How much does Invisalign cost? Explanation of market rates and cost differences between clinics.

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Last updated November 20, 2023


I would like to straighten my teeth with Invisalign.
I heard that there are cheaper plans for Invisalign for minor cases, how much is it?


Invisalign offers a variety of plans depending on coverage, with cheaper plans recommended for front teeth only or minor cases.
In this article, we will explain the cost rates and the differences in costs between clinics!

Invisalign cost price

Invisalign Cost

There are four plans to align adult teeth with Invisalign.

*Invisalign for children is another plan called Invisalign First.

  • Invisalign Go
  • Invisalign Express Package
  • Invisalign Lite Package
  • Invisalign Compliance Package

The difference between the plans is the number of teeth to be moved and the number of mouthpieces that can be created.

The maximum amount of teeth that can be moved with Invisalign is 0.25mm per mouthpiece, so the number of mouthpieces that can be created directly affects the amount of teeth that can be moved.

Therefore,The plan with fewer mouthpieces made is less difficult and less expensive than the plan with fewer mouthpieces.


In the following section, the Invisalign plan will be divided into mild and moderate to severe cases!

Invisalign cost for minor cases

Minor cases can be improved with all four Invisalign plans. The cost and the extent to which teeth can be moved are as follows

Plan Namecost priceRange of tooth movementI can place an order.
Number of mouthpieces
Invisalign GoApprox. 300,000-800,000 yen20 upper and lower
(to second bicuspid)
Up to 20 sheets
Invisalign Express PackageApprox. 300,000-500,000 yenTop and bottom 16
(up to the first bicuspid)
Up to 7 sheets
Invisalign Lite PackageApprox. 500,000 yen or moreTop and bottom 28
(to second molar)
Up to 14 sheets
Invisalign Compliance PackageApprox. 800,000-1,200,000 yenTop and bottom 28
(to second molar)
No limit on the number of sheets

Invisalign Go and Invisalign Express packages are,

Partial orthodontic plan that allows the teeth to be moved around the front teeth,

Invisalign Light Package and Invisalign Compliant Package are,

This is a plan for total orthodontic correction that moves up to the seventh tooth from the front (second molar).

The computer calculates the extent and amount of tooth movement in a preliminary simulation,

For minor cases, the plan is based on the extent of tooth movement and the number of mouthpieces needed.You can choose

However, check with your dentist's policy, as he or she may not offer plans with a limited number of pieces.

Invisalign cost for moderate to severe cases

For moderate to severe cases, the Invisalign Complete Package is to be used,About 800,000-1,200,000 yencosts.

Other costs at the dentist's office

Possible costs at the dental office include

Counseling feesFree to approx. 5,000 yen
Cost of full examination and diagnosisApprox. 20,000-50,000 yen
adjustment chargeApprox. 5,000 yen
Tooth extraction costApprox. 5,000-10,000 yen per bottle
Cost of osteotomy surgeryApprox. 1.5-3 million yen (at own expense)

Counseling and full examination/diagnosis fees are basically required for all patients who will be orthodontically treated with Invisalign.

The adjustment fee is paid at the beginning of orthodontic treatment, either at the time of a hospital visit or monthly. This fee is necessary to check the fit of the mouthpiece and to perform procedures such as attachment fitting.This is not required if the contract is made at a cost that includes the adjustment fee.

Extraction and osteotomy costs are for procedures in which teeth are extracted to make room for teeth or bone is cut to balance the upper and lower jaws.Not required if no extractions or osteotomies are performed.

Why there are differences in Invisalign costs between clinics.

Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign varies from clinic to clinic for the following reasons

  • It's self-funded.
  • There's a difference in additional costs.
  • Because the method of payment of expenses differs from clinic to clinic.
  • Management costs are different.
  • I've been able to order a lot of cases at a discount.

Reason 1: Because it is a self-funded treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is self-funded, with the patient paying for 1001 TP3T, so the cost varies from dentist to dentist.

Self-funded treatment is not bound by the health insurance system,Dentists are free to set their own costs, taking into account the skills of the dentist and the services provided.This is the main reason why there is a difference in the cost of Invisalign.

Reason #2: Because there is a difference in additional costs.

The total cost of Invisalign varies with the cost of each plan and the cost of additional procedures such as counseling, examinations, and extractions.

Additional procedures are also basically treated as out-of-pocket expenses.Therefore, the cost varies from dentist to dentist, which is a factor that causes the cost to vary.

Examples of additional costs for Invisalign

  • Counseling fee → free of charge - around 10,000 yen
  • Cost of detailed examination and diagnosis: 10,000-50,000 yen
  • Adjustment fee→around 5,000 yen
  • Extraction cost → 5,000-10,000 yen per tooth
  • Osteotomy surgery cost(*)→1.5-3 million yen

*In the case of orthodontic correction involving osteotomy, a medical condition such as jaw deformity may be given.
Although orthodontic treatment may be covered by health insurance when a disease is named, Invisalign is not accepted by health insurance as a fitting to correct misaligned teeth.
Therefore,All orthodontic procedures involving osteotomies with Invisalign are treated as out-of-pocket expenses.

Reason 3) Because the method of payment of fees differs from clinic to clinic.

There are two main ways to pay for orthodontic treatment, not just Invisalign.

Adjustment fee system (paid separately)In addition to the basic fee for the Invisalign plan, you pay a separate fee for adjustments and devices at each visit.
Total fee system (total amount)This method is to pay only the amount offered in the contract. You do not have to pay for additional hospital visits or new fittings.

In the case of the adjustment fee system, the cost at the time of contract may be lower than in the total fee system, but the adjustment fee paid per visit increases as the treatment period extends,Depending on the payment method handled by the dental office, the final cost may vary.

Reason #4: Management costs are different.

Operating a dental office involves labor, utilities, and tenant fees, which vary according to regional differences in prices and other factors.

Invisalign(at sentence-end, falling tone) indicates a confident conclusionCosts also take into account management costs.This is the reason why the cost of Invisalign varies from dentist to dentist.

Difference in cost of Invisalign between Tokyo and Osaka

Invisalign Cost Tokyo Osaka

Since Invisalign is a self-funded treatment, it is unclear if the cost is clearly different between Tokyo and Osaka.

However, an explanation of price differentials by region ( in the Annual Survey of Retail Prices (Structural Component) 2020 by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shows Tokyo in first place and Osaka in ninth place in terms of price level.

The cost of self-pay treatment is related to the location of the dental clinic, tenant fees, labor costs, etc. Compare Tokyo and Osaka,The cost of Invisalign in Tokyo, where the price level is higher, may be higher than in Osaka.

How to do Invisalign at a lower cost

Invisalign Cost

There are several ways to keep the cost of orthodontics low, though,

Not all methods are available for Invisalign because the orthodontic device is not covered by insurance.

If you want to do Invisalign at the lowest possible cost, consider the following options

  • Choose a plan with partial braces or less tooth movement.
  • Apply for a medical expense deduction
  • Take advantage of monitor pricing
  • Consider suburban dental offices.

Choose a plan with partial braces or less tooth movement.

For minor cases or if you only want to prepare the anterior teeth that are related to the appearance,

Choose a partial orthodontic plan that aligns the teeth by moving only the front teeth, or a plan that has a limit on the number of mouthpieces made and the amount of teeth that can be another method.

With Invisalign,

  • Invisalign Go
  • Invisalign Express Package
  • Invisalign Lite Package

This is the case for the

Because the amount and location of tooth movement and the degree of improvement are limited, the advantages are lower costs and a relatively short treatment period.

Of course,Cannot force treatment of non-applicable cases just because it's cheaper.However, if the results are satisfactory with partial orthodontic treatment in minor cases, the cost can be lowered.

Apply for a medical expense deduction

The medical expense deduction is a system that allows taxpayers to receive income tax refunds and inhabitant tax reductions based on their income when they report the cost of Invisalign on their tax returns.

Lowering the real cost of InvisalignSo, take advantage of it.

Take advantage of monitor pricing

Some dental offices offer monitor pricing to make Invisalign a model case.

Costs may be lower than the regular price.Therefore, if you can accept the terms of the monitor price, it is recommended.

However,There have been some problems caused by monitor pricing, so check the terms and conditions carefully.

Consider suburban dental offices.

Dental offices in the suburbs rather than in a well-located, high-tenant-fee location,

Low management costs may result in a lower cost offer.

If it is within commuting distance, compare and contrast.

Check with your dentist for detailed Invisalign costs.

Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign varies depending on the applicable plan and dental office.

If you would like to know more about adaptable plans and detailed costs, please visit the dentist's office for a thorough examination and consultation.

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