clinics because it is not only a general explanation of treatment costs and types of devices, but also a detailed individualized treatment plan after various examinations.

*If you write "I saw the article on 365" in the remarks column for web reservationsOne free PMTC (cleaning) before orthodontic treatment

Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama is recommended for

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

Those who want to heal their bite well.

Orthodontic treatment is not just about aligning teeth.It is very important to create a bite that fits the function of the jawIt is.

Even if they are seemingly neatly aligned,

Jaw position is not stable.

Functionally problematic teeth

If it is,

than before after the completion of orthodontic treatment.It can be hard to chew and backslide.This can cause the teeth to become misshapen and the beautiful alignment of the teeth to fall out of place.

At Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama, we emphasize the importance of the upper and lower teeth biting firmly in a position that does not place a burden on the jaw,Thorough treatment not only for appearance, but also until the correct bite is achievedYou can get them to do so.

Treated at another hospital.I want to re-straighten my teeth because they look nice but I can't chew properly.I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a new doctor's office.

Those who are particular about esthetics (appearance)

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama is also recommended for those who are particular about aesthetic aspects.

Word of mouth has led to celebrities, youtubers, Instagrammers, etc.Those whose professional appearance is important to them.and ... andThose who are not satisfied with the results after treatment at other hospitals.Since more and more patients are coming to the hospital, they are always treated with care and attention to their appearance.

It seems that many comedians also go there.


Post-treatment simulation using a 3D scanner

Detailed analysis on x-rays and models by specialists

Through,Treatment to achieve the ideal appearance in a correct biteThe company is conducting the following activities.

When it is determined that orthodontic tooth movement alone is not sufficient to achieve the patient's desired appearance,

Jaw surgery can also be performed in collaboration with a dedicated oral surgeon.

In addition, because a general specialist also works at Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama, if desired, we can make a covering after orthodontic treatment to reshape the teeth themselves.

We have specialists in various fields,Many options to meet patients' esthetic needsI believe this is also unique to Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama.

*If you write "I saw the article on 365" in the remarks column for web reservationsOne free PMTC (cleaning) before orthodontic treatment*.

Those who want to be treated in a clinic that is strong in jaw deformities.

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama has treated many cases of difficult orthodontic treatment involving surgical procedures such as jawbone resection, and has been collaborating with the Kitasato University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for many years.

In addition, the reputation of the treatment has been very positive, and the number of patients requesting combined surgical treatment has been increasing,

In 2021.We have also built a general anesthesia facility in our own hospital and can handle all of our own surgeries in house.


All treatments, including surgery, are available in one clinicexileWhat a surprise!

I am glad and relieved that I don't have to go to another hospital!

In our own hospital, the coordination between surgery and correction can be smooth and very secure.

The doctor in charge of jawbone surgery is also an oral surgeon (Dr. Kimizuka) from Kitasato University, with whom we have worked together for many years.

Surgery first with less burden

Surgical procedures requiring esthetic fine-tuning,

Surgical treatment with Invisalign and backside braces

The system is also compatible with the

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Post-op recovery room

Normal dentists leave only surgery to university hospitals, etc.Since we had no other choice but to cut the patient, it was difficult to share a detailed treatment plan, such as shifting a few millimeters here and there,Poor coordination between oral surgeon and orthodontistSometimes, it is also possible to

howeverAt Mirise Orthodontics, everything can be completed in the clinic, so there is no need to worry about miscommunication.

Before surgery, Director Tomita and Dr. Kimizuka carefully plan the operation and correction.

I was shown over 20 cases the other day,All cases had very clean and balanced faces without nasal collapse or facial sagging.

Of course, there is also a great deal of effort to adjust the bite.

Ms. Hatsune, who was treated by Dr. Tomita and Dr. Kimizuka, explains it in an easy-to-understand way on Youtube, so please take a look if you like.

Patients who underwent jaw deformity surgery at Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

Also certified as a "Designated Medical Institution for Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities" and a "Facility for Diagnosis of Oral and Maxillofacial Function".

Designated Medical Institution for Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities" and "Facility for Diagnosis of Oral and Maxillofacial Function" as stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Because it is certified by the

Those with certain birth defects.

Those who are born with a large number of missing teeth.

Those who need to improve their bite due to distortion of the jaw or disharmony of the upper and lower jaws.

can also be treated using health insurance.

Some people say that it is a little difficult to ask for insurance treatment because the clinic seems to be for self-pay patients, but in fact it is not.We have many patients who are treated with insurance, so please do not hesitate to consult with us.

Insurance treatment is more time-consuming than self-financing because of the limitations of the techniques and devices, but there is no need to worry about the cost.

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Receptionist at Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama

The hospital is quite clean and beautiful.

From the reception area to the restrooms, the clinic has the luxurious feel of a first-class hotel and is very relaxing.

The treatment room is also based on the tone of brown.You can receive treatment in a relaxing and calm atmosphere with a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
examination room

It was a very upscale and clean clinic!

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Restrooms in general anesthesia facilities

The unit where treatment is performed isIt is not visible to other patients for privacy.The monitor in the chair allows the patient to view x-rays and intraoral photographs.

As for facilities,It is no exaggeration to say that there is almost no clinic that is more comprehensive than this one.

Not to mention the usual x-rays and cephalo

CT for a detailed view of the thickness of the jawbone and TMJ

iTero 3D scanner to view before and after treatment simulations

Microscopes and other equipment that can magnify the condition of teeth up to 80 times more than the naked eye,

We have almost all the equipment that general orthodontics does not have.

The orthodontist also focuses on cleaning and whitening during orthodontic treatment, and has a dedicated preventive dentistry clinic to keep teeth clean during orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

The whole atmosphere of the hospital was also on the clinic's Instagram, so please take a look: ☺️

*If you write "I saw the article on 365" in the remarks column for web reservationsOne free PMTC (cleaning) before orthodontic treatment

What cases can you handle and what are your specialties?

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Mirise Orthodontics' general anesthesia facility

Regarding the alignment of the teeth,There is no case that cannot be treated at Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama.

We are a clinic of orthodontists who have been educated for many years in orthodontic specialties at universities, so we can provide you with the best orthodontic care.

Even cases that have been difficult to treat at other clinics can be entrusted to us with confidence.

Whether you have buried teeth, need jaw surgery, or need to have difficult wisdom teeth extracted, you can rest assured that we are here to help.

Almost all treatments can be completed in the hospital, as there is an oral surgeon and equipment that is as good as that of a university.

A particular specialty is cases that many orthodontists don't like.Correction with surgeryandOpen bite" (open bite), where the front teeth open up when chewingIt is.

surgical correctionis performed under the guidance of a veteran director who, as mentioned above, has healed many patients beautifully and is so experienced that he also instructs cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

open byteare many cases where the teeth are not that disrupted and the case looks easy at first glance,

In fact, this is a very difficult case that requires an approach to tooth alignment and skeletal structure while removing the cause.

There are many clinics that publish cases that appear to be cured but are not.

Dr. Tomita has many years of experience in the Department of Orthodontics and Bite Function at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, where he has treated a very large number of open bite cases,Expert in bite alignment with extensive research on orthodontic treatment that takes into account the skeletal structure and temporomandibular joints.isThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

To cure habits around the tongue and mouth.MFT (oral myofunctional therapy)The company is also actively engaged in

Approach to prevent backsliding and the cause of a bad biteWe also do

If you have had orthodontic treatment at another clinic but your bite does not fit, etc., and you would like to see a doctor who is strong in bite correction, please contact us.

We would be happy to discuss this with you.

Can I have cleanings and cavities during orthodontic treatment?

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
In-office laboratory Orthodontic appliance repairs and mouthpieces can be made immediately.

By hygienist before each procedureA simple cleaning is available.

Full-scale staining removal and cleaning can be done at the same time as orthodontics, although a separate appointment is required for a full-scale staining removal and cleaning to take place in a timely manner.

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Treatment rooms for PMTC and whitening

Because we have specialists in each of the fields of general dentistry,Fillings and coverings, implants and tooth extractions are also available from specialists.

Only root canal treatment will be referred to another affiliated clinic, but basically, both orthodontics and general dentistry can be handled by specialists within the hospital.

Because it also has a branch clinic specializing in whitening and preventive dentistry,Whitening and preventive management during orthodontic treatment are also available.

Reviews of Mirise Orthodontics, Minami Aoyama

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
counseling room
Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

We obtained reviews from patients who actually went to Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama for counseling and those who have attended the clinic!

Comments from those who went to Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama for counseling

  • Anyway, the response to questions and doubts is very attentive.
  • He gave me a thorough diagnosis of my jaw and a detailed and thorough treatment plan.
  • I am very grateful to you for creating a treatment plan that takes into account the timing of my child's growth and examinations.

Patients who have chosen other hospitals have told usAbandoned due to budget problemsMany patients who gave up on treatment said that they had done so,

interpoint (interword separation)I really wanted to go here if only the cost wasn't an issue.

interpoint (interword separation)I can't do it now, but when I do correct it in the future, I'll ask for help here.

The company was asked to provide the following information.

Patients attending Mirise Orthodontics Minami-Aoyama


I have always been treated very well.It's reassuring to know that they can answer any questions I have.It is!

Mr. B.
Mr. B.

I kept being told by other clinics that it was a difficult case,He listened to us carefully andThey gave me a treatment plan.I was really relieved because the

I have always appreciated the care and attention I have received since my visit to the hospital!

Mr. C.
Mr. C.

The children's teeth and jaw growth are examined and their progress is monitored until it is time to begin treatment.

He was able to plan for the timing of my exams and even after my adult teeth came in.Oh my god!!!

Mr. D.
Mr. D.

I was able to hear everything I wanted to hear without having to ask questions.

I went to several places and they were the most attentive.Most importantly, the director is very knowledgeable.

I am very happy to have found a doctor I can trust.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

It is an attractive clinic where each patient can be treated by a specialist who takes time to treat each patient with the best equipment, but because it is not a style that turns many inexpensively, some people are a little confused about the cost. However, the first visit is free of charge and the examination and diagnosis can be done at once, and there is a cap on the total amount regardless of the length of the treatment.

I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to be treated in a better clinic.

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama Clinic Overview

Mirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
Clinic NameMirise Orthodontics Minami Aoyama
address (e.g. of house)〒107-0062
1F Porte Ponneur, 6-13-15 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-5468-5585
FAX number03-5468-5586
AccessNearest station
7 minutes walk from Omotesando Station Exit b1
2 minutes walk from "Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School Mae", the first stop on the To 01 or RH01 series bus from platform 51 of Shibuya Station.
1 minute walk from "Minami-Aoyama 6-chome" bus stop.
Two private parking lots are available (reservation required).
Office Hours11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (Last admission at 2:00 p.m.)
Afternoon 16:00 - 20:30 (last admission at 20:00)
*Treatment on Saturdays and Sundays
doctor's no-consultation dayHolidays only
Occasional temporary closures due to academic conferences, business trips, etc.

On the official 365dentist line, you can find the orthodontist that is right for you among those recommended by dentists.

Please come visit us 😌.

Also, please join the dentist-run open chat where people in orthodontic treatment can share their problems and talk about them.

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Graduated from Nagasaki University School of Dentistry and worked at a dental clinic in Tokyo

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After completing clinical training, worked in cosmetic dentistry in Tokyo. Currently a dentist and dental writer.


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