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Access: 1 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Ginza" station, 5 min. walk from "Yurakucho" station

Particularly recommended for

✅ Those who want to be treated in a clinic that specializes in Invisalign.

✅ Those who want to be treated in a clinic with well-trained staff.

✅ Those who want to reduce the number of hospital visits

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

Invisalign cumulative caseload of over 5,000 patientsWe were told that Dr. Saito directly plans all patients, but we asked him about all the points we were concerned about, such as whether quality can really be guaranteed even at a branch office, and whether the on-site staff training is sufficient.

What is the director of Ginza Saito Orthodontics like?

Dr. Hideya Saito

The director, Dr. Saito, isPerfectionist who works hard and hates compromiseHe is a doctor who has been working on orthodontic treatment for his entire life. As he says, he puts his life on the line to provide orthodontic care. He has spent many times more time studying than others and has always been obsessed with achieving results.

Although he did not follow the typical path of an orthodontist, "stay in the orthodontics department for many years and get certified..." because he had to take over his family's practice immediately after graduation,Strong desire to "never lose to anyone in technologyDr. Saito always approaches his daily treatment with the following in mind: "How can I do this with Invisalign alone? The cases that he shows on Instagram and TikTok are all done so well that there is no way to complain about them.He is recognized by many orthodontists, including certified medical advisors.

Dr. Saito has branch clinics in Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, but he spares no sleep to diagnose and prepare treatment plans for patients at all of his clinics himself, because his pride would never allow him to easily leave his own clinics to others and produce half-baked treatment results.

In addition, to prevent patients from complaining about areas that are out of his/her sight, he/she makes his/her personal Instagram account DM and e-mail address public so that he/she can receive opinions and complaints directly from patients at any time,We also do regular insta-lives and respond to questions in real time as well.I have never heard of a doctor who does that. I have never heard of a doctor who even does that as the director of a clinic with thousands of patients.

Dr. Saito is serious and perfectionist by nature, to the extent that he strictly controls the weight of his dogs by measuring their food in exact one-gram increments every time he feeds them. His meticulous treatment plans, thorough staff training system, and other such details reflect the strength of his commitment to excellence in his work.

I am worried that he will break his body, but Dr. Saito's pride and strong sense of responsibility as an orthodontist and his attitude of seeking perfection are very important to me.The best reassurance for patientsI feel that it is.

Quality Assurance through the Development of Branch Clinics

DSC 2841
counseling room

Ginza Saito Orthodontics is a branch office with its main office in Sapporo, and currently has a branch office in Fukuoka in addition to Ginza, with over 1000 cases per year for the entire clinic. From Invisalign, Inc.Ranked Red Diamond provider with the most casesHe is certified as a Although Dr. Saito communicates on social networking sites and in advertisements that he makes his own diagnosis and treatment plans for all patients and tries to provide the same quality of treatment, it is physically impossible for him to meet every patient every time. Therefore, we asked him all the questions that many people are wondering, such as how one person is actually involved in the treatment of 1,000 patients a year, whether the quality of his work is not compromised by the development of branch clinics, and how he trains his staff and manages patients.

What is a system that treats all thousands of patients equally?

DSC 2746
The interior is typical of a clinic specializing in Invisalign.

With thousands of patients, can they really all be cleaned equally? This is the most important concern when treating patients in a large corporation. Just,Dr. Saito never wanted to compromise on the quality of treatment when developing the branch clinics.It is.

Regarding diagnosis and treatment planning (designing each Invisalign piece), which is said to account for 90% of the success of Invisalign treatment, Dr. Saito is committed to doing this himself for all patients,Train a team of 10 dedicated technicians.This enables us to be involved in all of the treatment plans of more than 1,000 people. Specifically, one minute after a full examinationAll data reached Dr. Saito.After Dr. Saito performs a diagnosis, including a cephalometric analysis, he gives instructions for the plan to the resident technician. The process is as follows: the technician follows the instructions up to 80% of the design, and then returns to Dr. Saito to finish 20% of the design, including minor modifications, and place the order. Originally, Dr. Saito spent one hour per case to do everything, but in fact, setting the ideal bite and alignment of the teeth is the specialty of the technician, who specializes in making crowns and designing dentures,Leading partners in creating treatment plansThey adopted the current system because they realized that it would be

Dr. Saito directs a process that takes into account bone thickness, depth, smile line, etc., and a technician who is familiar with the ideal bite design, and finally Dr. Saito again revises the treatment plan in 1mm increments to finish the individual treatment plan, rather thanReducing the teacher's work time with a more precise finish than when one person was doing it all.The company has been able to achieve this.

In addition, for fixed mechanical tasks such as attachment placement, IPR (tooth resizing), and progress photography, etc.Developing staff specialized in their respective fieldsThe clinic is also equipped with online access to photos of treatment progress and all procedures performed by the staff, so that instructions can be given at any time.

As for patient explanations, the general part is done by the staff for the same explanation each time, and as for the explanation of each patient's plan, the diagnosis and treatment plan made by Dr. Saito is shared with the working doctor beforehand, and he is asked to speak on behalf of the patient.If you have any questions about detailed treatment plans or want to confirm directly with Dr. Saito, you can communicate directly with him via DM on Instagram or email.It is.

Management system during treatment

DSC 2754

Invisalign is a treatment method in which a diagnosis and treatment plan are made at the beginning, all the mouthpieces to be used until the end of treatment are ordered at once, and then the patients themselves change the mouthpieces and gradually move their teeth.

Although we may remake the mouthpiece according to the course of treatment, we do not make detailed adjustments at each treatment as we do with wire orthodontics. 90% of the results are determined by the initial diagnosis and treatment plan, and Dr. Saito performs that part of the treatment for all patients.

Nevertheless, with mouthpiece orthodontics, there is often an error with the planned bite or a misalignment of the jaw, even if the mouthpiece seems to fit and look fine. A slight misalignment of the bite is often not a problem that can be corrected by applying rubber or reordering, but if there is a misalignment of the jaw, it needs to be corrected as soon as possible. For this reason, the dentist is trained to check the position of the jaw and to look closely at any discrepancies from the simulation when the patient comes to the clinic,Instructed to ask Dr. Saito for instructions whenever misalignment is observed.The patient is being In addition, patients who have been found to have difficulty with the jaw position on close examination andDr. Saito himself examines difficult cases.He said that he was going to

In addition, apart from the hospital visits, patients are also given the opportunity toI always have my teeth uploaded online once a week, and I check them regularly as well.He is doing so. If you would like to see Dr. Saito directly for consultation and explanation, you may nominate him.

Ginza Saito Orthodontics is recommended for

DSC 2888
You can receive explanations while watching the monitor.

Those who want to be treated in a clinic that specializes in Invisalign treatment.

Ginza Saito Orthodontics specializes in Invisalign.

Dr. Saito originally also provided wire orthodontics, but he began to specialize in Invisalign because the number of patients who wanted to be treated with only a mouthpiece was increasing greatly, and his treatment experience enabled him to treat difficult cases with Invisalign as well.

With a cumulative total of more than 5,000 patients and about 2,000 patients already treated, the clinic has exceeded 1,000 cases per year for four consecutive years and is currently the clinic with the highest number of Invisalign patients.Red Diamond Providersand certified by theDr. Saito has also been appointed by Invisalign as an official speaker (an instructor who teaches teachers who want to learn Invisalign).

Even if a clinic has a large number of cases as a whole, it means nothing if the number is a compilation of cases of multiple doctors or if marketing takes precedence over post-contract treatment,Dr. Saito does not make any attempts to make cases by supervising other clinics or outsourcing mouthpiece design to other doctors, and he has diagnosed and planned treatment for all of his more than 5,000 patients.

Although the number of cases is not the best indicator of a clinic's skills, a certain amount of experience with cases is necessary to improve skills. However, a certain amount of case experience is necessary to improve one's skills. By experiencing many cases, one can grasp patterns such as "this method is good for this type of case," "this type of tooth is prone to this type of trouble," etc., and thus can make treatment plans that are more reproducible and efficient.

Dr. Saito'sAll of the Invisalign cases are just too beautiful.So I personally asked him several technical questions about Invisalign, but he had already experienced everything I was having trouble with, such as "Oh, sure, there was a time when I thought so, but now..." and "When I just started Invisalign, I thought it would be difficult..." and I was embarrassed that this is the difference in experience. I was embarrassed to think that this is the difference in experience.

When I first started, I thought Invisalign alone would not work for my bite, so I tried using wires in combination, and even sought to do something about it with anchor screws. But that is no longer the case at all. I've studied hard and accumulated a lot of experience, and there are really fewer unexpected things,Now I can confidently say that Invisalign alone can beautify all those who were told they could only be cured with wires.Saito Sensei proudly states, "I am a very good teacher.

Many people say that because of the thickness of the mouthpiece, Invisalign makes it difficult to finish the final bite, but most of Dr. Saito's cases show that within two years, most patients have a clean bite to the back teeth.

There have been quite a few transfers from patients who were told that Invisalign could not do the job or who were not satisfied with the treatment at other clinics.

We have actually had many beautiful cases,Please check out our Instagram.

Those who want to be treated in a clinic with well-trained staff.

DSC 2803
The restrooms are kept very clean.

What surprised me most about the Ginza Saito Orthodontics clinic system was the thorough staff training.

In all initial consultations, explanations to patients during treatment, photography, 3D scanning, attachment fitting, IPR, etc.In order to provide the same quality of service as the main Sapporo clinic, we provide accommodation and require all staff members, including doctors, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, to come to Sapporo for at least three months for training before working at the branch clinics.They are putting it on.

After three months of training, a rigorous examination is required, and if the new staff member passes the examination, he or she will make his or her debut at the branch office. After being assigned to a branch office, new staff members send photos of all patients after treatment to Dr. Saito on line for checkups.

I was shown some of the lines from the staff when I was talking to them, and I really got the impression that they were reported every single patient and were instructed in detail each time, and that they were no longer managed overwhelmingly better than a private practice where the director is always nearby.

He has adopted this system because of his strong desire to ensure that all patients are satisfied with his clinic, and because of his character of not being able to trust others to do the work.

With a shortage of hygienists and the ability to find work relatively anywhere, I heard that many drop out at the point of training because of the overly strict educational system,Only really motivated staff can stay.I felt that the company's business was very good.

The same standard of photography and ease of viewing all case photos posted on social networking sites is also a result of thorough staff training.

In addition, Ginza Saito Orthodontics generally prohibits a procedure called IPR, in which teeth are ground down to create space.

The teeth are only shaved when there is a difference in tooth size balance or an abnormality in tooth morphology that cannot be corrected to obtain a one-to-two tooth occlusion. In such cases, the dentist will explain the situation to the patient and correct the bite according to the patient's wishes.

Incidentally, correcting tooth shape for future dental health is called TSA (Tooth Shape Adjustment), and the correction technique is also strictly supervised from the time of training.

Below is a line of instruction on TSA and attachment sets, and this exchange is done for all patients in all procedures.

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Those who want to reduce the number of hospital visits

DSC 2817

One of the attractions of Ginza Saito Orthodontics is the low number of visits.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, it is common for patients to visit the clinic once a month for wire treatment and once every 2 or 3 months for Invisalign,At Ginza Saito Orthodontics, most patients can proceed with treatment once every six months, or once a year for those who come from far away.

When they first started Invisalign, they asked all patients to visit the clinic every month and took pictures to track their progress, but since many patients came from far away, they tried to gradually reduce the frequency of visits to 2 or 3 months while using online treatment,It turns out that as long as the patient's motivation is maintained, there is no difference in treatment results.Therefore, they increased the standard intervals between visits.

The biggest problem with less frequent visits is managing motivation. Invisalign is a system where all the mouthpieces are made at the beginning, and the teeth are moved by wearing the mouthpiece for at least 20 hours a day and changing to the next mouthpiece by yourself on a regular basis,Self-management is very important for treatment.It is.

Therefore, Ginza Saito Orthodontics uses an online management application called Virtual Care to manage motivation by having all patients always send in a photo of their teeth once a week for an AI check. They also always have a doctor check the movement and fit every three months, and if there are any problems, they ask for an appointment as soon as possible.


DSC 2737

in generalA full examination costs 30,000-50,000 yen, but only 3,000 yen at Ginza Saito Orthodontics!This price is based on a thorough examination and diagnosis, including CT, panorama, cephalometric, scan, intraoral and facial photographs, and palpation of the temporomandibular joint.

When we asked him why he sets a low price for time-consuming examination and diagnosis, he replied, "Without examination, we cannot talk about the detailed treatment plan in the end, and it is hard for the patient to feel it. We make it easy for patients to undergo examinations in order to give them a more concrete image of what they can expect after treatment and to make them feel more positive about their treatment." He said. Also,Because he provides a very detailed explanation of the diagnosis after the examination, most of the patients who proceed to the examination leave after deciding on treatment.This is why they are able to continue to offer low-cost testing and diagnosis at a seemingly unprofitable price.

Initial Consultationfree
inspection and diagnosis fee¥3,000
Invisalign Full950,000 yen
Invisalign Lite (one jaw)350,000 yen
Invisalign Lite (both jaws)450,000 yen
Invisalign Full + Accelerated Correction¥1,050,000
Treatment fee (e.g., setting of attachments)¥5,000
Cost of follow-upfree
orthopedic device50,000 yen

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What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

The hospital is decorated in gorgeous white and pink tones, like a princess's world.

Counseling Room,All treatment rooms are also private rooms, offering privacy and spaciousness.You can listen to explanations and receive treatment at

In addition, the director is a very clean person, so the hospital is always kept clean, including the restrooms.

DSC 2777
Copy of DSC 2715
DSC 2895 1

Comments from a patient of Ginza Saito Orthodontics

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

This is a review of Ginza Saito Orthodontics.

  • The hospital isIt's very beautiful, clean and exciting!I went to many clinics for counseling. I went to various clinics for counseling, but this clinic had the best customer service and the explanations were very easy to understand.
  • I came to the hospital for a full examination at a very low cost.He also gave us a very detailed explanation after the examination,Contract signed a few days later because I felt I could trust them.We were able to proceed with the project to the end of the project. We received detailed explanations on line and over the phone for any points that were unclear, which was very helpful.
  • I was planning to go to Sapporo's Saito Dental Clinic from Tokyo to straighten my teeth, but as soon as I found out that it was now in Ginza, I made an appointment!I was very pleased with the service I received. All of the staff were very knowledgeable and reassuring.

Below is an interview with a person treated by Dr. Saito in Sapporo.

Ginza Saito Orthodontics Clinic Overview

Clinic NameGinza Saito Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)104-0061
3F Ginza Sawamoto Building, 4-7, Ginza 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number0120-320-534
Access1 min. walk from Ginza Station, 5 min. walk from Yurakucho Station
Office Hours10:00 - 19:00
doctor's no-consultation dayMonth/day

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