Why does hypersensitivity hurt all the time? A thorough explanation of causes and remedies

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Last updated March 4, 2024

What is hypersensitivity?

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Visual sensitivity is a general term for a painful condition caused by thinning tooth enamel. This content describes the causes, remedies, prevention and solutions for persistent pain like visual sensitivity.

Hypersensitivity Symptoms

When hot or cold food is placed in the oral cavity, "Throbbing! or "kink" when you take a hot or cold when you take something hot or cold into your mouth.acute symptomsIt is common for pain to occur as

Characteristics of hypersensitivity

Happens in a short time.transient toothacheThe characteristics of the product are that it is

Main causes of hypersensitivity

Brush teeth with strong force.By,The enamel on the border between the teeth and gums is scraped away.warm and cold pain, etc. bytoothacheThe dentin, which had been protected by enamel, is now exposed. The dentin, which was protected by enamel, is now exposed,Hypersensitive tooth nervesThe pain is felt by doing so.

preferred site

The border between teeth and gums is most prone to sensitivity.Location. The condition that causes sensitivity in this location is called a cuneiform defect.

Why is hypersensitivity causing me pain all the time?

A major characteristic of hypersensitivity is that symptoms heal in a "short time. However,Pain persists despite diagnosis of hypersensitivityIn some cases, it may not be hypersensitivity. When this happens, it is not hypersensitivity butDifferent causesare the possible causes. Here is an explanation of the causes of persistent pain after a diagnosis of hypersensitivity.


Even if it doesn't look like it.Dental caries progressesIn such cases, as with hypersensitivity In such cases, as with hypersensitivitycold soreThe following is a list of the most common causes of this problem.

Damaged teeth

Tooth teeth are covered with enamel, a hard tissue, and are inherently very strong. However, unexpectedCracks.In some cases, the cracks may be visible to the naked eye. While a visible tooth can be visually confirmed, it is difficult to find a crack in the root of a tooth buried under the alveolar bone with the naked eye,Symptoms progress without a known cause of painThe following is a list of the most common reasons for this.

Toothache after cavity treatment

After treating a large cavity, a temporaryPain.There are cases where In particular, a cavity treatment area called a he inlayMetal fillingsThis sign tends to occur more easily when the root of the tooth is exposed to the temperature of food and drink. This pain is transient and usually subsides within a week after treatment.

Pain after whitening

Whitening whitens the surface of the teeth by demineralizing the tooth enamel. Therefore, immediately after whitening, the enamel is thinner than normal. The enamel covers the dentin to protect the teeth and prevent them from feeling pain. However, whitening causesThinning of the enamel.Temporarily byFeel the pain.The pain may be severe. Depending on the degree of demineralization, the pain usually subsides in a few days or so.

What to do if you have hypersensitivity and it hurts all the time

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There are two main ways to deal with constant pain caused by hypersensitivity. Here we will discuss self-care, which you can perform on your own, and treatment of hypersensitivity at the dentist's office.

How to deal with hypersensitivity through self-care

One way to deal with hypersensitivity yourself is to use an over-the-counter hypersensitivity toothpaste. If the sensitivity is mild, you can expect some effect.

Treatment of hypersensitivity in the dentist's office

When treating sensitivity in the dentist's office, a dental plastic called CR is commonly used. A wedge-shaped defect at the border between the teeth and gums, a common site of hypersensitivity, is filled with a plastic that is similar in color to the color of the teeth and hardened with a UV light.

Prevention and Future of Hypersensitivity

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The main causes of hypersensitivity are,Wrong toothpasteThe most important factor to prevent sensitivity is to learn how to brush your teeth correctly. Therefore, the best way to prevent sensitivity is to learn how to brush properly. Sensitivity is a symptom of excessive force applied to the tooth surface over a long period of time,"Choose the right toothbrush."Japanese dock (plant) (Rumex japonicus)Brush your teeth the right way."In many cases byCan be prevented or improvedIt is. Here we will explain how to prevent hypersensitivity and how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

3 points for choosing a toothbrush to avoid hypersensitivity

⚫︎Hardness of the head

At a glance,Scrubbing with a stiff brushand brushing the tooth surface seems to remove stains well. However, this is not the case.The #1 cause of hypersensitivityThe first two are the following.Prevents hypersensitivityWhen choosing a toothbrush from the perspective to,Choose a normal to soft headIt would be a good idea to

⚫︎ Head size

Large headBy choosing a toothbrush, you may have the impression that you can brush your teeth quickly and efficiently because you can brush more tooth surfaces at a time. However, this is not the case.Quite the opposite.It is. It's a big toothbrush.No small turns and leftover polish.Or is it only,Damage to teeth and gums.There are times whenCompact head toothbrushis a result of its small size.You can brush your teeth efficiently without damaging your teeth.

⚫︎ neck shape

Some are curved, some are springy. Commercial products come in a variety of shapes. Each has its own excellent characteristics, but theMaking the most of featuresin order toLearn how to brush teeth properlyOnly if you do.State in which the fundamentals have not been mastered.Even if you use a multifunctional one with itsThe effect is not very promising.Start with a simple straight neck and a solid foundation of brushing.

3 ways to brush to avoid hypersensitivity

⚫︎ grip

The grip portion of the toothbrush.goofballIf you grip the toothbrush tip with thegreat strengthwill be added.Prevention of hypersensitivityTo,hold a pencilBy holding the grip as if,power controlThe result is that it is easier to

⚫︎ strokes

Toothbrush.Move it to the side in a big way.By,Causes of hypersensitivityThis can lead to the development of wedge-shaped defects, which can be When brushing the teeth,Pencil gripThe brush part at the tip of the brush.little by littleBy moving it toPrevent hypersensitivityThe following is an example of a product that can be used in the following ways.

⚫︎ time-control

Strong force and big movementBrushing teeth with a tends to shorten the time it takes to brush.Damage to tooth surfacewithout accIncreased cleaning effectivenessTo do,pencil holderGrip withSmall Strokesindicates certainty, emphasis, etc.15 min.It is recommended to polish as much as possible.

3 things you can do to avoid hypersensitivity

⚫︎ Toothbrush replacement

Toothbrush with spread bristlesHa,It can damage the tooth surface and gums.(1) generally1 monthin order toReplace with a new toothbrushLet's do it. Faster than that.Hair ends spread outIn case of,Too much power.Possibly. It is advisable to use the condition of the tips and the time of replacement as a guide to the force.

⚫︎Use of assistive devices

Toothbrush only.If you try to remove all the dirt withUndue force is applied.There are times wheninterdental brushand ... andflossand other methods are utilized to clean the oral cavity while taking care not to damage the teeth and gums,Preventive effect of hypersensitivityYou can expect to see the following

⚫︎ regular checkups

Causes of hypersensitivityThe cuneiform defect, which becomesearly detection (of an illness)Japanese dock (plant) (Rumex japonicus)early treatmentThe treatment may be completed on the same day by doing so.leave as isBy doing,Serious SymptomsIt will take time and money if it progresses to frequently.periodic medical check-up (examination)by receiving,Treatment while symptoms are mildIt is recommended to do so.


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Future,does not cause hypersensitivityIn order to do this, you need to be in the dental office.periodic medical check-up (examination)regardingLearn how to properly brush your teethis the most effective way to do this.Protecting Oral HealthWe hope you will find this content useful.

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