Is it safe to leave a back tooth missing? What to do if a tooth falls out

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Last updated September 21, 2023


Doctor, my back tooth has fallen out and my dentist is recommending treatment.
But I have no pain and no particular problems.
It's expensive to fix and a hassle to go to the hospital, so I can leave the back tooth missing, right?


Wait a minute!
It is dangerous to leave a back tooth missing just because it is painless and not causing any trouble!
This time,We will discuss why you should not leave a back tooth missing and what to do if a back tooth is missing.

It's Not OK! 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Back Teeth Out

Back tooth is still missing. I'm fine.

The loss of back teeth can have the following negative effects

  • The bite becomes worse.
  • The teeth become misaligned.
  • Gums lose weight in the area of the missing back teeth.
  • May shorten the life of other teeth as well.
  • It can make a bad impression on the other party.
  • Leads to facial sagging and cheek moss.

Others say, "It doesn't hurt, and it doesn't bother me in my daily life, so I'm fine."Just because it is not affecting you now, it may gradually have a negative effect on your mouth and body.

Let's see what exactly happens.

Reasons why back teeth should not remain missing (1)

When the back teeth are lost,The entire dentition is poorly meshed.

Teeth have a tendency to move closer to open spaces.

If a missing back tooth is left untreated,

  • A tooth next to a missing back tooth falls into an open space and tilts
  • Teeth that were meshing with the missing back teeth (the opposing teeth) will grow out.

Like this,Remaining teeth move to fill the space left by a missing back tooth.The first is the

If the teeth tilt or grow out of alignment and the bite height becomes incorrect, the entire dentition will not fit together well.

Bad bites are,

  • Indigestion due to poor masticatory function
  • Headaches and stiff shoulders due to an unbalanced bite
  • Decreased brain function due to reduced chewing stimulation, etc.

This leads to such systemic problems.

Also, if the space after the back teeth have been removed is left unattended and the bite is compromised,Treatment to replace missing back teeth can be difficult.

Don't leave your back teeth missing because it will be more expensive and labor intensive to treat, including the need for orthodontic treatment if you want to fix a bad bite.

Reason #2 why back teeth should not be left missing: They will become misaligned.

If left without back teeth,The teeth can become misaligned for the same reason that the bite can become misaligned.

It is important to note that the effect of tilted back teeth may also affect the appearance of the front teeth, such as tilted and protruding teeth.

Misaligned teeth cannot be restored even if the back teeth are treated. As with the bite, orthodontic treatment is necessary to correct it.

Reasons why back teeth should not be left loose (3) Gums and bones at the place of the missing back teeth will lose weight.

When the back teeth fall out,Gums and bones that have lost their role in supporting back teeth become thin and thin.

When gums and bones lose weight,

  • Tried to replace back teeth with implants, but the bone thickness and height are not enough to accommodate the implant.
  • Bone augmentation procedures are required prior to implantation.

and other treatment options may be reduced or additional procedures may be required.

Reasons why back teeth should not be left missing (4)-The life of other teeth may also be shortened.

Teeth are made in such a way that each tooth distributes the force of a bite and shares the burden.

Therefore, even the loss of one back tooth can increase the burden on the remaining teeth.

The burden on the teeth will increase,The life of the tooth is shortened because the tooth is more susceptible to wear and tear and inflammation of the tooth's nerves.

In many cases, because one back tooth is left missing, other teeth are ruined in a chain reaction.

To protect your other teeth, don't leave your back teeth missing.

Reason No. 5: It may give a bad impression to others.

If a back tooth is left missing,It can make a bad impression on the other party.

Even if you think, "You won't be able to see my back teeth," chances are you can see them when I smile and my mouth opens wide.

Overseas, people are highly conscious of oral health, and it is common practice to take extra care with orthodontics and whitening, assuming that the mouth is cavity-free, periodontal disease-free, and halitosis-free.

People with missing teeth are considered people who cannot take care of cavities and gum disease.'Poor people who don't have the time or money to brush their teeth or take care of their teeth.'It is not uncommon for people to have a negative image of the company.

There is no benefit to having missing back teeth, as they not only have a negative impact on health and appearance, like the bite and alignment of the teeth, but can even affect the impression you make on others.

Reasons why back teeth should not be left loose (6)|It leads to facial sagging and cheek moss

If a back tooth is left missing,The effects of a bad bite and misaligned teeth can cause the face to sag and cheeks to feel hollow.

Sagging cheeks and cheek moss can occur because the back teeth that used to push the cheeks out from the inside are no longer present, causing the cheeks to concave.

This may not be a concern depending on the amount of fat, skin thickness, and firmness of the original face, but it is one of the possible risks that can occur after the back teeth are removed.

What to do when a back tooth falls out

Back tooth is still missing. I'm fine.

If a back tooth is missing,The following methods are commonly used to replace missing teeth

  • implant (esp. dental)
  • bridge
  • denture

By replacing missing back teeth.It reduces the disruption of the bite and alignment of the teeth, preventing potential problems with other teeth and appearance that can occur in a chain of events.

It is best to get these treatments as soon as possible when the back teeth are missing.

However, there is no such thing as "it's too late now because the back teeth were lost years ago.

It is likely to take more time and effort to treat than someone who has just lost a back tooth, but without treatment, the outcome will only move in the wrong direction.

If you are missing a back tooth, go to the dentist first.


Back tooth is still missing. I'm fine.

The loss of back teeth can have the following negative effects

The bite becomes worse.
The teeth become misaligned.
Gums become thin and droop.
May shorten the life of other teeth as well.
It can make a bad impression on the other party.
Leads to facial sagging and cheek moss.

Even if you think, "Nothing is happening right now, so I'm fine."If the missing back teeth are left untreated, the situation will only get worse.

If you read this article and think, even a little, "Is there something wrong?" If you feel that something is wrong, go to the dentist first.

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