Is it true that braces make eyes bigger? The relationship between teeth and facial balance

Orthodontic braces Eyes widening mouthpiece orthodontics

Last updated on February 23, 2024

My eyes are bigger now that I have braces!"

Have you ever heard of something like this?

Some people feel that braces make their eyes larger because of the change in the alignment and bite of their teeth.

So, can braces really make your eyes bigger?

This time,Does braces make your eyes bigger, why braces make your eyes bigger, and the relationship between dental alignment and facial balance.This section describes the following

I will also explain if there are other facial parts that change besides eye size.

Actually, braces don't change eye size.

Orthodontic braces Eyes widening

While it is true that some people feel that braces make their eyes look bigger, they do not actually increase the size of the eyes.

This is because orthodontic treatment is designed to adjust the bite and alignment of the teeth, not to change the size of the eyes like cosmetic surgery.

Then,Why do some people feel that braces make their eyes bigger??

This is related to the fact that braces change the angle and bite position of the teeth and the balance of the face.

Why braces make eyes look bigger

Orthodontic braces Eyes widening

Orthodontics is not a treatment that changes facial parts such as the eyes or nose like cosmetic surgery.

However, when braces are used to correct a protruding tooth or a protruding bite, the entire face becomes more balanced, which may change the appearance of the face and make the eyes appear larger.

The actual size of the eyes remains the same, though,It means that the change in facial appearance may make the eyes appear fuller and larger.

Whether the change in facial appearance makes the eyes appear larger depends on the original alignment of the teeth and bite.

Also, even though braces make the eyes look bigger and brighter, it does not mean that you can change the way your eyes look the way you want them to look, like cosmetic surgery.

How much the face will change and the eyes will appear larger depends on the individual,It can be said that you never know how things will turn out until you try braces.

Are there any facial parts that change with braces?

Orthodontic braces Eyes widening

There are other parts of the body that are said to change with braces besides the eyes.

The following are six typical examples.

E Line
Facial line
Length of human body
Lip thickness
Facial skeletal and muscular balance

especiallyPeople with bucktooth or a passive mouth that affects their skeletal structure and facial line tend to be more likely to make changes when they wear braces.

In addition, orthodontic treatment involving tooth extraction or surgical procedures tends to cause changes in the face as well, due to the large changes in the mouth.

Let's see how facial parts may change.

E line

Orthodontic treatment can improve the appearance of the face from the side because of the E-line.

The E-line is one of the criteria for a beautifully balanced profile.

When the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin are connected when the face is viewed from the side, and the tip of the lips are inside or just touching the line, the profile is said to be beautiful.

It is also a standard that is often used as a reference for how much the mouth should be retracted when braces are used to correct bucktooths or a protruding or passive mouth.

Because braces cannot change the height of the nose,People with cases where the mouth is retracted when the teeth and bite are aligned are more likely to see changes.

face line

Because the muscles around the mouth are balanced when the teeth and bite are aligned, the muscles of the face as a whole may also be balanced and the facial lines may be refreshed.

People with gills and an underbite-like facial line are likely to have excessive stress on their chewing muscles (masseter muscles) due to a poor bite.It is.

Therefore,Orthodontic treatment may reduce excessive strain on the muscles and clear facial lines.

In addition, people with braces that involve tooth extractions or surgical procedures will have relatively large changes in their facial lines because of the large changes around the mouth.

length of the human body

Orthodontic treatment may change the length of the midsection.

The middle of the person is the depression from the bottom of the nose to the lips. It is said to be particularly susceptible to change in people with bucktooth.

When the teeth are protruding, the middle of the person tends to be longer because the middle of the person is stretched downward to close the lips.

However,Braces allow the mouth to close without forcing the middle of the person to stretch.

Of course, there are individual differences, but this is said to change the length of the midsection of the person with braces.

Lip thickness

People whose mouths are forward due to the alignment of their teeth, or who are mouth breathers because of their teeth, often have lips that are forward, which can make them appear thicker.

By wearing braces.When the mouth is retracted, the lips that were pushed out by the teeth are also retracted, so the lips may feel as if they have changed thickness.

laugh lines

Orthodontic braces change the way the skin around the mouth is tautened, and lines may be more noticeable.

As for the laugh lines.Various factors are involved, such as aging during the orthodontic period, deterioration of facial muscles due to orthodontic appliances getting in the way and making it difficult to chewbut in rare cases, some people feel that their lines have become more prominent.

Facial skeletal and muscular balance

Orthodontic treatment changes the position of the bite and the skeletal and muscular balance of the face.

The degree of change will vary from person to person, but this may change the overall look of the face.

Feel a smaller face as a result of changes in facial skeletal and muscular balance and improved muscular distortion.Sometimes, it is also possible to


Orthodontics is a treatment to adjust the alignment of teeth and bite, not a treatment to change facial parts as one wishes, like cosmetic surgery.

Therefore,Braces do not make your eyes biggerThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

However, braces can change the alignment and bite of the teeth and balance the face, making the eyes appear larger.

While we do not recommend that people wear braces to change the size of their eyes, it is possible that braces can make a positive change in facial appearance.

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