Is it true that braces make you ugly? What you need to know to avoid failure.

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Last updated May 29, 2023

I was curious about braces and searched...

"braces made me ugly," "my face got longer," "my face got bigger," "my jaw stuck out," etc.

Some of you may see words that make you uneasy.

You are anxious about trying to correct the problem in order to be beautiful.

This time,We'll explain why they are said to be ugly and what to look for in braces to prevent them from failing.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Why people say braces make you ugly

Orthodontics Becoming ugly

The reason why people say that braces make them ugly is because they are more likely to notice the following changes

  • Lines have become more prominent.
  • I look older.
  • My lips have thinned.
  • His face got longer.
  • Gums became too visible when smiling.
  • The Black Triangle was formed.
  • Wrinkles began to appear on the chin when the mouth was closed
  • Got bucktooth.

Lines have become more prominent.

Lines are wrinkles that form at the border between the mouth and cheeks.

It is considered one of the causes of the appearance of aging,Many people are concerned about the appearance of lines.

Why do you feel that braces have made your lines more prominent?

  • Retraction of the mouth and excess skin around the mouth
  • Weakening of the facial muscles
  • age-related change

It is.

Retraction of the mouth and excess skin around the mouth

By retracting the front teeth that were pushing the lips out of the mouth,You may notice a loss of firmness around the mouth and the appearance of lines.

It is said to be more likely to occur in those with bucktoothsides with large changes in the front teeth.

In addition, when extraction or jaw bone cutting surgery is performed, the amount of the front teeth retracted is so large that the excess skin around the mouth makes the lines more prominent and some people feel that their mouth has become poorer.

Weakening of the facial muscles

During orthodontic treatment, the mouth may not move as much because of the appliance, and the facial muscles may move less than when the appliance is not in place.

Especially if the facial muscles are thin from the start,Weakening of facial muscles during orthodontic treatment may make lines more visible.

age-related change

Lines may become more prominent with age-related changes due to the following factors

  • Decrease in collagen in the skin
  • Decline of muscle fibers
  • Change in subcutaneous fat

At the same time as braces, as braces are done over several years,The appearance of lines may occur due to age-related changes.

Many people also become more aesthetically pleasing when their teeth are aligned with braces.

As you check your mouth in the mirror more often, you will inevitably have more opportunities to look at the mouth area and your face as a whole, and you may start to notice lines.

I look older.

Lines can also contribute to an aged face, but by retracting the mouth too much,The entire mouth area may lack firmness, resulting in a thin-lipped "geriatric look".

The geriatric look is the facial appearance of the mouth when the dentures are removed and the mouth is deflated.

My lips have thinned.

By retracting the mouth,Lips may become thinner.

It is difficult to say, since it depends on taste and the balance with other facial parts of the face, but some people may feel that thinner lips make them look poorer and less youthful.

His face got longer.

If you have bucktooths, the type in which the muscles around the nose and lips are lifted by the front teeth, the front teeth are retracted,The midface may feel elongated and the face may feel longer vertically.

If the look of your face after braces matches your taste, you will be happy with the clean look, but if it does not match your taste, it will cause you to feel that you have become ugly.

Gums became too visible when smiling.

By angling or aligning the teeth,Gums may become too visible when smiling.

When too much of the gums are visible when smiling, it is called a "gummy smile.

The Black Triangle was formed.

The black triangle is a triangular gap that forms between adjacent teeth and between the gums.

It is formed when the gums lower due to age-related changes, but it is also one of the risks that occur when teeth are aligned with braces.

In braces from about the 30s,Bra triangles are easily formed due to age-related changes.

Wrinkles started to appear at the tip of my chin when I closed my mouth.

Sometimes braces do not align the bite of the back teeth properly, resulting in an open bite where the front teeth open up.

Normally, the treatment is not completed with an open bite, but with this conditionWhen the lips are closed, too much force is exerted on the muscles at the tip of the jaw, which can cause wrinkles.

Got bucktooth.

The space allowance for the alignment of the teeth must be well calculated,Teeth may become bucktooth even if they are aligned.

Avoiding Ugly Braces! What to Avoid Failure

Orthodontics Becoming ugly
  • Be aware of what to look for when choosing a dentist.
  • Train the facial muscles.

Be aware of what to look for when choosing a dentist.

Dental clinics should be selected with the following points in mind

  • They do a thorough analysis before diagnosis.
  • They explain the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Whether the dentist is easy to consult
  • They offer a variety of treatment plans.

Pre-treatment analysis of the amount of space needed to align the teeth and the amount of mouth retraction,It is very important to make sure that the treatment plan is properly analyzed.

If these are not good enough, you may regret that your braces have made you ugly.

Also, during the consultation, let them know that you are concerned about your facial appearance after braces and ask them to tell you what changes are possible.

Everyone has their own preferences in facial features.Consider carefully whether the possible facial changes caused by braces are an advantage or disadvantage for you.

Train the facial muscles.

Weakening of the facial muscles leads to the appearance of lines.

I refer to video sites and so on,Expression muscle trainingand prevent lines.

Braces do not always make you ugly!

Orthodontics Becoming ugly

Orthodontics is used to align the teeth and bite.

To avoid regretting that you have become "ugly," choose your dentist and treatment method with the points we discussed in this article in mind.

In addition to braces, 365dentist provides information on oral health and beauty, and dentist-operated open chat consultations.

It is free of charge, so please come and visit us!

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