How to choose the right orthodontist after more than 10 consultations

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Last updated on October 10, 2023


I want to get braces but don't know how to choose an orthodontist


There is too little information online about orthodontics.

Do you think that you are not?

Corrections are,One of the most important decisions in lifeIt is. The alignment of your teeth has a great impact on your appearance and can cost anywhere from several hundred thousand to around one million yen. However, when it comes to orthodontic treatment, it is very difficult to choose the right clinic.

So this time, where the average number of cases is said to be 2 or 3I've been to over 10 counseling sessions.Oh my god!!!

I will tell you how to choose an orthodontist based on my feelings and experiences!

If you are considering orthodontics or having trouble choosing a dentist, please read to the end. You will know what kind of choice you should make.

*Here is an article written by a patient.

How to choose a recommended orthodontist

The first conclusion is,There is no right way to choose an orthodontist.

The treatment and workmanship will vary depending on your dental condition and dentist, and personal aspects such as your residence and occupation will be important in the long term. There are as many answers as there are doctors x patients.

Therefore, the best approach is to have as many counseling sessions as possible to find a doctor you are comfortable with and receive treatment. However, if you get counseling unnecessarily, it will only consume your time,Points to note from my experiencebelow.

They explain the various treatment options.

There are many treatment options.

There are two main types of mouthpieces: wires and mouthpieces, and there are many differences in the position and material of the wires alone.

This is right, this is not right," or, "What about combining several treatment methods?"A doctor who offers suggestions from various angles without sticking to a specific treatment method.I am convinced that this is the case.

They explain the advantages as well as the disadvantages.

None of the orthodontic treatment methodsNo small disadvantageexists.

For example,

If it's a front side wire brace, it's visible to others.

...If it's a mouthpiece, you have to wear it all day long.

from well-known information such as,

Is there any movement that is difficult for each person's teeth to be aligned by using the device?

Difficulty in speaking and eating by device

The risk of orthodontic treatment for each person's root condition and bone condition.

Such as.

It would be reassuring if you could tell us about these disadvantages without hiding them.

Easy to get to.

The orthodontic period is generally 1 to 3 years.It is said that it takes time and regular visits to the orthodontist are necessary.

If it is too far away or difficult to get to the hospital, it will take a long time to see the doctor, and the treatment situation will regress. It is easier to go to a clinic if it is located in a neighborhood or a place where you often visit.

Easy to make reservations

Popular orthodontists are often booked months to six months in advance. Waiting for a long time can make you lose interest in orthodontics and can be inconvenient because of the lack of flexibility.

The atmosphere and feeling of the doctors, staff, and hospital is right for you.

Even after several counseling sessions, something may not be decisive.

at that timeWhether the feeling of the doctors, staff, and the atmosphere of the hospital fits you or not.One way to decide is by It is also important to feel good about coming to the hospital.

What I learned after more than 10 counseling sessions

When I started my orthodontic treatment, I was very confused about where to go for help.

When I do research on orthodontics, I can find how to choose a dentist and a website and a few reviews,It was not decisive.

Therefore, I decided to have as many consultations as possible, especially with well-known orthodontists. As an inexperienced orthodontist, I will tell you what I felt at that time.

Different doctors recommend different treatment methods.

The first thing that surprised me,Each doctor recommends a completely different treatment method.This is to say.

I have seen over 10 cases and have never been offered the exact same treatment.

One doctor said, "The only way is to treat the front side with a wire," while another said, "The fastest way is to combine the treatment with backside braces. In some cases, the diagnosis was that a mouthpiece was the best solution.

I remember feeling uneasy at the time because I had expected some of the results, but I did not expect them to be so different.

Recommended treatment methods vary depending on the doctor's specialty and treatment track record.I felt that the

Ease of access is important.

It may be obvious,Ease of access is important.I was reminded of this.

Once treatment has begun, the patient usually visits the hospital once a month, and that is why we would like to save as much hassle as possible.

After receiving a number of counseling sessions, I began to think that it was also important to be close to home or within walking distance of a train station.

I can't get an appointment at all.

Maybe it was because I was counseling mainly popular orthodontists,Often the appointments were booked three to six months in advance.

I thought about taking as many counseling sessions as I could until I was satisfied, but eventually I got tired of waiting for months.

It was also the reason I found a good teacher, but I ended up cutting out halfway through.

Thus, if you are considering orthodontic treatment, your mood or your own situation may change during the process,We recommend that you visit a doctor's office where appointments are easy to make, or when the current situation is calm and you can afford it.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

I want to reduce the number of people who have the same problem.

My reason for writing this article is,


I want to reduce the number of people who have the same problem.

This is what I wanted to do. We felt that the information and word of mouth about orthodontic treatment on the Internet was not very reliable, and we wanted our own experience to be as helpful as possible to others.

That's when I had a chance to meet him,365dentistI learned about the

They also exchange information with other dentists and tell us about reputable clinics among dentists, which led us to write an article about this experience.


I wanted to know when I was looking for my orthodontist...

I can't help but think that this is a good thing.


There is no right way to choose an orthodontist. It is not something someone can tell you, you have to find it yourself. I have had many counseling sessions,

"Lots of choices."as a result

Both advantages and disadvantages are explained in detail."I decided to go with the orthodontist who did.

When seeking counseling, it is helpful to keep in mind the selection process described in this article.

You may also find yourself lost after several counseling sessions.

In such cases, please consult Dr. Yukiko through the official line!

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He has experience in counseling more than 10 orthodontists who were hit by Google searches.

He has now successfully started correcting the problem!


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