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Last updated on March 14, 2024

You areBeaver TeethHave you ever heard the term

In this article, are beaver teeth cute? We will discuss why we think they are cute and why we find them complex, how to treat beaver teeth, the advantages and disadvantages of fixing beaver teeth with orthodontics, and celebrities with beaver teeth!

Cute? What are beaver teeth?


What is beaver tooth?Only the upper center two front teeth look bigger or longer, like animal beavers.The term "teeth" refers to a set of teeth that gives the impression of

While some people like the prominent front teeth as a cute charm point, others find them complex and dislike the beaver-like teeth.

In addition to beavers, they are sometimes compared to rodent animals such as squirrels.

The two front teeth are larger than the other teeth.
Smaller teeth next to the two front teeth.
The two front teeth are more forward than the adjacent teeth.

Because of this,Caused by two front teeth in the center that appear large and prominentIt is.

Tooth size and alignment are often caused by inherited tooth and jaw size and shape.

Difference between beaver teeth and bucktooth

The difference between beaver teeth and bucktooth is whether the cause is in the size and appearance of the teeth or whether the bite is also causing problems.

interpoint (interword separation)beaver tooth
→directional marker or indicatorTwo front teeth larger than other teethor because they appear larger and more prominent because they are more forward than the adjacent teeth.
interpoint (interword separation)overbite
→directional marker or indicatorAnterior teeth sloping forward or protrudingDo,A condition that also causes problems with biting.

Because some people have both beaver and bucktooth, some consider beaver teeth to be a type of bucktooth.

Why I think beaver teeth are cute and why I think they are complex.

beaver tooth

Beaver teeth are,Some people think it's cute, others find it complex.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

What kind of teeth and atmosphere people find cute varies from person to person.

Just as idols and celebrities are sometimes compared to animals and praised as cute, such as "rabbit face" or "dog face," people are often compared to animals in a positive sense.

However, while many people may rave about how cute they are, few people will be told that they are cute by 100% of all people.

Beaver teeth will be considered cute by those who find the beaver vibe endearing!And for those who prefer a different atmosphere from beavers, it is natural that they may feel complex and dislike it.

How to treat beaver teeth

The following treatment options are available for beaver teeth

Orthodontic Treatment
Laminated veneers
Ceramic Treatment

orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a way to improve beaver teeth by correcting the alignment of the teeth.

It is useful for people who have beaver teeth due to front teeth that are more forward than others, long front teeth, or bucktooth.

Mouthpiece and wire methods are available and are selected based on the case and lifestyle.

If there is also a problem with the size of the teeth, resulting in beaver teeth, a procedure to reduce the width of the teeth by a method called disking (IPR) may be incorporated into the treatment plan.

laminated veneer

What are laminate veneers?This is a treatment in which ceramic chips, similar to false nails, are applied to the surface of the teeth to improve the shape, size, and color of the teeth.

This method is effective in the case of beaver teeth, where the smaller neighboring teeth in the front teeth make the central tooth appear larger.

Laminated veneers are used to enlarge the teeth next to the anterior teeth to reduce the size of the two central anterior teeth and improve the beaver teeth.

The amount of tooth size that can be changed is very small,Suitable only for relatively mild beaver teethThe company can respond to your needs.

Ceramic Treatment

The teeth are shaved down a full turn and covered with ceramic to improve the shape, size, and color of the teeth.

It is effective for people whose two front teeth are larger than the other teeth, whose two front teeth are smaller than the adjacent teeth, or whose two front teeth are more forward than the adjacent teeth (bucktooth) and have beaver teeth.

Improving beaver teeth by balancing tooth size with crownsI will do so.

There is a limit to the size of teeth that can be altered by the coverings, but the range of indications is greater than for laminate veneers.

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment of Beaver Teeth

For those who feel that beaver teeth are complex,Improving beaver teeth with orthodontics can be a great benefit in eliminating the complex.

Aligning the teeth and bite with orthodontics can also lead to better oral and physical health.

By improving beaver teeth.Pronunciation is clearturn into
I can chew well.Less strain on the digestive system.
It makes it easier to brush your teeth.Easier prevention of tooth decay and gum disease = longer tooth life.

In addition to improving appearance, there are significant benefits to oral and physical health, such as

Beaver teeth may be treated with laminate veneers or ceramic treatments in addition to orthodontics, but these methods can significantly compromise dental health, including the need to remove large portions of the tooth or the nerve of the tooth.

You are free to choose what you want depending on the cause and the condition of your teeth,Orthodontic treatment is recommended to improve beaver teeth without compromising dental health.

Disadvantages of orthodontic treatment of beaver teeth

There are four disadvantages of orthodontic treatment of beaver teeth

During orthodontic treatmentMay cause pain
...In the case of wire orthodontics...Concerned about appearance during treatmentthere are times when
interpoint (interword separation)Length of treatmentthan other treatment methods.long (time)
interpoint (interword separation)High cost

Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth to improve the appearance and bite. When teeth move, the body's mechanism causes a certain amount of pain.
Others may be concerned about the pain of orthodontic appliances hitting their mouths.

Other disadvantages include long treatment periods and high treatment costs.

While laminate veneers and ceramic treatments can be completed in a few weeks to a few months, orthodontic treatment can take one to three years.

Treatment costs also range from 600,000 to 1.5 million yen for orthodontic treatment, whereas laminate veneers and ceramic treatment cost about 100,000 yen per unit.

If you want to improve beaver teeth, consider both the advantages and disadvantages to determine the treatment method.

Entertainers and celebrities with beaver teeth

Minami Minegishi is a well-known celebrity with beaver teeth.

She is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct her beaver teeth and has a beautiful mouth.

This is Minami Minegishi before treatment.

This is Minami Minegishi after her beaver teeth were fixed.


Beaver teeth are teeth in which only the upper center two front teeth appear larger or longer, giving the impression of animal beavers.

While some people like the prominent front teeth as a cute charm point, others find them complex and dislike the beaver-like teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment
Laminated veneers
Ceramic Treatment

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