2023 Toothpaste Danger Ranking, Is Your Toothpaste Safe?

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, is it true that there is a dangerous toothpaste?


Yes, it is. Toothpaste sold commercially in Japan has passed government inspections, so there is basically no problem as long as you follow the directions for use.
However, some toothpastes that have passed government testing may contain ingredients that have been found to be carcinogenic or for which there are restrictions on frequency of use or intake.
This time,Here is a ranking of the dangers of toothpaste!

Toothpaste Danger Ranking

Toothpaste Danger Ranking

The following is a ranking of toothpastes that contain ingredients that have been found to be carcinogenic or for which the frequency of use or intake is regulated.

  1. Toothpaste containing silicon anhydride or calcium carbonate
  2. Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate
  3. Toothpaste containing sodium saccharin
  4. Toothpaste containing large amounts of fluoride (for children)

No. 1] Toothpaste containing silicic anhydride (silica) and calcium carbonate

Abrasives are ingredients sometimes listed as "cleaning agents" on toothpaste packages.

Silicic anhydride (silica), calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, and silicon are typical examples that help remove stains from teeth.

Whitening toothpastes often contain highly abrasive polishes,Excessive use of abrasive toothpaste risks grinding the teeth and causing sensitivity.

It is also an ingredient that should not be overused, as it can cause the tooth surface to become rough and rough, making the teeth more prone to staining and yellowing.

No. 2] Toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient sometimes found in toothpaste as a foaming agent to make the toothpaste foamy.

It is a type of surfactant contained in products designed to remove dirt, such as dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, and shampoo.

Sodium lauryl sulfate would remain attached to the mucous membranes of the mouth,There is a risk of causing bad breath and mouth ulcers.

Also,There is a danger of destroying the "taste buds: mirai," which are used to sense taste on the tongue.Therefore, be sure to gargle after using toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulfate.

No.3] Toothpaste containing sodium saccharin

Sodium saccharin is an ingredient found in toothpaste as a flavoring agent.

A type of artificial sweetener used to add sweetness to toothpaste to improve its feel.

It is often used in toothpastes for children, who are particularly sensitive to the irritation and odor of mint.

Sodium saccharin is said to be dangerous,This is because its ingestion can lead to obesity and because it has been shown to be carcinogenic in the past.

A study at the State University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil found that mice that ate yogurt with sodium saccharin and solid food gained more weight than mice that ate yogurt with other sweeteners and solid food, suggesting that sodium saccharin may cause obesity. Sodium saccharin may cause obesity.

In addition, although it is now denied, the intake of sodium saccharin is recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to be up to 5 mg per kg of body weight per day, as it has been indicated to be carcinogenic in the past.

No. 4] Toothpaste containing a large amount of fluoride (for children)

Fluoride is an ingredient that has caries-preventive effects by strengthening tooth structure, promoting remineralization, and inhibiting the activity of caries-causing bacteria.

Its efficacy is recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and it is used in many toothpastes to prevent tooth decay.

Toothpaste packages list "monofluorophosphoric acid" or "sodium fluoride".

Fluoride is not dangerous, though,Using the same high concentration of fluoride on children's teeth as on adults risks dental fluorosis*.Therefore, it is advisable to use fluoride at a concentration of 1,000 ppm or less for children under 6 years of age.

However, in the right amount, it is a reliable ingredient that can be a strong ally in preventing tooth decay.

*This is a cloudiness or white spots on the surface of the teeth. Also called mottled teeth.

Check popular whitening toothpastes for dangerous ingredients!

Toothpaste Danger Ranking

Check out these four popular whitening toothpastes!

  • NEW Whitening Colgate Optic OWIGHT Active Oxygen
  • Lion Brilliant More W
  • Sangi Apaguard Premio
  • Sumitect True White

NEW Whitening Colgate Optic OWIGHT Active Oxygen

NEW Whitening Colgate Optic White Active Oxygen Colgate Optic White O2 whitening Toothpaste 85g

Used twice a day (morning and evening), the patented active enzyme technologyTeeth as much as 1 shade whiter in 3 daysWhitening toothpaste calledIt is.

In the ranking of dangerous ingredients,

  • sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate)
  • fluorine (F)
  • sodium saccharin

The three included.

Lion Brilliant More W

Instead of scraping stains off the teeth,Whitening toothpaste with floating sodium polyphosphate and sodium pyrophosphateIt is.

In the ranking of dangerous ingredients,

  • silicic anhydride (SiO2)
  • sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate)
  • fluorine (F)
  • sodium saccharin

The four included.

Sangi Apaguard Premio

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created by Rinker.
1,193 (2024/03/03 05:49:40時点 楽天市場調べ-Details)

Very fine hydroxyapatite at the nano-level penetrates into the tooth surface scratches,Whitening toothpaste that works by adsorbing and removing stainsIt is.

In the ranking of dangerous ingredients,

  • silicic anhydride (SiO2)
  • sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate)
  • sodium saccharin

The three included.

Sumitect True White

Non-abrasive, gentle whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth.Popular for both whitening and hypersensitivity careIt is.

In the ranking of dangerous ingredients,

  • fluorine (F)
  • sodium saccharin

The two included.

Check your toothpaste with our toothpaste danger ranking!

Toothpaste Danger Ranking

How did you rank the dangers of toothpaste?

Check it against your toothpaste.

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