Nicole Fujita's teeth are ceramic braces. Did she also have mouthpiece braces?

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Last updated on December 26, 2022


Dr. Nicole Fujita and Ms. Nicole Fujita were talking about ceramic braces.
Some people seem to think it's a problem for dental health.


Yes, ceramic treatment is a disadvantageous treatment when it comes to dental health.
However, if you feel that the benefits outweigh this, we cannot say that it is absolutely wrong.
This time,We talk about Nicole Fujita's teeth!

Nicole Fujita's dental history

Nicole Fujita Teeth

Nicole Fujita is,

  • Ceramic braces on upper teeth
  • Mouthpiece orthodontics (Assoaligner) for lower teeth

He has announced on his social networking sites that he is cleaning up in

Let's take a look at Nicole Fujita's dental history!

Teeth before treatment

This is Nicole Fujita, 17 years old.

The pre-treatment teeth without either ceramic or mouthpiece orthodontics,Two front teeth protrude like rabbits.

Also,The canine tooth (third tooth from the front) on one side is a double tooth.

[2017] Ceramic braces to fix front teeth.

In 2017, at the age of 19, he announced on his social networking site that he had his upper teeth fixed with ceramic braces.

The left photo is before and the right photo is after.

She had six front teeth made ceramic to clean up her protruding rabbit-like teeth and double teeth.

The angles and length of the front teeth are more aligned than before treatment, and the double teeth are less noticeable!

Nicole Fujita herself is also satisfied with the natural finish of the ceramic.

However, ceramic orthodontics requires significant shaving of healthy teeth and, in some cases, removal of tooth nerves,Dental health and longevity may be severely compromised.

Nicole Fujita's statement on social networking sites, television, and radio that she was glad she had ceramics resulted in a variety of opinions involving dentists...

The person in question accepted this,

I thought, "Even if my teeth look good (after time-consuming braces), it won't matter if I don't have a job (in show business) at that time."
I decided to do it because I was prepared for (the drawbacks of ceramic braces)."
I probably didn't say enough to tell them to think about getting ceramic braces," he said.

He stated.

[2018] Mouthpiece orthodontic treatment of lower teeth.

In 2018, at age 20, she reported on social media that she decided to fix her lower teeth with mouthpiece braces called "Assoaligners".

The lower teeth seemed to be unevenly aligned, and in order to improve them, he now chose to use orthodontics, a method that does not affect healthy teeth as much as ceramics do.

[2022] Update on upper teeth

Nicole Fujita had ceramic braces done in 2017, with slightly larger front teeth to preserve the pre-treatment vibe.

However, he considered replacing it with a new ceramic to match his current atmosphere.

Because the tweets have gone up in flames.

The photos in the freshly updated ceramic have been deleted, though,

Currently Nicole Fujita is working with her new ceramic front teeth.

What is the "Ceramic Orthodontics" that Nicole Fujita had her upper teeth fixed with?

Nicole Fujita Teeth

What is "ceramic orthodontics?"Treatment in which the tooth is shaved down to a smaller size and a ceramic covering is placed over the tooth.It is.

When placing the crown, the tilt and thickness of the teeth can be adjusted to align the teeth.

Advantages of Ceramic Orthodontics

Advantages of ceramic orthodontics include the following

  • White and beautiful teeth in a short period of time.
  • Long-lasting white teeth
  • Can be made to any size, shape, or color of teeth you like.

White and beautiful teeth in a short period of time.

Ceramic orthodontics is just shaving the teeth and covering them,The treatment takes about 1-3 months.

Orthodontic treatment, no matter which device is used, takes one to three years for the teeth to become aligned.

As Nicole Fujita remarked, "I thought that even if my teeth became beautiful (after time-consuming braces), it would be meaningless if I did not have a job (in the entertainment industry) at that time,This is a great advantage for those who want to clean their teeth as quickly as possible.

Long-lasting white teeth

Ceramic is a stain-resistant material that resists staining, coloring, and discoloration.

Even after whitening to whiten natural teeth, teeth will yellow again with daily eating.

However,With ceramics, there is little concern about food staining.

Can be made to any size, shape, or color of teeth you like.

To create an artificial tooth shape,You can make your teeth the size, shape, and color you want.

The shape and size of the teeth cannot be changed by wire braces or mouthpiece braces, so this is a unique advantage of ceramic braces.

Disadvantages of Ceramic Orthodontics

Disadvantages of ceramic orthodontics include the following

  • Harmful to dental health
  • Ceramic has a life span.
  • Maintenance required

Harmful to dental health

In order to cover the ceramic, a large amount of the healthy, non-removable tooth will have to be removed.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to remove the nerve of the tooth.

Because teeth become brittle when teeth are ground down or nerves are removed,It can cause teeth to fall out prematurely.

Teeth that have been ground down or have nerves removed cannot be restored. Make your decision with the full understanding that your dental health and longevity may be greatly compromised.

Ceramic has a life span.

Ceramic is not a single living thing.

They will need to be rebuilt after 15 to 20 years at most, as they break or chip and the adhesive used to secure the ceramic to the teeth deteriorates.

Maintenance required

Ceramic is at risk of decay and gum disease due to the buildup of stains on the border between the tooth and ceramic.

This is because tooth decay and periodontal disease can ruin the tooth that serves as the foundation for the ceramic,Need maintenance such as getting regular cleanings and rebuilding ceramics as needed.It is.

What is the "Assoaligner" that fixed Nicole Fujita's lower teeth?

What is an assoaligner?A type of mouthpiece orthodonticsIt is.

Mouthpiece orthodontics involves wearing a series of clear mouthpieces of slightly different shapes for at least 20 to 22 hours a day for one to two weeks per piece to move the teeth.

There is no need to wear wires on the teeth, and the braces can be put on and taken off by the wearer when eating or brushing teeth, making them hygienic and less distracting to the appearance of the teeth during orthodontic treatment.

If you want to fix your teeth, choose the best method with Nicole Fujita as a reference!

Nicole Fujita Teeth

Nicole Fujita understands the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic and mouthpiece orthodontics,

After considering the circumstances of their work in the entertainment industry, it is believed that they chose each dental treatment method because they thought the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

If you want to fix your teeth nicely, you can use Nicole Fujita's photos and social networking sites as a guide.
You may want to choose a treatment.

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