What Causes Children's Halitosis? What can we learn from children's halitosis?

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Doctor, the child's mouth smells like poo.
I think it is bad breath, but what is the cause?


Children's bad breath is a barometer of problems not only in the mouth but also in the body and mind.
This time,We will discuss the causes of children's halitosis and what we can learn from children's halitosis.

Main Causes of Children's Halitosis

Children's Halitosis

Children's halitosis,

  • Bad breath caused by the mouth
  • Halitosis caused by other body and mind causes

The two categories are

Causes of children's halitosis (1)|Mouth problems

If you are concerned about your child's bad breath,The first thing to consider is the problem in the mouth.

Halitosis is caused by problems in the mouth,

  • toothpaste deficiency
  • cavity
  • gingivitis
  • Dry mouth caused by mouth breathing
  • Temporary due to physiological phenomena

is possible.

toothpaste deficiency

If you don't brush your teeth enough,Plaque on the teeth can cause bad breath.

Dental plaque is a mass of oral bacteria that produces the odor of bad breath.

Bad breath occurs when there is a lot of plaque on the teeth because it feeds on sugar and other substances in food to produce unpleasant smelling substances.


When decay progresses and reaches the nerve of the tooth,The teeth rot and become bad breath.


Gingivitis causes periodontal disease bacteria to become active,It produces odor substances that are the source of bad breath.

Dry mouth caused by mouth breathing

Dry mouth is a condition in which the mouth is dry.

Dry mouth.Odorous substances in the mouth are more likely to volatilize, resulting in bad breath.

People who breathe through their mouths may have dry mouth even if saliva production is normal, causing bad breath due to dry mouth.

There are many causes of mouth breathing. Some may be caused by the alignment of the teeth, such as bucktooths or a passive mouth that physically prevents the mouth from closing.

Temporary due to physiological phenomena

Physiological phenomena are changes that occur through the body's own mechanisms.

Related to halitosis is a decrease in saliva production during waking and nervousness.

After going to bed and waking up or when feeling nervous,Saliva volume may decrease, mouth may become dry, and bad breath may become stronger.

Basically, when the body enters a state of activity or tension is eased, saliva volume returns and bad breath subsides.

Therefore, it is the only halitosis caused by the mouth that is not a cause for concern.

Causes of Children's Halitosis (2)|Other Physical and Mental Problems

other than by sayingPhysical or mental problems can also cause bad breath.

For bad breath caused by physical or mental problems,

  • Nose and Throat Diseases
  • Infectious diseases such as colds
  • Diseases of internal organs
  • diabetes mellitus
  • stress
  • Temporary due to food or drink

There are

Nose and Throat Diseases

Alleluent rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis (sinusitis), and enlarged adenoids make mouth breathing a habit,A chain reaction can cause bad breath due to dry mouth.

Sinusitis can also cause bad breath due to nasal discharge running down the throat.

Infectious diseases such as colds

Bad breath may occur when a person is suffering from an illness caused by a bacterial or viral infection, such as a cold.

This is because the body's immunity is lowered during bacterial and viral diseases, and the mouth bacteria that produce bad breath odor are more likely to be active.

Fever also causes low saliva production and dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath.

Diseases of internal organs

When suffering from a digestive disease such as gastroenteritismay cause bad breath.

This is because the odor of food fermented in the stomach due to indigestion is expelled from the body as exhalation or body odor.

diabetes mellitus

Diabetics are prone to dry mouth, which can cause bad breath.

Acetone, which tends to occur in the body of diabetics, can also cause sweet and sour smelling breath as it mixes with the exhaled air.

Diabetes mellitus has two images: type 1 diabetes, which is caused by the breakdown of insulin-secreting cells in the liver, and type 2 diabetes, which is caused by lifestyle and obesity.

Although it is not common for children to have diabetes, type 1 diabetes is a disease that often occurs even in children.

Symptoms like polyuria, polyphagia, weight loss, and fatigue, in addition to bad breath, may indicate diabetes.


When stressed, the body's sympathetic nervous system is activated and saliva production is reduced,Dry mouth causes bad breath more easily.

Temporary due to food or drink

Odor from strong-smelling foods such as garlic and green onions can cause bad breath when mixed with the mouth and exhaled air.

Also, after drinking sugary foods or drinks, bad breath is likely to occur because the bacteria in the mouth become more active after feeding on the sugar.

These are temporary and will subside once the food odor substances have been metabolized or the teeth have been brushed.

What Children's Halitosis Can Tell Us About the Type of Halitosis

Children's Halitosis

From Children's Halitosis,It may reveal the child's oral environment, physical condition, and mental state.

This is because different causes of halitosis have different odor characteristics.

For example, the following characteristics are listed

  • Smells like doo-doo, rotten eggs or fish
    • toothpaste deficiency
    • cavity
    • gingivitis
    • Dry mouth caused by mouth breathing
    • Temporary due to physiological phenomena
    • stress
    • Nose and Throat Diseases
    • Disturbance of the intestinal environment
  • Smells like poo
    • Disturbance of the intestinal environment
    • constipation
    • sour-sweet
    • Stomach upset
  • bittersweet
    • diabetes mellitus
  • Smell of feces and urine (ammonia odor)
    • Decreased liver and kidney function

Be aware that bad breath in children can be a sign of poor oral health, poor physical condition, or stress.

How to prevent children's bad breath

Children's Halitosis

For children's bad breath,

  • Brush your teeth the right way
  • Be aware of nasal breathing
  • Get regular checkups at the dentist.
  • See a pediatrician or otolaryngologist if you have physical problems.

and others are effective.

Especially since most bad breath is caused by the mouth,Do not miss brushing your teeth daily.

Also,Have regular checkups with your dentist every 1-6 months.It is recommended to do so.

They can give advice on how to brush teeth properly and tips on how to help children brush their teeth well, which will not only help prevent bad breath but also protect children's health.


Children's Halitosis

Causes of children's halitosis,

  • Caused by oral problems, such as inadequate toothbrushing or dry mouth
  • Nose and throat problems, stress, and other physical and mental problems

There are two

Depending on what kind of smell,It can also reveal oral and physical problems.

If the child's bad breath persists, it is possible that a mouth or body problem is occurring, and a dentist or pediatrician should be consulted.

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