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Why does hypersensitivity hurt all the time? A thorough explanation of causes and remedies

What is Sensitivity Sensitivity is a general term for a painful condition caused by thinning tooth enamel. In this content, we will discuss the causes, remedies, prevention and solutions for persistent pain like visual sensitivity. Symptoms of Hypersensitivity Hot or cold...
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2024 Cavity-Resistant Snacks Ranked!

Patient Dear Doctor, I am looking for a snack that will not cause cavities! Do you have any recommendations? Dentist: Understood! In this issue, we will introduce a ranking of 10 snacks that are less likely to cause cavities, based on the characteristics of snacks that are less likely to cause cavities and snacks that are more likely to cause cavities! (ads...
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How can I prevent oohing and aahing when I brush my teeth?

Patient: Doctor, I often feel nauseous and gag while brushing my teeth. Is there any way I can brush my teeth easily? Dentist It is difficult to feel nauseous while brushing your teeth. If you are prone to nausea, you may find it easier to avoid nausea by brushing your teeth and choosing the right toothbrush...
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Can acid erosion be cured? We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste.

Patient: Doctor, what is "acid erosion"? Can it be cured? Dentist Acid erosion is teeth dissolved by acid in foods and drinks. In this article, we will discuss whether acid erosion can be cured. We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste! Can it be cured? What is acid erosion?
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2023 Toothpaste Danger Ranking, Is Your Toothpaste Safe?

Patient Doctor, is it true that there are dangerous toothpastes? Dentist Yes, it is. The toothpaste sold in Japan has passed government inspections and is basically safe as long as you follow the directions for use. However, some toothpastes that have passed government testing have been fingered as carcinogenic...
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What is the toothpaste situation like in Korea? Introducing popular oral care items.

Patient: Doctor, Korean idols have very beautiful teeth! Do all Koreans have beautiful teeth? Dentist Yes, they are...! Now, let's talk about the tooth brushing situation in Korea! We will also introduce some popular oral care items in Korea, so please take a look...
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Five toothpaste recommendations for electric toothbrushes!

Patient I have started using an electric toothbrush and was told not to use regular toothpaste. Is there any toothpaste you recommend for electric toothbrushes? Dentist Because electric toothbrushes have a strong action to remove stains from the teeth, there are a few things to consider when choosing a toothpaste...

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