Dentist's Commentary: What You Need to Know to Avoid Regrets When You Want to Extract a Double Tooth

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Last updated on February 13, 2023

Once double teeth erupt, they can be a very distracting visual feature.

If you have a double tooth, you may be wondering whether to extract it or not. The decision depends on the condition of the double tooth.

If left untreated, double teeth can affect the bite and cause tooth decay and gum disease,

If you notice that you have double teeth, it is wise to address them as soon as possible.

What are double teeth?

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A double tooth is a tooth that erupts before the normal dentition due to insufficient space for the third tooth (canine) to erupt from the front.

Double teeth are,

When the jaw is small and there is no space for the eruption of the canine teeth

When the canine teeth themselves are large

Premature loss of primary teeth

This occurs in such cases as

The canine teeth have very long roots and are important teeth that can withstand the forces of large bites and teeth grinding.

The role imposed by the double tooth does not change.

Risks of leaving a double tooth in place

Of course, the appearance of double teeth can cause problems,

...Poor bite due to lack of incorporation of canine teeth into the dentition.

-Dense spaces between neighboring teeth make it easier for stains to accumulate, and also makes tooth decay and periodontal disease more likely to occur.

There are also risks such as

It also increases the stress on the surrounding teeth, a bruise-like condition called occlusal trauma,

It may also involve surrounding teeth.

As tooth decay and periodontal disease progresses,

It is important to note that this can cause bad breath.

Therefore, if you notice that you have a double tooth, you should see your dentist and consult with him or her.

When should a double tooth be extracted?

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Double teeth play an important role in the bite and should be extracted as little as possible.

However, extraction should be considered in the following cases

If the double tooth is a difficult extraction because it is a canine tooth as explained earlier,

The patient may be referred to the oral surgery department of a large hospital.

If there is a problem with the double tooth itself

Extraction is indicated when there is little or no bone to support the double tooth or when the double tooth itself has a large cavity. Extraction is also indicated when there is a tumor or cyst (bag of pus) involving the double tooth, although this is rare.

When natural dentition is achieved when the ❷ double tooth is extracted

If a double tooth is extracted and there is no void and a natural dentition, extraction is indicated. However, it should be noted that the gingiva in the area where the double tooth was extracted may look slightly concave.

When should a double tooth not be extracted?

When ❶ double teeth can be aligned with orthodontic treatment

If a double tooth can be brought into alignment with orthodontic treatment, it is wise not to extract it. Double teeth are very long-rooted and require strong orthodontic forces.

❷when the appearance is not bothersome and the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease is low.

Some people do not mind the appearance of double teeth even when they are present. When the risk of decay or periodontal disease is low, as is the case with double tooth growth, and there is little likelihood of problems occurring if the double tooth is left in place, the tooth may not be extracted and the situation may be looked at.

How to get rid of double teeth

❶ Make space for the double tooth to enter the dentition

Double teeth are caused by insufficient space for tooth eruption or by the canine teeth themselves being too large.

Therefore, if sufficient space can be secured for tooth eruption, the teeth will erupt as normal teeth without any problems. In order to secure enough space for tooth eruption, orthodontic treatment from childhood to school age is necessary.

If orthodontic treatment is given after school age, the jawbone has finished growing, so it is not possible to create space for eruption.

❷Extraction of teeth other than the double tooth and the double tooth is inserted into the dentition.

Orthodontic force can be applied to the double tooth to insert the dentition into the space created by the extraction of the non-triple tooth.

If the double tooth is poorly positioned, it cannot be inserted into the dentition, but if it can be inserted, the double tooth can be eliminated.

However, you must be prepared to lose healthy teeth because you will have to extract all teeth except the double tooth.

❸Extraction of double teeth

When a double tooth is extracted, the double tooth itself is gone.

Depending on how the double tooth grows, a void may be created in the dentition after extraction, so the appearance and function of the dentition after extraction should be considered.

After tooth extraction, orthodontic treatment or prosthetic treatment (crown treatment) may be performed as needed.

Devices to treat double teeth with orthodontic treatment

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❶wire orthodontics

Wire braces give a wire and bracket, a wire-fixed device, to the surface of the teeth, and the force of the wire's attempt to return to its original shape moves the canine teeth so that they do not become double-tooths. Although orthodontic force can be applied to a large extent, the metal of the wires and brackets can be visible because they are fixed devices, which can cause appearance problems. Also, because of the fixed appliance, they are prone to tooth decay.

Backside wire orthodontic treatment

The theory of tooth movement is the same as that of wire braces, but because the wires are given behind the teeth, there are fewer problems with appearance than with conventional wire braces. The disadvantage is that the number of applicable cases is limited and the cost is higher than conventional wire braces.

❸Floor orthodontics

A denture-like device is used. The purpose is to create space for the eruption of the canine teeth so that they do not become double teeth. Because the device is removable, it requires the patient's cooperation, and if the device is not worn securely for the prescribed time, the teeth may not move as planned.

❹Mouthpiece orthodontics

A removable mouthpiece is used to move the canine teeth to avoid double teeth. Since a transparent mouthpiece is used, the appearance of the mouthpiece is less problematic, but the disadvantage is that the indications are limited.

What is the cost of extracting a double tooth?

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Naturally, there is a cost associated with the extraction of a double tooth.

If a canine tooth erupts from an unusual place (ectopic eruption) without considering orthodontic treatment, it will be covered by insurance,

Tooth extraction as part of orthodontic treatment may not be covered by insurance.

If the tooth is extracted with insurance coverage, it depends on the difficulty of the extraction,

5,000 yen at mostIt is.

If a tooth is extracted without insurance coverage, the cost is set by each dental office,

I cannot give you a specific amount,About 5,000 to 10,000 yenis common.


Double teeth not only cause problems for the person who grows them and their appearance, but they also cause functional problems.

If you notice that you have a double tooth, we recommend that you consult with your dentist to determine if it should be extracted.

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