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The doctors featured on this site meet the career standards for orthodontists and have a good reputation among their peers and patients.

Although we have certain career criteria for listing, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form if you are interested in being featured on our site.

We also provide official LINE account representation services for medical offices nationwide.

Limited to those who inquire.

How to create your own official LINE account

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How to open an official line

We also provide you with a PDF of the

Please feel free to contact us 😊.

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LINE Official Account Creation Service


L-step construction and operation assistance

If you are a teacher who takes a cab, you have seen the L-step, which is advertised at 2,980 yen per month,You actually have to read the manual quite a bit to be able to sign up and use the features.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

The construction requires no-code programming and takes a lot of time, even for experts.

Therefore, as you can find out, if the L-step is to be built by regular outsourcing,

In addition to the monthly fee of 2,980 yen, a minimum construction fee of 300,000~ + monthly management fee (10,000~30,000 yen) is required.

At 365dentist, we work with engineers,

No initial cost

Monthly management fee only (15,000 yen)

The company provides construction + operational assistance in the following areas

Automatic pre-completion of medical questionnaireand so onReservation and reminder functions like Hot Peppercan also be attached free of charge.

Interested teachers are encouraged to contact us.

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