How can I prevent oohing and aahing when I brush my teeth?

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Doctor, I often get nauseous and gag while brushing my teeth.
Is there any way to brush my teeth with ease?


It's hard to feel nauseous while brushing your teeth.
If you are prone to nausea, you may be able to reduce nausea by making a few adjustments to the way you brush your teeth and your choice of toothbrush.
This time,Based on the reasons why tooth brushing makes you nauseous, here are some tips on how to prevent nausea while brushing your teeth, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste recommendations for those who are prone to nausea!

Why toothbrushing makes me nauseous

Toothbrush Nausea

The reason why tooth brushing makes me nauseous,Because the vomiting reflex is triggered by a foreign object like a toothbrush or toothpaste in the mouth.It is.

The vomiting reflex is one of our innate crisis management skills, but the degree to which it is triggered and by what types of foreign objects varies from person to person.

Nausea during tooth brushing is the "vomiting reflex."

The cause of nausea while brushing your teeth isCaused by a reaction called the "vomiting reflex."It is.

When the human body recognizes that a foreign substance has entered the body, it reflexively tries to vomit it out. This is the "vomiting reflex.

It is physiological and is not a disease or other abnormality.

The vomiting reflex varies from person to person as to which substances enter the mouth and to what degree.

Some people feel nothing when the toothbrush is in their mouth, while others,

  • Toothbrush touches tongue during brushing
  • Put your toothbrush in the back of your teeth.
  • touch your tongue with a tongue twister

Some people have a vomiting reflex and induce nausea due to the presence of a toothbrush in the mouth, such as

Also,People with morning sickness during pregnancy may also feel sick and nauseous while brushing their teeth.

Differences between people who are prone to nausea while brushing their teeth and those who are not.

The differences between people who are more or less likely to experience nausea while brushing their teeth include past experiences and aversion to putting a toothbrush in the mouth,Anxiety or nervousness about putting things in the mouth is a big factor.It is said.

  • Choked on a foreign object in the past when it was in the mouth
  • Experienced a vomiting reflex when the toothbrush went into the throat while brushing teeth, etc.

After such an experience, one may feel "what if it happens again?" and become sensitive to stimuli due to anxiety and nervousness.

And so on,The slightest stimulus of tooth brushing can easily induce nausea.The first is the

Conversely, people who have a positive image of tooth brushing and are relaxed when they put the toothbrush in their mouth are less likely to experience nausea.

How to Prevent Nausea While Brushing Your Teeth

Toothbrush Nausea

If you are prone to nausea while brushing your teeth, the following tips will make brushing a little easier. Let's put them into practice.

  • Move the toothbrush in small increments.
  • Be aware not to put the toothbrush on the tongue.
  • Pull back your chin and bend forward to brush your teeth.
  • Use low-foaming and low-flavoring toothpaste.
  • Use a toothbrush with a small brush section.

Prevention of nausea while brushing teeth (1)

If you move the toothbrush a lot, you will often feel a big foreign body sensation,Be aware that the toothbrush should be moved in small increments.

It is so much better to be aware of brushing one tooth at a time.

It is easier to remove stains from teeth by moving the toothbrush in small increments, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Prevention of nausea while brushing teeth (2)

I am prone to nausea when the toothbrush hits my tongue,Try to brush as little as possible touching the tongue.

Nausea is especially likely to occur when touching the back of the tongue, so when brushing the tongue, do so gently and as slowly as possible.

Prevention of nausea while brushing teeth (3)

Posture when brushing teeth is also important in reducing nausea.

When brushing your teeth,Pull back your chin and brush in a stooped posture.You should bend forward toward the sink as saliva falls out.

Raising the jaw and brushing the teeth can easily induce nausea because the airway is open and the base of the tongue tends to fall toward the throat.

The sensation of toothpaste and saliva running down the back of the throat can cause nausea, so in such cases it is less painful to brush teeth in a stooped position.

Prevention of nausea while brushing teeth ④ Use a toothbrush with a compact brush

Toothbrushes with large brush parts are prone to nausea caused by the feeling of a foreign object.

Toothbrush is,Choose a compact one with a small, thin brush section.

Prevention of nausea while brushing teeth (5)|Use low-foaming and low-flavored toothpaste

The taste of toothpaste can make you feel sick, or the excessive foaming and filling of the mouth can cause nausea.

Toothpaste is,Choose low-foaming, low-flavored, non-irritating products.

Also, too much can overflow in the mouth and cause nausea. Use the appropriate amount of toothpaste.

365dentist recommended dental products to prevent nausea while brushing teeth!

Toothbrush Nausea

Here are 365dentist recommended dental products that are less likely to cause nausea while brushing teeth.

Vomiting reflex is unlikely to occur

  • Toothbrush with small brush section
  • Low-foaming, low-flavor toothpaste

to try if you suffer from nausea while brushing your teeth!

Toothbrush that prevents nausea while brushing teeth (1)|DENT.

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Toothbrush with a typical compact headIt is.

The short bristles and the very thin and compact design with a 2.6 mm bristle implant minimize the foreign body sensation for those who are prone to nausea while brushing their teeth.

Toothpaste that prevents nausea while brushing teeth|Check Up

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Low-flavored, low-foaming toothpaste standardIt is.

The fluoride formula is expected to prevent cavities, and you can choose a low-foaming soft paste type or a gel type with little or no foaming, depending on your preference.

Toothpaste recommended to prevent tooth decay in people who are prone to nausea while brushing their teeth.It is.


Toothbrush Nausea

Nausea while brushing your teeth is,Because the vomiting reflex is triggered by the stimulus of a foreign object, such as a toothbrush or toothpaste, entering the mouth.It is.

The ease of the vomiting reflex varies from person to person, and even if it is not normally a problem, it can easily induce nausea during pregnancy and morning sickness.

Not brushing your teeth because of nausea can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath.

How to brush your teeth and how to choose dental productsand try to make brushing your teeth as easy as possible.

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