What is the toothpaste situation like in Korea? Introducing popular oral care items.

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, Korean idols have very beautiful teeth!
Do all Koreans have beautiful teeth?


Then,In this issue, I would like to talk about the toothpaste situation in Korea!
We will also introduce some popular oral care items in Korea.

Dentifrice in Korea

Korea Toothpaste

Korea is one of the most beauty-conscious countries in the world.

The beauty of the teeth is considered as important as the beauty of the face and skin.

The toothpaste situation in Korea includes

  • Most people have the habit of brushing their teeth 3-4 times per day
  • Many people carry their toothbrushes with them when they go out.
  • Electric toothbrushes are very popular.

This is a characteristic of the

Most people have the habit of brushing their teeth 3-4 times per day

Many Koreans brush their teeth morning, noon, and night, and after snacks and cafes.

Brush teeth 3-4 times per day on average.So it is customary for people to take time to brush their teeth when they are out and about or at work.

The reason is said to be related to the fact that Korean is a language in which pronunciation is created by clearly moving the mouth.

This is because the mouth moves when talking to others, and the eye is easily drawn to the teeth, making it easy to see food debris and stains on the teeth.

For the same reason, many people tend to take care not only to brush their teeth but also to use orthodontic treatment and whitening to make their mouths look even more beautiful.

Many people carry their toothbrushes with them when they go out.

To brush teeth finely after every meal and after snacks and cafes,Many people carry portable toothbrushes on the go.

In Korea, many dishes are made with garlic, so perhaps they take extra care when they are out and about!

Electric toothbrushes are very popular.

A look at the Korean oral care goods market,The popularity of electric toothbrushes can be expected to be high.

Of the approximately 60-70 billion yen oral care goods market in South Korea, electric toothbrushes are said to account for about 9 billion yen.

Electric toothbrushes account for about 1/6th of the total number of oral care products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, interdental brushes, whitening products, and over-the-counter mouthpieces, which is a very high number.

Recommendation! Popular Oral Care Items in Korean Toothpaste

Korea Toothpaste

Here are some popular oral care items for toothpaste in Korea.


There are also favorite products of Korean idols, so those interested should check them out!

Korean idol's favorite|Toothbrush】WANGTA

P10x+28 Hour Limited Coupon】 【Free Shipping】Toothbrush Set of 5 Toothbrushes Adult BIG Size Toothbrush Korean Popularity (White) WANGTA
  • BTS's JUNGKOOK favorite
  • Typical toothbrushes from Korean manufacturers
  • Vertical brush large enough to brush about 4 teeth at a time
  • Reputed to fit easily on the teeth due to its smaller width.

Various colors are available,JUNGKOOK is seen using green!

Toothbrush] Atom Beauty

created by Rinker.
¥1,690 (As of 04/24/2024 07:54:56, based on Rakuten market research.Details)
  • Developed in Korea, a hit in the world, selling one bottle every two seconds.
  • Antimicrobial gold dusted brush for clean use
  • Recommended for gum care as the tips of the bristles are 0.3 mm ultra-fine

Korean idol favorite|Toothpaste】Eun Gang Go (Bamboo salt toothpaste)

Insan Bamboo Salt] Insan Bamboo Salt Toothpaste 160g 1 piece Salt Korean toothpaste dental care salt toothpaste toothpaste
  • BTS's JUNGKOOK favorite
  • Toothpaste from Korean company LG
  • Contains natural bamboo salt, green tea, and white tea
  • Not much salt taste, clean and pleasant to use
  • Recommended to prevent cavities, gum disease, and bad breath

Ae Kyung Industry 2080

The earlier the better! Limited Time Offer】【International Mail Order・Date and Time Limit】2080 Toothpaste (FreshUp) 120g 1 bottle 2080 Toothpaste: Ships by Registered Mail International
  • BTS's JIN favorite
  • Famous toothpaste in Korea
  • Contains active fluorine to prevent damage to tooth surfaces
  • Vitamin E promotes circulation to the gums
  • Recommended for gum care

Propolis Toothpaste] Atom Beauty Propolis Toothpaste

  • Toothpaste containing propolis with antiviral and antibacterial properties
  • Contains sodium monofluorophosphate, fluoride, and xylitol for effective cavity prevention
  • Effective in preventing bad breath with green tea extract ingredients

Rare pump type toothpaste]Reach Toothpaste Pump Type (Spearmint Fragrance)

Reach Toothpaste Pump Type Spearmint Fragrance (180g) (unprecedentedly convenient pump type toothpaste)
  • Pump toothpaste
  • One push to remove toothpaste
  • Effective in preventing tartar deposition, staining, and bad breath

Unpa. Cha Cha Tooth Paste (Popular among Korean Celebrities) Cha Cha Tooth Paste)

  • Toothpaste attracting the attention of Korean celebrities
  • Four types of effects
    • Cha Cha Toothpaste (black), give good vibes only (pink) → bad breath care
    • Cha Cha Energy (gray) → Gum Care
    • Cha Cha Whitening(white)→Coloring care

Whitening care toothpaste】Median Dental IQ White Care

created by Rinker.
¥2,255 (2024/04/24 14:14:29時点 楽天市場調べ-Details)
  • Toothpaste specialized for whitening
  • Bleaching effect confirmed in 67.31 TP3T people in clinical trials (*1)
  • Contains 35% hydrogen peroxide water, a tooth bleaching ingredient (*2)

1 Results after 3 months of continuous use. Compared to a placebo group using other toothpaste.
2 Toothpaste containing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is not approved in Japan from a safety standpoint and should be used with caution for personal use.

Let's also adopt Korean toothbrushing customs to achieve clean teeth!

Korea Toothpaste

For the toothpaste situation in Korea,They brush their teeth more often in a day than the Japanese.

Tooth stains adhere to the teeth after every meal, and staining also occurs after inoculation with dark-colored foods and beverages.

To keep your teeth clean, it is advisable to brush your teeth after every meal. As is the custom in Korea, try to brush your teeth after meals.

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