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Are beaver teeth cute? Celebrities and treatment of beaver teeth

Have you ever heard of "beaver teeth"? In this article, do you think beaver teeth are cute? We will talk about why we think it is cute and why it is complex, how to treat beaver teeth, the advantages and disadvantages of fixing beaver teeth with orthodontics, and celebrities with beaver teeth...
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Is it true that braces make eyes bigger? The relationship between teeth and facial balance

My braces made my eyes bigger!" Have you ever heard of this? Some people feel that braces make their eyes bigger by changing the alignment and bite of their teeth. So, can braces really make your eyes bigger? In this article, we will discuss the...
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What is blue rubber used in braces? Is it true that it hurts?

Have you ever heard of "blue rubber" used in wire braces? Blue rubber used in orthodontics is a small rubber also called "separating module". It is often made of rubber and is blue in color, but it can be a different color, brass or steel...
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Are braces painful? What are some tips to avoid the pain of dying?

Have you ever heard of someone saying that orthodontic treatment is deathly painful? Since the way pain is felt varies from person to person, some people may feel "like they are dying" or "can't stand it". In this issue, we will discuss the causes of pain during orthodontic treatment, how to cope with it, and how to avoid painful...
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5 things you need to know if you want to straighten your hair in Korea

Did you know that it is cheaper to get orthodontic treatment in Korea? Orthodontic treatment is a treatment that takes from 1 to 3 years, so it is different from taking a one-time whitening or cosmetic treatment time in Korea, isn't it? In this issue, we will discuss the advantages of orthodontic treatment in Korea, and the...
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What should I do about misaligned baby teeth? What to do before permanent teeth

Deciduous teeth
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What causes the lower teeth to be misaligned?

Patient: During orthodontic treatment, Dr., I feel that my lower teeth are getting worse. Why is this? Dentist There are many causes of misaligned lower teeth. In this article, I will discuss the causes of misaligned lower teeth, how to prevent it, and what you should do if your lower teeth become misaligned! (a...
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Can I whiten my teeth while in braces?

Patient: Doctor, I am in orthodontic treatment and I am concerned about the color of my teeth. Can I whiten my teeth during orthodontic treatment? Dentist Many people are concerned about the color of their teeth as they become more conscious of the beauty of their mouth as their teeth become more aligned. Can whitening be done during orthodontic treatment?
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How to fix a distorted face? We show you why braces are effective.

Patient I am concerned about my distorted face. I heard that it can be cured with braces. Dentist Orthodontic facial distortion is also related to the bite, so it can be cured with braces. In this issue, we will discuss the causes of facial distortion, how to cure facial distortion, and how braces can help with facial distortion...
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Why I feel my life has changed with braces! Five happy moments!

Patient Doctor! Is it true that getting braces can change your life? Dentist Yes, people do say that braces make them feel positive! In this issue of 365dentist, we'll be looking at 5 reasons why people feel that braces have changed their lives, an...

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