What is the cost of adult orthodontics? Price quotes and cost breakdown for different types of adult orthodontics!

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Last updated November 19, 2023

Can adults be corrected?"

I'd like to get my teeth straightened out, but braces are too expensive..."

Adult orthodontic treatment performed after adulthood.

In this article, we summarize the types of adult orthodontic treatment and the costs involved in treatment.

What you need to know before starting braces

Correction Cost

Orthodontics is self-funded

As a rule, orthodontic treatment is self-funded and not covered by insurance. Self-financing (free) treatment is a system in which the patient bears all the costs of treatment.

Braces are self-funded,Treatment costs vary from dentist to dentist.While a certain price can be used as a general guideline for insurance treatment, it is common for self-funded treatment to be offered at a price of ³,000,000 at Hospital A but ³,000,000 at Hospital B.

Knowing the general market price for braces is a good basis for choosing a clinic. We recommend that you check the market price against it before deciding to undergo treatment.

List of market prices for each correction method

The price of orthodontics varies depending on the device used.

1. orthodontic treatment on the front side (bracket orthodontics)

Correction Cost

700,000 yen to 1,300,000 yen

This orthodontic treatment uses metal wires and brackets that are attached to the teeth. It is the most common orthodontic method and can be used for mild to severe malocclusions. The disadvantage is that the orthodontic appliances are easily visible. White or transparent orthodontic appliances made of ceramic, called aesthetic brackets, are also available and are more expensive than regular orthodontic appliances.

2. backside orthodontics (bracket orthodontics)

Correction Cost

100From ¥10,000,000150About 10,000 yen

This treatment method attaches orthodontic appliances to the backs of the teeth (lingual side). The advantage is that the orthodontic appliance is not visible from the outside, so it is recommended for people who are concerned about their appearance. The disadvantage is that the orthodontic appliances are placed on the tongue, so it is easy to feel discomfort in the mouth and it is difficult to clean the teeth. The cost is higher than that of front braces.

3. half lingual braces (bracket braces)

80From ¥10,000,000130About 10,000 yen

This is a treatment in which the upper teeth, which are easily visible, are straightened on the backside and the lower teeth, which are hidden by the lips, are straightened on the front side. (The disadvantages of backside braces, such as discomfort in the mouth and difficulty in cleaning the teeth, can be reduced by half. The cost is also lower than backside braces. (The disadvantage is that only a few dentists offer half-lingual braces.

Mouthpiece orthodontics

Correction Cost

80From ¥10,000,000130About 10,000 yen

This treatment method uses a removable, transparent mouthpiece. The transparent mouthpiece is less noticeable and can be removed, allowing the patient to eat as usual, brush teeth as usual, and reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used for severe malocclusions. (In some cases, Invisalign can be used for severe cases.)

5. partial orthodontics (bracket and mouthpiece orthodontics)

10From ¥10,000,00050About 10,000 yen

This is a treatment method to correct the alignment of teeth only in areas of concern, such as the front teeth. Both bracket braces and mouthpiece braces can be used for partial braces. (The advantages of partial braces are that they are less expensive than regular braces, which are applied to all teeth, and the treatment time is shorter than regular braces. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used for severely misaligned teeth.

Costs incurred in orthodontic treatment

Correction Cost

In addition to the orthodontic appliance charges, there are other costs associated with orthodontic treatment and adjustment.

(1) Initial consultation fee (counseling fee)2,000Yen to5,000About ³ (some clinics are free of charge)

(2) Examination and diagnostic fee...3From ¥10,000,0005About 10,000 yen

Adjustment fee (treatment fee)3,000Yen to6,000Approx. 1,000 yen (required each time adjustments are made)

(4) Retention fee...1From ¥10,000,0006About 10,000 yen (retainer fee)

2,000 - 5,000 yen (maintenance observation fee: required for each observation visit)

(1) Initial consultation and counseling fee

Correction Cost

Free of charge5,000about ³,000

This is the cost of your first visit to the clinic. The dentist will discuss your current concerns and questions as well as treatment options and costs. Some dental offices offer the consultation free of charge. (Examination fees are required)

(2) Examination and diagnostic fee

Correction Cost

3From ¥10,000,0005About 10,000 yen

A detailed examination will be performed to determine if there are any cavities, periodontal disease, or abnormalities in oral health. In addition, we will determine in detail what treatment method is best for you and how to proceed with the treatment.

You may think it is expensive just to take pictures and make a mold, but in fact, this examination and treatment planning are very important, and whether or not this process is done properly can make a big difference in the outcome of orthodontic treatment. This process is where the difference between doctors can make a big difference. It is important to choose a doctor who can perform a variety of tests.

Adjustment fee (procedure fee)

3,000Yen to6,000Approx. 1,000 yen (required each time adjustments are made)

It is required for adjustment or replacement of orthodontic appliances after treatment has begun. Both bracket and mouthpiece orthodontics require periodic adjustments. The pace of adjustment varies depending on the orthodontic method and clinic, but generally, you should visit the clinic every two weeks to once a month.

(4) Maintenance fee

1From ¥10,000,0006About 10,000 yen (retainer fee)

2,000Yen to5,000About ³ (maintenance and observation fee: required for each observation visit)

After orthodontic treatment is completed, a simple orthodontic appliance called a retainer is placed to prevent the teeth from reverting back to their original position. In addition to the cost of the retainer, a retention observation fee is charged each time the patient visits the clinic during the retention period. Some clinics include the cost of the retainer in the treatment fee.

The retention period varies depending on the symptoms, but generally lasts about 2 years after the completion of orthodontic treatment.

During the maintenance period, the frequency of visits will gradually decrease from once a month at first, to once every two months, four months, and six months, depending on the condition of the patient.

How long does adult orthodontic treatment take?

◎For full jaw correction2~ (after a number N)3year, six months for partial correction - six months for1about a year

Adult orthodontic treatment takes two to three years for full-mouth braces that straighten all teeth, one to two years for mouthpiece braces, and six months to one year for partial braces. Since the symptoms of teeth alignment are unique to each individual, treatment time is relatively short for mild cases, while severe malocclusion requires a longer treatment time. In the case of bracket braces, the treatment time is longer for backside braces than for front side braces. (This is because the backside orthodontic appliances have less force to move the teeth than regular appliances.)

Examples of costs for adult orthodontic treatment

Correction Cost

800,000 yen and up for full-jaw correction, 150,000 yen and up for partial correction at a minimum.

In the case of full-face orthodontic treatment

Initial consultation and counseling fee - 2,000 yen and up

Examination/diagnosis fee - 30,000 yen and up

Orthodontic device fee - 700,000 yen and up

Adjustment fee - 2,000 yen x 24 times (2 years) - 48,000 yen and up

Retainer fee (retainer fee) - 10,000 yen and up

Retention observation fee - 2,000 yen x 6 times - 12,000 yen and up

The above is an example of the cost of orthodontic treatment over a total of four years, assuming two years of orthodontic treatment on the front side and two years of retention period. This is just an example and is a low estimate, but it is approximately the same amount of money.

How to Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs for Orthodontic Treatment

Take advantage of in-hospital loans, etc.

Because orthodontic treatment is expensive, many clinicsDental Loans" and "In-Hospital Loans."We offer installment payment systems such as If it is difficult to pay in a lump sum, a loan may be a good option.

Some cases can be covered by insurance.

In principle, orthodontic treatment is self-funded, but in some cases, insurance may cover treatment for abnormalities of the occlusion caused by dysfunction of the jaw or congenital diseases (cleft lip and palate, etc.). Please ask your dentist about insurance coverage during your initial consultation.

Please refer to the website of the Japanese Orthodontic Association for more information on the applicable cases.

When is orthodontic treatment covered by insurance?
Typical cases and treatment FAQs are listed here. If this malocclusion is left as it is, it can cause various problems. It makes it difficult to chew food well, puts a strain on the jaw joints, makes the teeth prone to alveolar abscess, puts a strain on the jaw joints, and causes bad breath. Here are some typical cases...
Orthodontic treatment is also deductible as a medical expense.

Basically, a deduction cannot be claimed for treatment for appearance, but since orthodontic treatment is also for improving the occlusion, it can be deducted as a medical expense in the year-end adjustment as long as the doctor's diagnosis of a bad occlusion is obtained.

For more information, please see our article on medical expense deductions.

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In this issue, we have introduced the types of adult orthodontics and their market prices.

Orthodontic treatment is self-funded, so treatment costs vary from clinic to clinic.

Full-jaw correction costs about 900,000 yen or more, and partial correction costs about 150,000 yen or more (excluding tax) at a minimum.

Insurance coverage may be available in some cases.

Because orthodontic treatment is expensive, we recommend that you choose your clinic carefully. It is important to discuss all of your concerns and questions with your dentist before beginning treatment.

If you are not sure which dental clinic to choose, or if you want to know which treatment is right for you..,

Please use 365dentist, where you can consult with active dentists.

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