Is finger sucking related to teeth alignment?

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Last updated October 15, 2021

When you want to sleep or when you miss a mouthful, you may notice that your child is sucking his or her finger.


I thought the finger-sucking would continue to make my teeth worse!

Many parents may be concerned about this.

In this issue, we will explain in detail how finger sucking affects the alignment of the teeth, how to stop it, and when to stop it.


There is a good reason why small children suck their fingers.

When do you quit finger sucking?


Infant finger sucking is,siphon reflexand is necessary for drinking the mother's milk.


They practice finger sucking from the time they are in their mother's tummy.

Functions necessary for survivaland, of course, it doesn't affect the alignment of your teeth.There is no need to make them quit at this time.

Other movements are necessary in the developmental process, such as substituting toys or practicing bringing one's own fingers to the mouth.Mouth satisfaction = peace of mind,It is also during this period that something called "the

Around 2~3 years old

By the age of two and a half years, baby teeth have come in. If the child continues to suck his/her fingers during this time, there is a possibility of "protruding teeth (maxillary protrusion)" where the upper front teeth come forward and the lower front teeth are pulled back, or "open bite" where there is a gap between the upper and lower front teeth when the child tries to bite them together.

However, in these daysThere is no need to be that concerned about it yet, so you may keep a warm eye on it.


I was concerned, but I guess I can keep an eye on it a little longer.


By the time they enter early childhood,Since more enjoyable play other than finger sucking will increase, the amount of time spent finger sucking will naturally decrease.However, the increase in new stimuli can easily lead to stress, which can lead to sucking during sleep, when the child needs reassurance, or in one's spare time.

From the age of three, the amount of time spent sucking fingers decreases dramatically as the child plays with friends as well as family members. Although they may suck their fingers a little when they are asleep, they rarely do so when they are awake. AndBy the age of five, most children graduate from finger sucking.


I would like to have them quit finger-sucking by the age of 4 if possible, or 6 at the latest.

How to stop finger sucking


There are several ways to stop a child from sucking.

Create interests other than finger sucking.

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The first way is to divert their interest elsewhere. Use positive activities such as building blocks, puzzles, and other finger games to help them concentrate, or take them outside for some solid physical exercise to relieve stress!

The key is to let them play a lot, like not giving them time to suck their fingers.


I hope he plays a lot and sleeps well without finger sucking.

Measures against finger sucking when sleepy

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However, if you really miss your mouth when you sleep and cannot quit finger sucking

...I'll read you picture books until you fall asleep.

Sleeping together

Join hands.

(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes ofCreate a safe environment for sleeping without finger also effective.


It would be nice if they could sleep peacefully and stop naturally.

prevent someone from sucking one's finger

This is a physical method of preventing the child from sucking.

...I'd wear gloves and cover my fingers.

...Plastering to cause discomfort

There are also easy ways to do this with familiar things such as


I think I'll put a bandage on my favorite character!

Anti-finger sucking goods


Goods are also available to help stop finger sucking. Let us introduce some of them to you.

Anti-finger sucking nail polish

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It is applied to the fingernail like nail polish, so that when the finger sucks, the unique bitter taste component spreads into the mouth. Even though it has a bitter taste, it is made in such a way that it is not harmful to children.

orthopedic device

There are also orthodontic devices that are attached to the fingers to make it difficult to suck. The device is designed so that even if the child wants to suck his/her finger, he/she naturally loses interest in doing so because the air is removed and there is no sensation of sucking. This is recommended if you want to get your child to quit without making him or her feel bad.

picture book

There is also a picture book with content that makes finger-sucking scary. It seems that the author did not create this work to make children quit finger sucking, but some children may find it quite frightening.

This picture book seems to work for many children, so I guess in the end it is important to create a desire in the child to quit.


A friend of mine once recommended a picture book called "Takoyubi" to me!

When do you start orthodontics for children?

Although orthodontic treatment for children is usually started around the age of 6 (when baby teeth change to permanent teeth), it may be better to start orthodontics earlier if malocclusion (such as a protruding mouth) is detected during a 3-year-old's dental checkup or other dental examinations.


Please consult with us at any age if you are concerned! If the consultation is at a time when it is not necessary to correct the problem, we will work with you to monitor the progress until the appropriate time.

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Orthodontic treatment around the time of the eruption of baby teeth can take from one to four years to make room for the permanent teeth to erupt and to realign the teeth. A variety of devices are used to straighten your child, including mouthpiece-type and floor orthodontic appliances, as well as devices that promote jaw growth.You will not be corrected if you do not wear the device, so be sure to get into the habit of wearing it as long as your doctor tells you to!

Can adults correct misaligned teeth due to finger sucking?


I used to suck my fingers as a child and my teeth became misaligned...

Now that I am an adult, I want to straighten my teeth.

Basically any tooth alignment can be corrected.However,

The orthodontic method depends on the situation of the teeth.

Corrective measures

Wire orthodontics

Mouthpiece Orthodontics


There are many causes of misalignment of teeth. There are various causes of misaligned teeth, but protruding teeth (maxillary protrusion) and open bite caused by finger sucking are the most common,In addition to orthodontics, lifestyle changes such as quitting finger sucking are also necessary.


No matter how many appliances you put on to clean your teeth, if you have habits such as finger sucking, nail biting, or pushing your tongue against your teeth, they may revert back to normal.

You will be instructed to do so by your dentist, but be aware of it and be careful.

Finger sucking is inherently natural and can be stopped

Finger sucking, even if done at an early age, naturally almost ceases around the age of six.

If you cannot stop for a long time, there may be a cause, so it is important to find out the cause first.


I really wonder if he'll ever quit finger-sucking...


Please feel free to consult with your dentist without having to deal with this issue alone with your parents!

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