What are the costs of changing orthodontists?

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Last updated July 24, 2023


If I have concerns about the treatment at my dentist's office, can I transfer to another office?

And I wonder if we can get a refund for the cost...?


I have decided to move and can no longer go to the hospital... I have to transfer to another hospital 😢.


For those of you who are considering a hospital transfer for a variety of reasons, let us address some of the concerns you may have when transferring to another hospital!

Will I get a refund when I transfer to a different hospital?

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If you are transferred to a different hospital during orthodontic treatment due to unavoidable circumstances,Some dental offices may request a refund from the current office based on the progress of the treatment.

Orthodontic treatment isCustom-made orthodontic appliances with a customized treatment plan for each individual's mouth and skeletal structure.We are proceeding with the treatment in the following manner. Therefore, even if you have just started, there is basically no full refund because a large amount of money has been spent on the treatment plan and equipment.

The following is a summary of possible correctional refund options.

The contract/agreement states.

First, when orthodontic treatment is initiatedAgreements and contractsdocumentCheck if there is a

If there is a refund policy for discontinuation of correction, the refund will be made in accordance with that policy.


When you sign the contract, you may be asked, "Are you planning to move in the near future?" Some dentists will ask you if you are planning to move in the near future, and some will tell you at the beginning that you cannot transfer to another clinic.

Follow the guidelines of the Japanese Orthodontic Association

The Japanese Orthodontic Association has guidelines regarding the refund of orthodontic fees when a patient transfers to another orthodontist.

If your doctor is a member of the Japanese Orthodontic Association, you may be eligible for a refund in accordance with these guidelines.

This is only a guideline, and each dental office will respond differently.Notes.

Also,The following are basically guidelines based on frontal wire correctionBut it also contains a section on other treatment methods, depending on the level of attainment of treatment.

However, the refund rate may decrease for mouthpiece and backside braces because the cost of the devices ordered at the beginning is much higher than for front side braces.

In the case of treatment with multi-bracket devices during the permanent dentition period, the orthodontic cost reimbursement is determined based on the treatment steps (treatment progress) and future treatment content. In the case of non-extraction treatment and other treatment methods, the amount of reimbursement will also be determined based on the degree of achievement of the treatment until the end of treatment. The following table will be used to determine the amount of reimbursement.

The Japanese Association of Orthodontics
Guidelines for Refunding Orthodontic Fees for Orthodontic Patients Transferring from One Orthodontist to Another
Treatment StepsRefund Guidelines
Alignment of anterior teeth (initial) 60-70%
Canine tooth movement 40-60%
Dentition void closure 30-40%
Finishing Dentition Occlusion 20-30%
maintenance 0-5%
The Japanese Association of Orthodontics
Adapted from Guidelines for Refunding Orthodontic Fees for Orthodontic Patients Transferring to Another Dentist

(In addition, if re-treatment or re-construction of the retention device is necessary during the retention period, a separate fee is expected to be charged.)

The Japanese Association of Orthodontics
We enrich everyone's life through orthodontics. The Society aims to promote the progress and development of orthodontics, and conducts activities such as holding academic conferences, publishing a journal, and establishing certified orthodontists. It also aims to search and introduce orthodontists nationwide.

If the dentist is a member of the Japanese Orthodontic Association, it is often listed on the dentist's website. Many people use this as a reference when choosing a dental clinic to see if it is a member or not.

Follow the guidelines of the Japanese Association of Clinical Orthodontists

The Japanese Association of Clinical Orthodontists has also established a refund guideline for transfers.

Approximate percentage to be refunded for patients who have already received full payment for treatment with multi-bracket devices (front side wire braces) during the permanent dentition period.

Treatment StepsGuideline for determining the amount of money
Alignment of anterior teeth60-70% Approx.
Canine tooth movement40-60% Approx.
void closure of anterior teethApprox. 30-40
being finishedApprox. 20-30
maintenance0 - 5% Approx.

*The treatment reimbursement amount will be determined based on the treatment steps, the length of treatment already completed, and future details.
The approximate level of treatment attained to the end of treatment for non-extraction and other techniques is also considered,
The reimbursement amount will be determined.

If you are unable to attend your current medical institution due to employment, higher education, transfer, or relocation, you should consult with your doctor as soon as you find out about the situation, and you will be reimbursed for the cost of treatment, as well as the ...

Notes on hospital transfers

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If you are transferring to a new clinic due to moving, contact the dentist immediately.

Orthodontic treatment is treatmentDentist in chargedue toTreatment plans varyThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Therefore, when you decide to moveReferral to a dentist who will take over treatment at your new location.It is recommended that you ask them to do so. For referralsTreatment planning and preparation of various materials such as models and dataConsult with us as soon as possible because there are


If you knew you were going to move before orthodontics, you might want to choose a dentist with a national affiliation!

. If not affiliated with a clinic, additional costs will most likely be incurred at the new clinic.

To a completely different doctor's office.hospital transferin the event that you didStart over from the inspection.In many cases, a new treatment plan is basically established at the new hospital. For this reason,The cost will likely be higher than the amount refunded by the previous clinic.


When you accept a transfer, you become responsible for the patient, so you can't say that you followed the treatment plan of the previous clinic without examining the patient and that the results were not good enough.

Further,by transferring from one hospital to anotherIf the device is removed or a period of time has elapsedis the correctedteeth (and other parts of the body)backtrackIn such cases, orthodontic treatment will be resumed from the point of retroversion. This may require additional time and cost.

Also, many people think that the cost of treatment is the cost of the device, but that is a big mistake.

It is no exaggeration to say that the results of orthodontic treatment depend on the diagnosis and treatment plan. The initial diagnosis and treatment plan are based on the knowledge, skills, and experience that the doctor has spent a lot of time and money to cultivate, so most of the treatment cost is for the technical fee.

Therefore, it is not possible to say that the only cost is the adjustment fee because the patient was transferred to a hospital with the device still attached.

In the first place, most of the orthodontic fees are technical fees, so even if the website clearly states the cost of the device, it is not actually the cost of the device itself.


I guess transferring to a hospital is harder than I thought... it costs a lot of money and time...

Let's think about whether we really need to transfer to a different hospital.


We generally do not recommend easy transfers due to dissatisfaction with current treatment.

Ideally, orthodontic treatment should begin and end at a single dental office and continue with maintenances.
If you want to transfer to a different hospital, the first thing you need to do is to find out why.We recommend that you inform and consult with your current dentist.


I'm having a hard time saying this directly...


If you are not comfortable speaking directly to your dentist, you can reach out to other staff members for advice.

We do not recommend that dentists transfer to another hospital,If we can discuss this thoroughly, the best way forward may be possible.
Also, no matter how dissatisfied you are with your treatment...it was you who chose and decided on your current dental practice.

Choose your dentist carefully before beginning orthodontic treatment.

If you are looking for a good dentist in Tokyo,Please use the official 365dentist line for a free consultation with a current dentist.

We are affiliated with many reputable clinics and can help you.

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