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Akihabara Orthodontics Dentist's Choice for Orthodontics

Last updated April 13, 2024

Access: JR, Tokyo Metro, Tsukuba Express

    Akihabara" 3 min. walk

Particularly recommended for

✅ Those who want to be seen by a seasoned specialist from start to finish.

✅ Those who want to be treated by a doctor who is easy to talk to about anything.

✅ Those considering treatment for children or those over 60 years of age considering orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

A manly and reliable teacher.The clinic offers highly accurate treatment by

They can handle anything from front side wires to back side wires, half linguals, mouthpieces, etc.

The only orthodontic clinic in Akihabara with a resident orthodontist certified by the Japanese Orthodontic AssociationIt is.

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If you make a reservation on the web and tell them that you saw the article on 365 or that you are a referral, you will be able to make a reservation.Initial consultation fee 2000 yen → Free

What is the Director like?

Akihabara Orthodontics
Dr. Kuribayashi, the director of the clinic. He kindly says that he is always ready to listen to any patient in need.

Dr. Kuribayashi has one word for it,Friendly, easy to talk to, reliable teacher.It is.

He was so cheerful and dynamic that from the first time I met him, I wondered if he would allow me to ask him some in-depth questions. I was so caught off guard that I wondered if he would allow me to ask him some in-depth questions.He is a very pleasant doctor with whom you can have a frank conversation.

Specialized in orthodontic treatment for more than 20 years as a board-certified orthodontist of the Japanese Orthodontic AssociationThe company also handles difficult cases such as cleft palates, orthodontics involving surgery requiring osteotomies, and cases with filled-in teeth.

I once brought a case photo of a difficult patient for consultation, and he discussed in detail various aspects of the best treatment plan to meet the patient's needs.

He is savvy and decisive, and as a specialist, he is able to quickly present what he recommends and what seems to be the best course of action without wavering,A great fit for patients who want to leave it up to the doctor to figure out the best way to do it, and who want to follow the doctor's lead.I think it is.

From other doctors from the same orthodontic department,Dr. Kuribayashi is very dexterous, he does everything very quickly and skillfully, and he heals efficiently and beautifully.We have received a lot of feedback from our customers.

⭐️ collaboration campaign⭐️

Tell them you saw the article on 365 or that you are a referral when you make a reservation on the web.if one goes to ...Initial consultation fee 2000 yen → Free

Akihabara Orthodontics is recommended for

Akihabara Orthodontics

Those who want to be seen by a seasoned specialist from start to finish.

In Akihabara Orthodontics,Dr. Kuribayashi, an orthodontic specialist, is consistent from diagnosis to the end of treatment.I am seeing the patient as a doctor.

From the initial consultation, we will confirm in detail whether there are any genetic factors, habits that adversely affect the alignment of the teeth, or the possibility of dental adhesions, and then we will listen to the patient's wishes for treatment and proceed with treatment after making a detailed diagnosis based on the results of a thorough examination.

In a clinic where inexperienced doctors may deal with the problem, there will inevitably be differences in the finished product after each adjustment, and the treatment plan, which was decided in detail at the time of diagnosis, cannot be carried out efficiently.The,

In Akihabara Orthodontics,Being seen by a skilled director each time allows for consistency in treatment plan and quick and flexible response when unexpected things happen.It is.

Director also handles emergency cases

Also, if the wire comes off or causes pain, you can alwaysDirector responds immediately to emergenciesand there is no need to worry about prolonged treatment.

Even my orthodontist colleagues agree.They are very efficient and reasonable in their treatment.

Those who want to be treated by a doctor who is easy to talk to about anything.

Akihabara Orthodontics

Dr. Kuribayashi.Very easy to talk to and not at all difficult.

Your child is well catered for.

When treating small children, he tries to interact with them from the same standpoint as they are. He is a friendly doctor with a gruff laugh,He also enjoys interacting with children.It is easy to imagine the

They value trust.

They are also very dependable because they have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they are very prepared to answer any questions you may have in detail.

He values the trust of his patients very highly.Therefore, they do not half-heartedly muddy the waters when it comes to treatment plans, and they are very clear about what they cannot recommend as a specialist,They also clearly discuss the disadvantages and risks of orthodontic treatment without hiding them.

For patients who do not have major problems, they are willing to discuss options, including the option of not treating them,It is worth going to talk to them even if you are at the stage where you are not sure whether or not you want to do the treatment.

Those who are considering treatment for children and those who are over 60 years old and considering orthodontic treatment.

One of the major appeal points of Akihabara Orthodontics,Wide age range of patientsThe following are some examples.

Recently, I have seen some clinics that only provide jaw enlargement and mouthpiece fitting as pediatric orthodontics and refer adults to other clinics for orthodontics.Consistent from children's orthodontics to adult orthodontics.It is certainly more beneficial in terms of both time and cost to have the patient seen.

In some cases, pediatric orthodontics can prevent tooth extraction and jaw removal in adulthood by taking the appropriate action at the appropriate time.

At Akihabara OrthodonticsThey focus on children's orthodontics.We check the alignment of the child's teeth from around the age of three, when the baby teeth are fully erupted, and if necessary, we begin early treatment to the extent that it is not a burden on the child.

No unnecessary treatment or treatment without the consent of the child,We will take full responsibility until the adult teeth are nicely aligned according to your life plan while also taking into account schools and events.The director, who is an orthodontist, will see you, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

In addition, they generally have a small number of teeth, or have a cap, or have periodontal disease,We also treat many patients over the age of 60 who are considered to be more difficult to treat.

In recent yearsWe have many patients in their 60s and 70s who are interested in orthodontic treatment. Akihabara Orthodontics can provide treatment regardless of age, so please do not hesitate to consult with our doctors.

What equipment and tooth alignment can be accommodated?

Equipment that can be handled

At Akihabara Orthodontics, we offer front side wire, back side wire, mouthpiece andReady for anythingIt is.

Supplementary.anchor screwor by usingOrthodontic appliances for childrenThe use of the "I" in some cases is also possible.

[Supportable teeth

It is basically a clinic of a doctor who has specialized in orthodontics for many years at the university.Can be used for any tooth arrangement.It is.

Cases in which teeth remain embedded, for example,Cases that are considered difficult to treat at other clinics can be discussed.

If the case requires surgery under general anesthesia, such as cleft palate or jaw osteotomy, the patient will be referred to a university hospital or other institution that provides insurance treatment.

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

Akihabara Orthodontics

Akihabara Orthodontics is the clinic that Dr. Kuribayashi opened after taking over the clinic of his senior Dr. Nakagawa, which lasted for more than 30 years, although it has been more than 10 years since the renovation,The hospital is kept clean.

Also,The doctor is cheerful, but the receptionist also has a very bright and pleasant atmosphere at the clinicIt is.

When I visit the doctor's office, I am greeted by the entire staff.

Akihabara Orthodontics

We are of course equipped with the x-rays and cephalograms necessary for orthodontic diagnosis.

Testimonials from Akihabara Orthodontics


We obtained reviews from actual patients attending Akihabara Orthodontics!

  • He is a very good teacher.I was relieved to have a clear answer to a question that had been bothering me because it had not been explained to me at other clinics.
  • He is very easy to talk to and I can ask him any questions.He makes a lot of small talk and is very funny.😂
  • The part I didn't care much about.I am satisfied that they are proceeding with the analysis from the standpoint of a medical specialist.He is a very reliable doctor.
  • I visited many doctors, but Dr. Kuribayashi was the only one who could examine my jaw thoroughly. I was concerned about the cost, but Dr. Kuribayashi proposed a total fee, which I found to be very reasonable.

Akihabara Orthodontics Clinic Overview

Clinic NameAkihabara Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)〒101-0025
2F 178 Building, 3-35 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-3864-0204
AccessNearest station
3-minute walk from Akihabara Station on the Yamanote Line
3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro "Akihabara" station
Tsukuba Express "Akihabara" 3 min. walk
Office Hoursweekday
Morning 11:30-13:30
Afternoon 15:00-20:00
Morning 9:30-13:00
Afternoon 14:00-18:00
doctor's no-consultation dayMonday, Thursday, Sunday and national holidays
Listed in the calendar on the website

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