Can acid erosion be cured? We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste.

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teacherAcid-etching teeth."What does that mean?
Can it be cured?


Acid-etching teeth are teeth that have been dissolved by acids in foods and drinks.
This time,Can acid erosion be cured? We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste!

Can it be cured? What is acid erosion of teeth?

Acid erosion tooth Can it be cured?

What is acid erosion of teeth,The enamel covering the tooth surface is dissolving under the influence of acid.It is.

What makes it different from tooth decay, which is the dissolution of teeth by the acid produced by caries bacteria,Caused by acids in the food and beverages we consume on a daily basisThis means that it is

  • wine
  • fruit
  • fruit vinegar
  • Vinegar, etc.

Many of the foods and drinks we consume on a regular basis contain acids.

Because of the acid-dissolving nature of teeth, the neutralizing action of saliva is activated when acid comes in contact with the teeth.

However, if the speed at which the teeth dissolve with acid exceeds the neutralizing action of saliva, the teeth dissolve and the enamel becomes thinner, leading to acid erosion.

Dissolved teeth cannot be reversed, and as such, acid erosion cannot be cured.

If acid erosion occurs, treatment to prevent it from progressing will prevent deterioration and restore function and esthetics of the lost tooth.

It is very important to detect acid erosion in its early stages.

Early signs of acid erosion

Acid erosion tooth Can it be cured?

Early signs of acid erosion include the following

  • The tips of your teeth show through.
  • Cold or hot foods sting
  • Your teeth look yellow.
  • The corners of the teeth appear rounded

The tips of your teeth show through.

Acid erosion thins the enamel that covers the teeth.

Because enamel is translucent, it becomes thinner and thinner, becoming more and more transparent,The tips of the teeth become transparent.

Cold or hot foods sting

When acid erosion occurs,Teeth may sting when cold or hot foods are placed in the mouth.

It is a hypersensitivity-like condition and is caused by thinning of the teeth, which allows irritation to be transmitted to the nerves of the teeth.

As acid erosion becomes more severe, sensitivity tends to become more severe as well.

Your teeth look yellow.

When acid erosion occurs,Teeth may appear yellowish.

From the surface, teeth are composed of three layers: enamel, dentin, and nerve. The color of a tooth is determined by how much of the yellow dentin is visible through the translucent enamel.

In other words,When enamel thins due to acid erosion, the color of yellow dentin becomes more visible, making teeth appear yellowThe first is the

As acid erosion progresses, the teeth not only turn yellow, but may also develop depressions on the tooth surface and turn brown.

The corners of the teeth appear rounded

Because my teeth are dissolving,The corners of the teeth may disappear and appear rounded.

As acid erosion progresses, teeth may change shape and coverings and fillings may come off.

How to Cure Acid Erosion Teeth

Acid erosion tooth Can it be cured?

Acid erosion of teeth is caused byProcedures are taken to reduce the progression of symptoms and to restore function and esthetics to missing teeth.

  • tooth quality strengthening
  • Fillings and coverings.

tooth quality strengthening

Do not allow acid erosion to progress and thin the teeth any further,Incorporate toothpaste with tooth-strengthening properties, or have a fluoride application performed at the dentist's office.I will do so.

Use toothpaste with tooth-strengthening properties.

Use toothpaste with tooth-strengthening action in self-care,Prevents the progression of acid erosion by making teeth less acid-soluble and replacing dissolved tooth components.

We recommend toothpaste or dental paste containing the following ingredients

  • fluorine (F)
  • recal dent
  • Medicated hydroxyapatite
fluorine (F)

Fluorine is,

Promotes remineralization of teeth, thereby returning dissolved tooth components to the saliva
Changes enamel to a state that is less soluble in acid

The progression of acid erosion of teeth is prevented by


We recommend a toothpaste with a high concentration of fluoride!

Fluoride is recommended at different concentrations for different ages,Check the target age range for toothpaste carefully.

Checkup makes it easy to select a toothpaste with an age-appropriate fluoride concentration!

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recal dent

Ricardent is,

  • Buffering action to neutralize acids
  • Actions to replenish dissolved tooth components

The progression of acid erosion of teeth is prevented by


The most famous self-care product containing Ricardent is MI Paste!

It is a dental paste,Use MI paste after brushing your teeth as usual.

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Medicated hydroxyapatite

Medicated hydroxyapatite is,

  • Actions to replenish dissolved tooth components
  • Fills and restores micro-level damage to teeth

The progression of acid erosion of teeth is prevented by


The recommended toothpaste with medicated hydroxyapatite is Apaguard!

Can be used as toothpaste as usual.

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Fluoride application at the dentist's office.

Fluoride application at the dentist's office to strengthen the dental structure.

The fluoride concentration is thicker than that contained in over-the-counter toothpaste, so it is possible to use a thicker concentration of fluoride,High effectiveness can be expected.

Fillings and coverings.

If you have severe acid erosion and brown depressions or chips in your teeth,Fillings and coverings are treated in the same way that cavities are treated.

Treatment cost of acid erosion teeth

Acid erosion tooth Can it be cured?

The cost of treatment for acid erosion teeth is as follows

  • If using toothpaste or dental paste → several hundred yen to several thousand yen
  • Fluoride application at a dentist's office → Approx. 500-3,000 yen
  • If cured with a cap or filling → approx. 3,000 yen or more

When using toothpaste

Toothpaste that contains fluoride, Ricardent, and medicated hydroxyapatite, which are tooth-strengthening agents, are,Several hundred to several thousand yenYou can purchase them at

When fluoridating at the dentist's office

Fluoride application at the dentist's office is covered by insurance in some cases and at your own expense in others.

Even in the case of self-funded treatment,The cost of the procedure is about 500-3,000 yenIt is.

When treated with fillings or coverings

The cost of treatment for a filling or covering for an acid-etching tooth is basically the same as the cost of treatment for a cavity.

  • If covered by insurance → per toothApprox. 3,000-5,000 yen
  • For self-funded treatment → 1 toothApprox. 25,000 yen or more

Insurance coverage|Approx. 3,000-5,000 yen per tooth

When a dental plastic called "composite resin" is used to fill in or restore the shape of a tooth,Can be treated by insuranceIt is.

The cost is approximately 3,000 yen per tooth.

For inlays and coverings, the cost is approximately 3,000 to 5,000 yen per tooth if materials covered by insurance are used.

At your own expense|About 25,000 yen or more per tooth

For esthetic and strength reasons, a ceramic covering will cost approximately 25,000 yen or more per tooth.

Because of the self-financing nature of the treatment, ceramic with high strength and coloring that closely resembles natural teeth may cost more than 100,000 yen.

Ceramic, though white inlays and crowns made with CADCAM are covered by insurance,There are conditions for adaptation.

The approximate cost when ceramics covered by insurance are available is approximately 10,000 yen.


Acid erosion tooth Can it be cured?

Acid erosion is a condition in which the enamel covering the tooth surface dissolves under the influence of acids from the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis.

Dissolved teeth cannot be restored.

It is recommended that you try not to linger on highly acidic foods and beverages and incorporate toothpaste with tooth-strengthening properties into your daily self-care routine.

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