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Access: 2 min. walk from Fuchu Sta. on Keio Line
     8 minutes walk from JR "Fuchu Honmachi" station

Particularly recommended for

✅ Looking for a clinic that also focuses on pediatric orthodontics.

✅ Those who want to be treated in a clinic that focuses on mouthpiece orthodontics.

✅ Those who want to be assured of the latest technology and diagnosis.

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

A clinic that combines personality, career, and technical skills.

This is the first clinic I would recommend to anyone looking for orthodontics in the Fuchu and Chofu area.

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What is the director of Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics like?

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Dr. Hiraoka always speaks with children from the same perspective.

The Director, Dr. Hiraoka, loves to be excited aboutAn orthodontist full of actionI always do my best to make people happy, even if it is a little difficult. I always do my best to make people happy, even if it is a little difficult.

After graduating from university, Dr. Hiraoka first startedVolunteer work at kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools....... With younger colleagues,Educational activities to help children learn the importance of teethon a regular basis, and after eight years.Approved by Tokyo Metropolitan Government as a non-profit organizationThe company has developed to the point where it is now considered to be one of the world's leading companies in its field.

It is not so easy to become a dentist and volunteer as the first thing you do.

He then specialized in orthodontics at university alongside his volunteer work,Obtained certification from the Japanese Association of OrthodonticsDr. Kohara is an orthodontist. After building a career as an orthodontist in several clinics, he opened Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics.

Even after opening the business,Always thinking about what we can do to make patients more happy and challenging ourselves to do something new every dayDr. Hiraoka, who is a specialist in the field of orthodontic treatment. Don't run out of breath during long orthodontic treatment.Special rooms for motivationand make theKids' space for children to enjoy going to school.to enhance the treatment of your child, or to allow you to leave your child with us for treatment.Hiring childcare workersAnd so on.

To change the traditional situation, which is the norm in all clinics these days, where you have to wait a month or more for the mouthpiece to arrive before you can start treatment,Visited the U.S. and built an additional laboratory to produce mouthpieces of the same quality in the hospital.He did.

What does Mr. Hiraoka value in his work?To examine the patient's mind.The "-" is a shortened version of the following phrase. "It is a matter of course for professionals to achieve results.But at the same time, I was also a little bit worried. But at the same time, ISupporter of the patient's mindI want to be a During treatment, I try my best to share my concerns and be there for them as a partner in pursuit of the same goal, so that all patients can feel that they are cared for." He said.

He said that Dr. Hiraoka is the most reliable teacher in Fuchu.Recommended by a leading orthodontistHe was a wonderful teacher, not only in terms of technique, but also on the inside, with a sparkling and humane personality.

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Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics is recommended for

Those looking for a clinic that also focuses on pediatric orthodontics.

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Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics sees patients of all ages, from children to those over 60, but nearly half of the patients are growing children,Special emphasis is placed on pediatric orthodontics.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

While orthodontic treatment for children can greatly improve the future alignment of teeth by taking advantage of their developmental growth and taking the right approach at the right time, it is also a difficult field because it is difficult to determine when to start and to control jaw growth and habits, and the results can vary greatly depending on the doctor who sees the patient. Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right clinic.

Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics has,Many of our doctors, including the director, have studied pediatric development at university.The company offers a variety of devices that can be fused to suit the child's development and lifestyle to ensure that he or she receives highly accurate treatment.

In addition, because children who are still growing can often benefit more than expected by removing the cause of their misaligned teeth,Instruction on muscle training around the mouth and tongue movement in parallel with treatmentand other activities, as well as the cure.Teaching tooth brushing to prevent cavities during treatmentThe care of the invisible parts of the body, which many clinics omit, is also taken care of, such as taking time for

The hospital is filled with the director's playful spirit.Theme park-like interiorIn order to make it fun for children to go to the school, picture books, gacha-gacha, and rewards for those who brush their teeth well are also available,The mood of welcoming children is in full swing.It is.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for your child, please visit us to explore the hospital.

IMG 4650
Mascot character Keyakie and a reward to enthrall children.

Those who want to be treated in a clinic that focuses on mouthpiece orthodontics.

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3D scanning in progress

At Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics,Front side wire orthodontics, back side wire orthodontics, and mouthpiece orthodontics are all available.Although we are doingSpecial emphasis is placed on mouthpiece orthodontics.

In recent years, more and more clinics have been actively practicing mouthpiece orthodontics, but the fact is that, like Dr. Hiraoka, after graduating from a graduate school or other training facility, we have been able to provide a wide range of orthodontic treatment options to our patients.There are only a few doctors who have studied orthodontics from the basics and are actively working on mouthpiece orthodontics.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Mouthpiece orthodontics is easy to enter, especially for doctors who are not knowledgeable about it, because they only need to take a mold and the company will send them a mouthpiece with a treatment plan for now, and more and more people are not cured due to treatment by doctors who do not have sufficient knowledge about orthodontics.

In fact, the automatically generated simulation ignores whether the teeth really move in that direction and the reaction to the force applied, so as with wires, a detailed treatment plan must be redesigned by the doctor after a thorough diagnosis, and this is where the difference in skill comes in.

Director.Dr. Hiraoka has been learning mouthpiece orthodontic (Invisalign) technology since it first came to Japan, and is now invited to lecture as a role model for dentists.We are also actively involved in treatments that often involve tooth extraction, which is often avoided, and Invisalign First for children.

In addition, at Fuchu Keyaki-dori Orthodontics, where many of our patients prefer mouthpiece orthodontics, the director has traveled to the United States, the home of orthodontics, and has developed an in-officeState-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce treatment mouthpieces of the same quality as InvisalignWe are incorporating

This allows the dentist's treatment plan to be directly reflected in the device without involving the company.The minimum waiting time from molding to the start of treatment is one day instead of more than one month.We are now able to offer this service to our patients in

How do you make a therapeutic mouthpiece in the hospital?Technology that can be used only by physicians who can provide detailed instructions for diagnosis, design, and treatment planning.Many teachers are now coming to study with Dr. Hiraoka.

You can also find case studies on the clinic's Instagram page.

When you make an initial appointment, tell them that you saw the article on 365.5,000 yen off the inspection feeOh my god!!!

Those who want to receive treatment with the latest technology and diagnosis with peace of mind.


Director.Dr. Hiraoka is a veteran orthodontist with over 20 years of experience.However, he is eager to learn and is not bound by the old ways of treatment. He participates in many study groups and conferences, and always incorporates new knowledge and techniques into his treatment.

We have also invested heavily in equipment for precise diagnosis and treatment, including intraoral 3D scans and CTs.

In addition, Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics hasMultiple orthodontists who have studied at various universities work for the company.We are all committed to sharing our opinions about the diagnosis and treatment of our patients and making the best choices possible. This is because in the field of dentistry, not only in orthodontics, ideas and treatment plans often differ depending on the university where they were studied,Very useful to exchange information with other dentists from different learning centers.and the ability to do so constantly in the hospital is an advantage that only a clinic with multiple doctors can offer.

Further,Dedicated in-house laboratory technicianThe company also has a team of experienced dentists who can make detailed orders regarding the right device for each individual patient, and can respond immediately if a device breaks or if a device no longer fits after a child's teeth erupt.

The facilities and systems are still more than adequate, but they plan to incorporate more and more new equipment and technology in the future.

When you make an initial appointment, tell them that you saw the article on 365.5,000 yen off the inspection feeOh my god!!!


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At Fuchu Keyakidori OrthodonticsTreatment for full-jaw correction is available from 660,000 yen, with no interest on installments within 2 years.The following is supported in the following table.

Also, to focus on patient satisfaction and long-term results,After the device is removed, the patient can be treated against retroversion free of charge for three years.

Click here for detailed cost. (Tax not included)

Initial Consultationfree
inspection and diagnosis fee40,000 yen
second opinion¥5,000
Front side wire (metal)600,000-700,000 yen
Front side wire (plastic)650,000-750,000 yen
Surface wire (ceramic)700,000-800,000 yen
Half-lingual (top is back side, bottom is front side)950,000-1,050,000 yen
Backside Wire¥1,150,000-1,250,000
Invisalign (full jaw)850,000-950,000 yen
Invisalign (front teeth only)650,000-700,000 yen
Invisalign (7 or less)300,000 yen
orthopedic device25,000 yen
Adjustment fee (for outpatient visits)5,000-8,000 yen
Adjustment fee (fixed time)¥3,000

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What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

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The hospital is designed with a bright, wood-grained interior and a friendly atmosphere for both children and adults.

In the kids' room, there are toys, picture books, and building blocks to keep them occupied.Spacious and easy for siblings to visit and strollers to enter.So mothers with small children can also relax.

20211119 11

Another major feature of Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics is the newly established in-house laboratory. There are many clinics that can only make mouthpieces for retainers,There are still very few clinics in Japan that are equipped to make dozens of treatment mouthpieces in one day from the treatment plan.

By having a dedicated technician on staff,Broken device and came to the hospital urgently.When it is done orQuick response if you lose your mouthpiece, etc.It is.

When you make an initial appointment, tell them that you saw the article on 365.5,000 yen off the inspection feeOh my god!!!

What people who attend Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics have to say

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

These are reviews from actual patients who have attended Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics.

  • The director seems very soft.My 5 year old son was able to calmly talk with him at theThe staff was friendly and the clinic had a nice atmosphere.
  • I have been a customer for about two years.All the teachers are kind and helpful, and if you have any questions, they will be happy to explain them to you.The treatment is very thorough and reassuring, and the hygienists are always kind and wonderful to deal with.
  • Children.There are messes and coin rewards to make it fun and rewarding to work hard!I have two children under my care!

Fuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics Clinic Overview

Clinic NameFuchu Keyakidori Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)〒183-0056
2F Fukui Bldg. 1-1-11 Kotobuki-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Phone number042-306-5493
Access2-minute walk from Fuchu Station on the Keio Line
JR Nambu Line, Musashino Line Fuchu-Honcho 8 min. walk
Office HoursTuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Sunday (every other week)
doctor's no-consultation dayMonday, Thursday, national holiday, every other Sunday

When you make an initial appointment, tell them that you saw the article on 365.5,000 yen off the inspection feeOh my god!!!

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