What is floor floss that celebrities use? How to use it and how to buy it!

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Last updated July 22, 2022


Floor floss is a popular floss that can remove dirt in a jiffy.

This time,Here are some "floor flosses" used by celebrities!

What is the floor floss that celebrities use?

floor floss

Floor floss is,This floss is designed to effectively remove plaque around the gums, which is important in preventing gum disease.

[Floor floss features.
■ Made of 384 fibers from Italy
■Developed by a leading floss researcher
■Highly effective plaque removal

Made of 384 Italian fibers.

The most distinctive feature of Floor Floss is the use of 384 fibers from Milan, Italy, in each floss.

By combining many undulating fine fibers,The floss is designed to be loosened moderately by saliva and friction.

By this,

  • able to get under someone's skin without causing pain
  • Hard to cut while flossing
  • Plaque gets entangled in the loosened fibers and falls off in chunks.

This creates the effect of

Why do you prefer Italian fiber?

In Italy, the land of fashion, there is an abundance of fine, strong fibers to make the fabrics essential to high-quality clothing production.

It's a delicate and strong fiber,Friction when passed between teeth prevents breakage and entangles stainsThe floss is ready to use.

Developed by a leading floss researcher

Professor Annamaria Genovese, a leading authority on floss research, was involved in the development of the floor floss.

Fibers that are painless, hard to break, and effective in plaque removal areProfessor's drumbeat for floss: "It's the best for gum care."It is.

Highly effective plaque removal

Floor floss compared to common floss,Plaque reduction rate of 69.861 TP3T after use is by far the highestIt is.

floor floss

Source: Experimentation in plaque control in the interproximal spaces using dental floss, Genoa University Medicine & Surgery Faculty Chair of Preventive Dentistry 2 January 2004, drawn by Oral Care Co.

Plaque is,Clumps of bacteria that cause gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breathIt is.

In particular, plaque hidden between teeth and in the grooves of the gums cannot be removed with a toothbrush alone and is a major cause of gum disease and bad breath.

Floor floss is highly effective in removing plaque, preventing gum disease and bad breath, and keeping gums clean and healthy.

Celebrities such as Rino Sashihara and Minami Tanaka also use flossing!

Entertainers Rino Sashihara and Minami Tanaka, among others,Flossing is incorporated into the care of a healthy and beautiful smile.


Rino Sashihara is a well-known user of floor floss!

It is said that only about 58%(*) of plaque can be removed with a toothbrush alone.
Source: Journal of the Japanese Society of Periodontology 17;258 (1975)

The remaining approximately 40% of plaque remains between the teeth and in the grooves of the gums where the toothbrush does not hit, causing gum disease, bad breath, and cavities.

Plaque is also sticky and cannot be removed without physical scrubbing with floss.Floss to avoid problems.

How to use Floor Floss

floor floss

Floor floss is used by wrapping it around the fingers.

Some may find it difficult to use until they get used to it, but it is more hygienic than the holder type because you can always clean with a new side of floss.

If the floss smells bad after care or if there is a white, sticky substance on the floss, it is an indication that it was properly cared for.

Tips on how to use

(1) Cut into lengths of about 40-50 cm
The standard length is from fingertip to elbow.

(2) Wrap floor floss around the middle fingers of both hands.
Wrap two or three laps around one middle finger and all the excess floss around the other middle finger.
When you pinch the floss with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands, leave about 3 cm of floor floss so that it is taut.

(iii) Pass floor floss between teeth.
Pass the floss through the teeth in order, starting with the back teeth where plaque tends to accumulate.
After slowly passing the floss between the teeth, insert the floss about 1 to 2 mm into the gums.
Remove plaque by rubbing the floss over the teeth on both sides and moving it up and down.

(4) Wrap the dirty floss around the middle finger before proceeding to the next area.
The floss you use is contaminated with bacteria, so wrap it around one middle finger and then place it between the next tooth.


If you have difficulty understanding the text alone, please watch the video on the official YouTube channel of Oral Care, which sells floor floss!

How to use the floor floss.
Source: YouTube channel "Oral Care

Number of times to use floor floss

The floor floss isAfter every meal or at least once a dayLet's do it.

Bacteria are more likely to grow in the mouth while sleeping at night, so once a day, it is recommended to use it before going to bed at night to reset the day's stains.

When to use floor floss

There are different schools of thought on when to use floss, not just floor floss, before and after brushing.

Either timing is fine, so start withMake it a habit to use at least once a dayMake sure you can do it.

Where can I buy floor floss?

floor floss

Floor floss is for dental use only,It is not available everywhere.

It is often not carried in pharmacies and drugstores, as well as in dental clinics, Don Quijote, Loft, and Tokyu Hands, where dental products are sold exclusively.

The best way to ensure purchase is through online shopping.

It is difficult to search around for a dentist's office or a physical store while not knowing if they carry the product.

If you want to buy for sure,We recommend Rakuten, Amazon, and other stores that sell dental products exclusively.It is.



250m / refill

Oral Care Floor floss 250m refill, handled by dentists

There are three variations based on length,Portability and cosmeticsYou can choose the one that suits you best at


The 250m size is more expensive, but it is enough for about 500 uses at about 50 cm per use.
It can be used for more than 5 months even if used 3 times a day, so it is more cost-effective than 45mIt is!

Floor floss for healthy gums!

floor floss

Floor floss is specialized for gum care,Floss that can remove dirt in a jiffy.It is.

More and more celebrities who keep a beautiful mouth are also using floss. Use floor floss for healthy gums.

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