Are braces painful? What are some tips to avoid the pain of dying?

Correction Deathly pain mouthpiece orthodontics

Last updated January 3, 2024

Have you ever heard someone say that orthodontic treatment is deathly painful?

Since the pain felt varies from person to person, some people may feel that they are dying or that the pain is unbearable.
This time,Causes and remedies for pain during orthodontic treatment, and post-orthodontic care and precautions to avoid pain.We will talk about

Deathly Painful? What Causes Pain During Straightening and What to Do About It

Correction Deathly pain

During orthodontic treatment, pain may be experienced due to the following

Pain of moving teeth
Pain from wires, mouthpieces, and attachments
Pain from chewing irritation
Pain due to mouth problems other than orthodontic

Let's review the causes and remedies one by one.

Causes of orthodontic pain to the point of death (1) Pain from moving teeth

During orthodontic treatment.Pain may be felt when teeth move due to pulling or pushing forcesThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

When force is applied to the teeth with orthodontic appliances, "odontoblast" cells work in the gums to move the teeth to the guided position while dissolving the bone around the roots of the teeth.

The problem with this is that an inflammatory substance called "prostaglandin" is secreted at the same time.

Prostaglandins cause pain, heat, and swelling, which is what causes the pain when teeth move in orthodontics.

How to deal with tooth moving pain

The pain of moving teeth is,Peaks 2-3 days after applying new force to the teeth.It usually settles down after a week or so, so you won't be in pain the whole time you are straightening.

If your teeth hurt after your dentist adjusts the wire or replaces it with a new mouthpiece, watch for a few days and wait for the pain to subside.

When in painPain relief can be obtained by taking painkillers given by the dentist.

If painkillers do not help, contact your dentist, as there may be some problem, such as too much force to move the tooth.

It is also effective to cool the painful area to reduce inflammation.

Put ice in your mouth and apply it to the sore spot, lick it off and let it melt, and cool it slowly.

Be careful not to chew on the ice, as the irritation will make the pain worse.

Causes of orthodontic pain that almost kills you (2) Pain from wires, mouthpieces, and attachments

Correction Deathly pain

The second cause of deathly toothache during orthodontic treatment is caused by orthodontic appliances such as wires, mouthpieces, and attachments.

...Wire end sticks in my cheek and hurts.
The edge of the mouthpiece rubs against my cheek and hurts.
Mouthpiece attachments are caught while eating and cause pain, etc.

Thus, the orthodontic device may hit or catch in the mouth for some reason and cause pain.

How to deal with pain caused by wires, mouthpieces, and attachments

Wires, mouthpieces, attachments, etc.If your orthodontic appliance hurts when it hits the inside of your mouth, you should basically contact your dentist to have it adjusted.

In the case of wire braces, a clay called orthodontic wax can be worn over the protruding wires to provide first aid until the dentist can adjust them.

Orthodontic wax is often given to you by your dentist when you begin orthodontic treatment or can be purchased at the dentist's office if needed.

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If the edges of the mouthpiece hit, the sharp edges can be cut with a nail clipper or filed.

However, it is not advisable to cut off more of the mouthpiece than necessary with a nail clipper or to file it down too much.

It is safe to have your dentist adjust them as much as possible.

For attachments, you cannot adjust them yourself. Have your dentist adjust it for you.

Causes of orthodontic treatment that is deathly painful (3) Pain due to chewing stimulation

Correction Deathly pain

If you chew hard food immediately after the orthodontic appliance has applied force to your teeth, the irritation may cause your teeth to ache.

How to deal with pain caused by chewing irritation

The pain caused by chewing stimuli will gradually heal, as will the pain from the movement of the teeth.

Focus on soft foods for a few days and increase the amount of hard foods as you see fit.

When the pain of moving teeth settles down, the pain of chewing often becomes less bothersome.

If the pain does not subside for any length of time, contact your dentist for a checkup.

Causes of deathly pain from orthodontic treatment (4) Pain due to mouth problems other than orthodontic treatment

Due to lack of careTooth decay and gum disease can cause pain in the teeth and gumsThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Because it is more difficult to brush teeth during orthodontic treatment, the risk of problems such as tooth decay and gum disease is higher.

If tooth decay or periodontal disease occurs during orthodontic treatment, orthodontic treatment may have to be interrupted depending on the situation.

Be aware that this can cause the correction period to increase.

How to deal with pain caused by mouth problems

Daily tooth brushing is important to prevent mouth problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

The type of care that should be taken during orthodontic treatment depends on the orthodontic appliance.

Dentist can provide guidance on brushing teeth when orthodontic treatment begins.So, listen carefully and practice.

If you discover a toothache or swollen gums, it is recommended that you contact your dentist for an examination.

Post-correction care and precautions

After the dentist has adjusted the wires and replaced them with a new mouthpiece, this is when you are most likely to feel pain because of the new forces on your teeth.

Chewing hard food
Pull the wire
When removing food entangled in the wire, use a toothpick or disposable chopstick to grind and press against the teeth and wire.

Don't give strong stimulation to the teeth in this way.

In addition, prolonged soaking in a hot bath or drinking a lot of alcohol may increase blood circulation and make the pain worse.

Take baths lightly, and if you drink alcohol, limit it to a few drinks.


There are four causes of toothache during orthodontic treatment

Pain of moving teeth
Pain from wires, mouthpieces, and attachments
Pain from chewing irritation
Pain due to mouth problems other than orthodontic

The pain of moving teeth is,It usually settles down after a week or so at most, so take the painkillers your dentist gave you and see how it goes.

If painkillers do not work, if your orthodontic appliance hits you, or if you are not sure what is causing the pain but your tooth is killing you, it is recommended that you contact your dentist instead of holding back.

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