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Korea Correction mouthpiece orthodontics

Last updated April 28, 2024

Did you know that there is talk of Korean orthodontics being cheaper?

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that takes about one to three years, so it's not the same as receiving whitening or cosmetic treatment time in Korea, which is a one-time-only treatment.

In this issue, I would like to know if you want to correct the problem in Korea,

Benefits, how to choose a Korean dentist, costs, risks, and 5 things to take care of after orthodontic treatment in Korea.I will talk about the

Two advantages of orthodontics in Korea

Korea Correction

There are two advantages to correcting the problem in Korea.

interpoint (interword separation)Lower orthodontic costs than in Japan
interpoint (interword separation)Many dentists plan treatment with facial appearance in mind.

Lower orthodontic costs than in Japan

In Korea, the cost of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including orthodontics, which are performed free of charge, tends to be low.

While the market price for orthodontic treatment in Japan is 600,000-1,000,000 yen or more,The market price of orthodontic costs in Korea is 300,000-500,000 yenabout.

Orthodontic treatment tends to be more expensive in Japan and Korea with highly aesthetic orthodontic devices such as mouthpiece or backside braces.

However, the cost price in Korea is often lower than that in Japan, even if the same orthodontic device is selected.

Many dentists plan treatment with facial appearance in mind.

Korea is a country where cosmetic surgery is very popular.

Therefore, even orthodontic treatmentTreatment planning with facial features in mindThere is a tendency for many dentists to set up a

Since more and more patients in Japan are becoming aware of the E-line and mouth balance when undergoing orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment in Korea will be attractive to those who wish to have a treatment plan designed with their facial appearance in mind.

However, the type of treatment plan depends on the dentist's approach.

He never thought, "If I straighten my face in Korea, my face will surely be beautiful."The treatment plan should be confirmed well in advance.

How should I choose which method of correction to use in Korea?

Korea Correction

The problem with orthodontics in Korea is, "How should I choose a dentist or treatment?" This is the question.

When choosing a dentist or treatment method in Korea, you should be aware of the following points.

I'll refer to the dentist's website and reviews.
Choose a dentist who speaks Japanese.
Select a treatment plan for residents in Japan

Refer to the dentist's website and reviews.

When choosing a dentist or treatment in Korea,Refer to dentist's website and reviews.to the

What is the atmosphere of the dentist?
Are there any Japanese people attending the school?
How do you respond to the Japanese who go there?
How much does it cost?
Is it easy to access?
Check out the dentist's case photos and see what before and afters of people with teeth similar to your own look like.

Check these things out.

When looking for a dentist,It is convenient to use Korean apps that support Japanese.It is.

interpoint (interword separation)NAVER MAP
→This application is used by many people in Korea. It is operated by "NAVER", a major search engine in Korea.

interpoint (interword separation)welcome (new year, new spring, etc.)
→This application allows you to find cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, including orthodontics.

People who have actually had orthodontic treatment in Korea use these apps to find a dentist in their neighborhood or a dentist with good reviews.


Choose a dentist who speaks Japanese.

It basically depends on how well you speak Korean.Choose a dentist who offers treatment in Japanese.

Choose a treatment plan for residents in Japan

Some Korean dentists may have treatment programs for residents in Japan.

If you live in Korea, though, it is common to visit the hospital once a month or so,For residents in Japan, the program provides for one visit every two to three months to proceed with treatment.

If you live in Japan and want to go to Korea only for treatment to correct your teeth, you should choose a dentist who has such a program.

Cost of Correction in Korea

Korea Correction

What is the cost price for correction in Korea,Minimum 300,000-500,000 yenIt is.

The cost varies depending on the orthodontic device, and as with orthodontic treatment in Japan, the more aesthetic the device is, the higher the cost tends to be.

The cost rates* for different orthodontic appliances for orthodontic treatment in Korea are as follows

interpoint (interword separation)Wire orthodontics (orthodontic treatment on the front side): about 300,000-500,000 yen
→This orthodontic method involves attaching wires to the front side of the teeth. The cost varies depending on the esthetics of the brackets.

interpoint (interword separation)Wire orthodontics (backside braces): about 600,000-800,000 yen
→This is an orthodontic method in which wires are attached to the backs of the teeth.

interpoint (interword separation)Clippy C Orthodontics: about 500,000 yen
→This is a wire orthodontic treatment that uses white brackets made of ceramic.
Because the devices are white and hardly noticeable and do not stain easily, this is the treatment method that many people in Korea choose for their appearance during orthodontic treatment.

interpoint (interword separation)Mouthpiece orthodontics: 250,000-350,000 yen or more
→This is an orthodontic method in which a transparent mouthpiece is worn to move the teeth.
A mouthpiece brand from Korea can often correct the problem for about 250,000-350,000 yen.
However, if you use the Invisalign brand of mouthpiece braces from the U.S., the cost is about 600,000 to 700,000 yen.

All of these costs are lower than the market rate for orthodontic treatment in Japan, so it is advisable to take into account the cost of traveling to Korea during orthodontic treatment.

*Costs vary depending on the difficulty of the case and the dentist.

Risks of Correction in Korea

Korea Correction

What are the risks of correcting in Korea,

I can't get immediate response when I have a problem.
Travel costs to Korea are separate from correctional expenses.
...treatment period may be longer.

That is to say.

If a problem arises, they don't respond immediately.

If a person residing in Japan wants to correct a problem in Korea, he or she must go to Korea to have the problem taken care of.

Therefore, there is a possibility that you may not be able to do anything about an urgent problem and will have no choice but to endure it until you come to Korea.

Please note that if you pop into an orthodontist in Japan, they may not be able to see you because you are not their family dentist.

The cost of traveling to Korea is separate from the cost of correcting the problem.

Orthodontic costs are also said to be lower in Korea. However, if a Japanese resident wishes to have orthodontic treatment in Korea, the cost of traveling to Korea for treatment will be in addition to the cost of orthodontic treatment.

The basic pace of travel to Korea is once a month. Some dentists offer plans for residents in Japan that call for once every two to three months, but this lasts for one to three years.

The total cost of coming to Korea and the cost of orthodontics may be higher than the cost of orthodontics in Japan, so this should also be considered.

Treatment period may be longer.

Due to international circumstances, lack of money to travel to Korea, etc.If you cannot travel to Korea as planned, you will not be able to proceed with orthodontic treatment.

This will likely result in a longer treatment period, so it is safer to correct the problem in Japan if you want to finish treatment quickly.

Care after correction in Korea

Both after correction in Korea and in Japan,Retainers are necessary to keep the teeth in good alignment.

Without the use of retentive appliances, the alignment of the teeth will deteriorate again due to tooth retroversion.

Some types of retention devices require periodic adjustment and observation, and in this case, the patient must continue to attend Korea even after the orthodontic treatment is completed.


In Korea, the market price is lower than the cost of orthodontics in Japan.

However, considering the cost of coming to Korea in addition to the cost of correction, and the fact that they are not able to respond immediately when problems arise,It would be safer to correct the problem in Japan.

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