Toothache at night! Is it caused by stress? How to deal with it?

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Doctor, my tooth hurts at night.
Is it a cavity?


Tooth decay is a possibility, but perhaps stress is the cause of the toothache at night.

This time,I will discuss stress symptoms of toothache at night!

What are the symptoms of stress with toothache at night?

Toothache at night Stress

Symptoms of stress with toothache at night include the following

  • Throbbing pain in the teeth.
  • Swollen and throbbing gums
  • I feel like my teeth are floating.
  • Cavity treated area starts to hurt again.
  • Overall toothache, not a specific tooth

Toothache is,This can happen even if there is no actual cavity or other problem, and gums often look duller and less colorful.It is.

One particular tooth may hurt, though,Stress-induced tooth pain can cause generalized tooth pain.

The degree of pain varies from situation to situation and may be so painful that painkillers are necessary.

Stress causes toothache at night

Toothache at night Stress

Stress causes toothache at night because stress causes

  • Decreased body resistance
  • Increase in catecholamines
  • Brain Malfunction
  • Damage caused by clenching or grinding of teeth

These are related and cause tooth pain.

Decreased body resistance

When stress becomes severe, the body's resistance is lowered, as it becomes more difficult to sleep and more tired.

Lower body resistance makes the body less resistant to dental caries and periodontal disease.Therefore, the disease may worsen and cause pain.

Increase in catecholamines

When stressed, the brain secretes neurotransmitters called catecholamines.

Catecholamines activate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing heart rate and blood flow and protecting the body from stress.

However,Increased blood flow in the blood vessels around the teeth may increase the internal pressure in the teeth and cause pain.

Brain Malfunction

High levels of stress can cause abnormalities in the brain's pain transmission system.

This causes the brain to remember the pain of past cavities,Incorrect pain information can be transmitted and cause dental pain.

Damage caused by clenching or grinding of teeth

Around the roots of the teeth is a cushion called the periodontal ligament, which distributes the stress caused by grinding and clenching and protects the teeth and tissues around the teeth.

When stress causes repeated grinding and clenching of teeth during the day and at night,Inflammation of the periodontal ligament can cause tooth pain.

How do I treat the stress of a toothache at night?

Toothache at night Stress

If you have a toothache at night despite the absence of cavities, gum disease, or other abnormalities, you can take the following steps

  • get some rest
  • Provide first aid to relieve pain.
  • See a dentist
  • See a psychosomatic physician

get some rest

If your toothache is caused by stress,It is important to rest and restore the body's resistance.

As the body's resistance is restored, the toothache will naturally subside.

Provide first aid to relieve pain.

If you have a toothache at night and can't sleep,

  • Cool the area of pain.
  • take a painkiller
  • Keep your head up high.

By,Take first aid measures to relieve pain.

Cool the area of pain.

Apply a wet towel or a towel wrapped in coolant to the sore area to cool it.

When pain is present, inflammation is present, and cooling may provide some relief.

However, if you apply a cooling agent directly to the area, it may become too cold and reduce blood flow too much, which may worsen the pain,Avoid overcooling.

take a painkiller

I'm fine with over-the-counter pain meds,Take a painkiller and see what happens.

However, in the case of stress-induced tooth pain, emotional problems are often related, and pain medications may be less effective.

Keep your head up high.

Lying down increases blood flow to the head, which can easily cause tooth pain.

If you have a toothache while sleeping at night,Once the body is raised, the pain may be relieved.

After cooling the affected area and taking painkillers to calm down, lie down with a towel or other pillow elevated.

See a dentist

  • Pain is so severe that I cannot sleep.
  • Painkillers don't work.
  • Toothache even during the day
  • Gums swell and bleed.

If that is the case,Go to the dentist.If it is nighttime, you may want to find a dentist who offers evening care.

Tooth decay or periodontal disease may be in progress or other problems may be occurring.

Stress-induced tooth pain is often unrelated to actual problems such as tooth decay or gum disease.

However, because blood flow around the teeth increases at night and the internal pressure around the teeth tends to be higher than during the day, it is common for pain, such as tooth decay, that is not felt during the day to appear at night.

If tooth pain persists at night, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Teeth ache at night, even when not under stress.

Other than stress,Sometimes teeth hurt only at night due to actual dental problems that are occurring.

  • Inflammation of the tooth nerve
  • Inflammation of tooth root
  • Inflammation around wisdom teeth
Inflammation of the tooth nerve

He said the nerve of the tooth is inflamed,Pain may occur at night when internal pressure in the teeth increases.

Pulpitis is an inflammation and throbbing pain in the nerve of the tooth caused by advanced tooth decay, bacteria that have invaded through cracks in the tooth, or damage from grinding or clenching.

Inflammation of tooth root

Teeth that have had a nerve removed in the past or,Pulpitis can cause a bag of pus and inflammation at the root of a tooth whose nerve is dead due to pulpitis.

When the condition deteriorates rapidly, an acute symptom may be a throbbing pain in the tooth at night, called "periodontitis periapicalis.

Inflammation around wisdom teeth

This is a condition called periapical wisdom tooth inflammation, which occurs around wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are difficult to brush, so they tend to accumulate dirt, and because they are sometimes buried in the gums, they are an area where inflammation of the gums can easily occur.

Inflammation that occurs around wisdom teeth tends to be very painful,It can be unbearably painful at night when blood flow around the teeth increases.

See a psychosomatic physician

If your dentist confirms that you have no cavities, gum disease, or other problems, and you still have a toothache at night, you may need some psychological care.

  • No cavities, periodontal disease, or other problems
  • Painkillers don't work.
  • Overall toothache, not a specific tooth

If the case is,See a psychosomatic physician.

Stressed? If your teeth hurt at night, go to the dentist.

Toothache at night Stress

It is difficult to distinguish between stress-related tooth pain and actual tooth decay or gum disease. See your dentist first before the condition worsens.

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