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Last updated June 15, 2023

Access: 3 min. walk from "Hamamatsucho" on Yamanote Line / 4 min. walk from "Daimon" on Oedo Line

Particularly recommended for

interpoint (interword separation)Those who want to be consistently and carefully examined from start to finish by a veteran director.

interpoint (interword separation)Those who want to be treated by a doctor who listens carefully.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Veteran orthodontist with over 30 years of experienceand friendly staff.

At-home clinicThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

He has many fans because of his close proximity to the doctor, careful explanations, and honesty.

*Please mention "I saw 365dentist" in the remarks column of web reservations.5,000 yen for a detailed inspectionOFF

What is the Director like?

Maruyama Orthodontics
Dr. Maruyama, the director of the clinic. He is a little nervous when the camera is pointed at him.

One word to describe Dr. Maruyama,anywayGentle and calmprofessorIt is.

I went to the doctor's office several times,Always smilingThey greet you and say, "Welcome!

He is very easy to talk to, and when we first met, we naturally got sidetracked into talking about delicious soba noodle restaurants and life advice, and we lost track of time.

In any case, he values communication with people,A teacher who exudes personality.It is.

The patients who go to the clinic also appreciate that it is very easy to talk to and they are treated with great care.

Also,He is a very experienced orthodontist with 35 years of orthodontic experience and an extraordinary number of cases.It is.

Based on his many years of experience, he takes his time to develop a personalized plan for each patient.

Please check out Dr. Maruyama's case study.

*Please mention "I saw 365dentist" in the remarks column of web reservations.5,000 yen for a detailed inspectionOFF

Maruyama Orthodontics is recommended for

Maruyama Orthodontics
Receptionist at Maruyama Orthodontics

Those who want to be seen by the Director from start to finish.

Because Maruyama Orthodontics is an at-home clinic consisting of the director, Dr. Maruyama, who is an orthodontist, and several staff members,The director will handle every medical treatment.

In large dental clinics or clinics with a large overall patient population, it is not uncommon for the director to see the patient only at the beginning and leave the rest to younger staff or for the hygienist to perform most of the treatment at each visit.

He said that even within the same clinic, more than one doctor would be involved,Inevitably, handovers can go awry or responsibilities can become hazy.

The Director is responsible forThey see you consistently from the initial consultation to the creation of your retainer.This is a very reassuring point.

Those who would like to see a veteran doctor.

Dr. Maruyama,Over 35 years of specialized orthodontic treatment experience.It is. We have encountered a wide variety of teeth and have a lot of experience, so even if you have the same problem, we can help you.

This type should be cured like this."

This is the kind of approach I would prefer for someone of this age."

We can make an accurate diagnosis based on our experience in such areas as

Because of his long treatment career, he has experienced many unexpected cases andThe "I" in "I" is the same as the "I" in "I", and in such a caseMany drawers on how to deal with it.Teacher.

After graduating from dental school in 1985, Dr. Maruyama remained at the university to specialize in orthodontics and obtained certification from the Japanese Association of Orthodontics before practicing as an orthodontist.

I understand that in recent years you have quit applying for renewal of your certification due to the many restrictions in the society's regulations for websites,

With beautiful cases and careful treatment.A teacher supported by many dentists and patients.It is.

Those who want to be treated by a kind doctor who listens carefully.

When I hear the word "gentle teacher" in Tokyo, the first person I think of is Dr. Maruyama.

The doctor's office is not too busy, and the doctor is soft-spoken,It is easy to ask questions and feel comfortable with the treatment.

Even those who did not feel comfortable after visiting several other orthodontists have settled in at Maruyama Orthodontics, started treatment, and are enjoying their visits.

When choosing a clinic, technology is of course important, but the personality of the doctor is a point that should never be ignored.

During treatment, it is common to feel temporarily uncomfortable with a bad bite or teeth that seem to protrude more than they did before treatment, and this can cause anxiety.

at such a timeFeel free to consult with your regular doctor and get an explanation.Another good thing about Maruyama Orthodontics is that we are able to offer a wide range of orthodontic services to our patients.

What equipment and cases can be handled?

Dr. Maruyama has a long history as an orthodontist and is actively studying new treatment methods,

Handles a lot of equipmentThe following is an example of a product that can be used in the following ways.

Half-lingual treatment, in which only the lower teeth are bracketed on the front sideI hear that.

Equipment that can be handled

interpoint (interword separation)Surface wire (metal, plastic, ceramic)

interpoint (interword separation)Backside Wire

interpoint (interword separation)Half-lingual (upper teeth: backside wire, lower teeth: front side wire)

interpoint (interword separation)Invisalign (mouthpiece)

Other,Carrières and anchor screwsSuch as,Various devices are used in combination depending on the case.The treatment is more efficient by

We also use self-gating brackets (such as the Damon system), which are less painful and gentler on the teeth, if desired.

[Supportable teeth

Bucktooth, open bite (cannot bite with front teeth), protruding lower jaw, severe rattling, etc,

Almost all teeth from children to adults can be treated.

However, for cases where jaw surgery is considered necessary or insurance treatment is applicable, we send a letter of referral to Dr. Maruyama's alma mater, the Nippon Dental University, and recommend treatment at the university.

Can I have cleanings, tooth extractions, or cavities during orthodontic treatment?

At Maruyama Orthodontics, we remove the brackets free of charge every time.They can provide tartar removal, staining removal, and brushing instruction.

It is very nice to be able to take the time to get a thorough cleaning, whereas many clinics only offer a simple polish for a free range.

I think it is a big advantage to have the orthodontist clean the area at the same time, because if I were to clean it at another clinic, I would not be able to remove the brackets.

Other general procedures such as tooth extraction, anchor screw insertion, cavity treatment, etc. are

Patient.Referral letter to a family doctor or a general dentist whom Dr. Maruyama trusts.This is a form of collaboration by writing

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

Maruyama Orthodontics

The clinic is semi-private and has a good outlook that allows the doctor to see all units.

Accepting patients within a reasonable rangeTaking time to treat each person individuallyThe clinic is located in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

It has been in business for more than 30 years, but we moved to a new location in the middle of theThe hospital is still very clean because of the new interiorIt is.

There are many orthodontic certifications on the wall.

Maruyama Orthodontics

Testimonials from those who have attended Maruyama Orthodontics


Here are some reviews from actual patients who have attended Maruyama Orthodontics!

  • Since the first visitNo doctor ever took this much time to explain things to me.because of ...Very sincere teacher.I thought it was.
  • Good hands on precision inspection.I could see that he was a craftsman, and he was very dexterous!I have been using them for a few years now and have always found them to be very helpful and informative. Always explain things clearly and carefully,Teeth aligned as explained to me.The company is making good progress in this area.
  • Very easy to talk to and a classy teacher.It is.Staff are all friendly and reassuring.The school is a good place to go to.

The following is from google reviews

  • Not to mention the teacher,Dental hygienists and receptionists are reliable.I feel comfortable going to this orthodontist.
  • I was referred to you by my boss at work. I had a complex for many years.I am very satisfied with the very beautiful treatment of my teeth.It is.Good hygiene managementThe company is doing a great job, and you can go through this situation with confidence,Technology is reliable.I would recommend this orthodontist to everyone!

Maruyama Orthodontics Clinic Overview

Clinic NameMaruyama Orthodontics
home page
address (e.g. of house)〒105-0013
3F Uwa Building, 2-11-16 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-5860-1583
AccessNearest station
3 minutes walk from Hamamatsucho Station on Yamanote Line
Toei Oedo Line Daimon station 4 min. walk
Toei Mita Line Shiba-Koen station 7 min. walk
Office Hoursweekday
10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Afternoon 14:30-19:30
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Afternoon 14:00-18:30
doctor's no-consultation dayMonday, Sunday, Holidays
Occasional temporary closures due to academic conferences, business trips, etc.

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