Which celebrities have front teeth bridges? Cost and treatment of front tooth bridges.

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Last updated on October 10, 2023

Anterior bridges replace missing teeth by shaving two healthy teeth next to them and covering them with several connected artificial teeth like a bridge.

This time,We will introduce you to celebrities who have lost their front teeth to anterior bridges and discuss the cost and treatment options for anterior bridges!

Summary of entertainers with bridged front teeth

Front tooth bridge Celebrity

[Entertainers who used front tooth bridges to fix their teeth.
■Imoto Ayako
Haruka Minowa, Harisenbon

Ayako Imoto.

During the filming of a variety show, Imoto's replacement tooth fell out, and he was left with footage of himself re-fitting the bridge.

He now has implants, but before that he had a front tooth bridge.

Haruka Minowa, Harisenbon

Haruka Minowa says that when she was in elementary school, she hit her front tooth when she fell on an iron pipe.

The nerve in the tooth had died and was left in place until it naturally fell out.

Looking at the photo, it is expected that the three connected bridges were made.

Do celebrities do it? Cost of front tooth bridges

Front tooth bridge Celebrity

The cost of anterior bridges varies depending on whether they are covered by insurance or self-financing.

  • Insurance coverage → Approx. 20,000 yen for a single deficient bridge (*1)
  • Self-funded treatment→approx. 150,000- 450,000 yen

The difference is the materials that can be used and the degree of freedom in bridge design.

It is expected that celebrities will often choose anterior bridges that are also visually appealing, so they will basically be placing self-financing anterior bridges.

*1: When 30% of the cost is borne by the customer
*2: In the case of a three-connected anterior tooth bridge. The cost will vary depending on the number of connected anterior teeth bridges. As the number of connected teeth increases, an additional cost of 50,000 to 150,000 yen per tooth is required.

Anterior bridges covered by insurance

Anterior tooth bridges, which are covered by insurance, are made of hard resin affixed to a metal base.Hard resin anterior crowns."The number is limited to

The color of the resin can be selected to match the color of adjacent teeth.

However, because of the metal base, they are inferior in appearance to self-financed anterior bridges in the following respects

  • Not as clear as natural teeth
  • Gums go down and metal shows through the root of the tooth.
  • Gums may darken due to metal components

Also, due to resin's characteristics of being easily scratched and absorbing moisture and pigment,The drawback is that they begin to discolor and deteriorate after two to three years.

In terms of bridge design, there is less flexibility because the materials that can be used differ between front and back teeth, and the number of teeth that must be used as the foundation (= number of healthy teeth that must be removed) is determined by the area of the lost tooth.

Insurance coverage allows the use of hard resin anterior crowns up to the third anterior canine.

If the anterior bridge includes a fourth or subsequent tooth,Hard resin up to the canine teeth, metal from the fourth toothThe first two are the following.

Self-financing anterior bridges

For self-funded anterior bridges,

  • metal bond
  • all-ceramic
  • zirconia

etc.Material with a texture similar to natural teeth and properties that are scratch-resistant and virtually free of discolorationcan be used.

In addition, since self-financing is not bound by insurance coverage rules, bridges can be designed with a certain degree of freedom, taking into consideration strength, esthetics, and invasiveness to healthy teeth, such as whitening all front bridges including back teeth.


Incidentally, Haruka Minowa, who is thought to have had her teeth bridged, has publicly stated that her teeth were made of the same material (zirconia) as the space shuttle!

How do celebrities heal? How to treat anterior tooth bridges

Front tooth bridge Celebrity

Because the anterior teeth have a significant impact on the appearance when smiling, various treatment options have been proposed for anterior bridges.

  • Minimal grinding with healthy teeth
  • Combined gum and bone restoration procedures

Minimize the amount of grinding of healthy teeth

Anterior bridges, which require less shaving of healthy teeth, are attached to the backs of the teeth next to the missing teeth to create a nail-like support.Adhesive bridges."It is.

While a typical bridge stipulates that at least two healthy teeth be shaved to be used as the foundation,

Adhesive bridges minimize the amount of grinding of healthy teeth.


Although there are a limited number of cases where they can be applied depending on the health of the supporting teeth and the bite, some are now available that do not require the grinding of healthy teeth!

Combined gum and bone restoration procedures

When a front tooth is lost, the gums and bone in the area of the missing tooth are indented.

If an anterior bridge is simply placed in this situation, a gap will be created between the dentate gums and the bridge,

  • Not very good looking.
  • Easy to clog with food debris
  • Air leakage and hard to pronounce

and other inconveniences may occur.

Therefore, for the sake of appearance and functionality, we have taken the following methods into considerationTreatment to restore dented gums may be used in conjunction with the creation of anterior bridges.

  • Socket preservation
    • This method prevents the gums from sinking after tooth extraction by placing an artificial bone and collagen membrane in the hole immediately after the extraction.
  • osteogenesis
    • A method in which artificial bone and a collagen membrane are placed through an incision in the gum for bone growth.
  • gingival transplantation
    • This is a method of replacing the height of the gums with a gum graft.

There are different types of front tooth bridges that celebrities may be doing.

Front tooth bridge Celebrity

There are two types of anterior bridges: those covered by insurance and those that are self-funded.

Celebrities are likely to have anterior bridges placed at their own expense, prioritizing aesthetics.

If you wish to place your own anterior bridges, you may want to refer to photos of celebrities to determine materials and treatment options.

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