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Last updated April 3, 2023

Access: 3 min. walk from Minami-Senju Station (Tokyo Metro, Tsukuba Express)

Particularly recommended for

✅ Those who want to complete cavity treatment, gum disease treatment, and wisdom teeth extraction in one clinic as well.

✅ Those who want to go to the clinic on Saturdays and Sundays, and those who want to be treated in a clinic where it is easy to make an appointment.

✅ Considering orthodontic treatment for children

Dr. Yukiko
Dr. Yukiko

While the clinic specializes in orthodonticsA general dentist is also on staff andI was,A clinic that can check for cavities before orthodontic treatment, make temporary teeth, and even extract teeth, all in one clinic.

The clinic is open daily from Monday through Sunday, making it easy and efficient to make an appointment.

Many teachers like children,You can rest assured that your child is in good hands.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

When making a reservation on the web, please mention "I saw 365dentist" in the remarks column.20,000 yen off the treatment fee!

What is the Director like?

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Director Dr. Iida (right) and Vice Director Dr. Makimoto (left)

The director, Dr. Iida, is a thing.He is very low and soft-spoken, giving the impression of a bodhisattva.He is a teacher of

When I told you that I was thinking of writing a feature on the Director,

No, no, no, don't worry about me, you should interview mainly the vice president of the hospital, who is a wonderful doctor and has a personality that saysIt is.

He is usually very calm and speaks slowly,A doctor who listens very carefully.And if there is always a patient in trouble, I can't leave them alone,They try to help us somehow.

Consultations with patients who had problems with unsuccessful treatment at other clinics, or those who paid for treatment overseas and returned home only to have brackets put on,When I asked for advice for someone who was a bit difficult for other doctors, they were very accommodating and listened and tried to work out a cost for me.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

He is also a very studious teacher,It is the most difficult of all dental schools in Japan.Tokyo Medical and Dental UniversityAfter graduating from theThe University's Graduate School of Correctionsin the following mannerDegree (Ph.D.) in Correctionsobtained. Subsequently,Also obtained orthodontic certification.It is,Go to Hygienist SchoolAs a specialist in orthodontics, I regularlybe invited to give a lectureHe is so trusted as an orthodontist.

He is a doctor who is not so concerned about his qualifications and career, so he has not renewed his certification, but as a specialist in orthodontics,Very trusted by other certified doctors.Veteran teacherIt is.

On the clinic's website, the director explains the orthodontic appliances and the mechanism of orthodontic treatment in a very easy-to-understand manner, so I encourage anyone who is planning to start orthodontic treatment to read it.

What is the Assistant Director like?

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Assistant Director, Dr. Makimoto

Dr. Makimoto, the assistant director, is highly praised by the director, Dr. Iida,English, Chinese, Japanese and three languagesShe is a very talented female doctor who can also speak English.

And Dr. Makimoto.Graduate Degree in Correctionsand works as an orthodontist.

They are popular with children because of their friendliness and gentleness, which only a woman can provide.

Because he always has the patient's best interest in mind, he never recommends any treatment forcibly, and if he thinks the patient will heal more beautifully with surgery, he will not hesitate to recommend that the patient also see a clinic that performs jaw surgery.

Both the director and deputy director areorthodontistIn,Since there is an orthodontist in the clinic every day, you can rest assured that you will be seen in a hurry if a wire suddenly comes out or a device comes off.

When making a reservation on the web, please mention "I saw 365dentist" in the remarks column.20,000 yen off the treatment fee!

Minami Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is recommended for

Those who want to complete their treatment in one clinic, including cavity treatment, periodontal treatment, wisdom teeth extraction, etc.

The director and vice-director of Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics are orthodontists, though,Pediatric dentists and oral surgery specialists also workWe also check for cavities before orthodontic treatment, manage periodontal disease during orthodontic treatment, and provide treatment for crowns.They can be examined collectively.

When he started his practice, he considered specializing in orthodontics, but he felt that it would be difficult for patients, especially children, to be referred to other clinics when they need tooth decay or extractions,Opening a practice with a pediatric dentist.and to be able to perform all procedures in the same clinic.He did.

Some clinics specialize in orthodontics without general dentistry.Cavity checks and periodontal disease management prior to the start of orthodontic treatment are neglected, and even if the teeth line up nicely with orthodontics, they may be full of cavities, or treatment may proceed with swollen and buxom gums.

In addition, for patients who have procedures that need to be combined with orthodontic treatment, such as crowns and implants, if the orthodontist and general practitioner are not working together properly, the timing of the crowns and implants cannot be coordinated well enough,Sometimes it's hard to agree on a treatment plan.Yes, there is.

At Minami Senju Pediatric Dentistry and OrthodonticsGeneral doctors are on staff to treat cavities and gum disease, as well as difficult wisdom teeth extractions, implants, and coverings,All general procedures are performedThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

The clinic is also able to provide insurance treatment, so it is recommended for those who want to reduce costs outside of orthodontics.

Those who want to go on Saturdays and Sundays, and those who want to receive treatment at a clinic where appointments are easy to make.

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Minami Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics Board. Both orthodontists and general practitioners are available daily.

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics has a general doctor and an orthodontist who can see cavities and other problems.We work every day and are open on weekends and evenings.

General dentists who provide orthodontic services usually hire orthodontists several times a month, and if an orthodontic patient comes in suddenly when the orthodontist is not available, the treatment will be completely emergency treatment only.

In addition, in orthodontic clinics where the director is the sole provider, the director is often called to work part-time in another general dentistry practice, and most often has two to three days off.

At Minami Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, the assistant director takes care of orthodontic patients when the director is not available, and the general dentists also work every day in shifts.If you have any concerns, please contact us.We are always ready to help.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

The fact that I can call them anytime I am in pain or concerned and they will see me.A very big reliefI think it is.

Considering treatment for children

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics provides treatment for adults, of course, but we especially focus on orthodontic treatment, preventive treatment, and cavity treatment for children.

By starting treatment at an early age, it is possible to avoid having teeth removed in adulthood, or to improve bad habits and achieve a beautiful set of teeth without full-scale orthodontic treatment. However, in recent years, there are various orthodontic devices that can be easily started, and there are cases where doctors who do not specialize in orthodontics perform inexpensive treatment during childhood, such as "just jaw expansion for now" or "just a pediatric mouthpiece for now," and if it does not heal, refer the patient to another clinic or to another clinic for permanent orthodontic treatment. If not cured, the patient is referred to another clinic for permanent orthodontic treatment.

Just,If an inexperienced doctor performs only pediatric orthodontics, he or she may widen the jaw too much without considering the bite of the permanent teeth, resulting in a difficult case, or he or she may make a mouthpiece for a case in which follow-up observation is sufficient, resulting in unnecessary costs.

At Minami Senju Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics, orthodontists analyze the results thoroughly,The child will receive the necessary correction at the appropriate time,They will be responsible for treating adults until their teeth line up beautifully.We also provide training to strengthen the tongue and lip muscles (MFT) and to improve bad habits. We also focus on training to strengthen the muscles of the tongue and lips (MFT) and to improve bad habits, so that children who keep their mouths gaping open or who cannot stop sucking can be helped.Please feel free to consult with us.

As for the cost, if it becomes necessary to straighten adult teeth,Because the difference between the normal adult orthodontic cost minus the price paid for the child's orthodontic treatment allows the treatment to continue,Very conscientious.The following is a summary of the results of the study.

There will be a difference in the adjustment fee (3,000 yen) each time if you go for a longer period of time, but it is safe to say that the basic fees for equipment and diagnostic fees remain the same whether you start with an adult or a child.

See also the video below for more information.

What equipment and tooth alignment can be accommodated?

Equipment that can be handled

At Minami Senju Pediatric Orthodontics, we offer front side wire, back side wire, mouthpiece andReady for anythingIt is.

Supplementary.anchor screwor by usingOrthodontic appliances for childrenThe use of the "I" in some cases is also possible.

Because of our special emphasis on pediatric orthodontics, we use more different devices for children than in regular clinics.

Mooshield, Pre-Ortho, Multi-Family, Enlarging Floor, Bionator, Headgear, Chin Cap, Maxillary Traction Device, Invisalign First, etc. will be used flexibly depending on the condition of the child's mouth and the parents' wishes.

[Supportable teeth

In all cases of bucktooth, rattled teeth, open bite, and passive mouth,All corrective measures are possible to the extent that they are not combined with surgery.

Referral to Tokyo Medical and Dental University Orthodontic Department if surgery is deemed necessaryThe first two are the following.

What are the facilities and atmosphere of the clinic?

Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

The clinic is very bright and clean. The clinic has a good outlook and a lively atmosphere.

Please refer to the video on the official website for more information.

What people who attend Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics have to say


Here are some reviews from actual patients who have attended Minami Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics!

  • When I went for my first consultation, I was very relieved to find that the director of the clinic was very kind. I went to other clinics for counseling, but I decided to go with Dr. Iida because he happened to know me and said he trusted me.
  • (From a parent at a pediatric orthodontic consultation) She doesn't like scary doctors, but the doctor treats her kindly from the child's point of view, so I can leave her in good hands.

Clinic Overview of Minami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Clinic NameMinami-Senju Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
address (e.g. of house)116-0003
2F BiVi, 4-7-1 Minami-Senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-5615-2182
AccessNearest station
4 min. walk from Tokyo Metro "Minami-Senju" station
Tsukuba Express "Minami-Senju" 4 min. walk
Office Hoursweekday
Morning 10:00-13:00
Afternoon 14:30-19:00
Saturday and Sunday
Morning 10:00-13:00
Afternoon 14:00-17:00
doctor's no-consultation dayHolidays only

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