Why I feel my life has changed with braces! Five happy moments!

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Last updated May 24, 2023


Teacher! Is it true that braces can change your life?


Yes, people do feel more positive about wearing braces!
This time,Five reasons why I feel my life has changed after wearing braces.with the results of a survey sent to 365dentist!

Five reasons why I feel my life has changed after wearing braces.

Orthodontics Changed my life.

Those who have had braces,People have told us that they feel their lives have changed for the following reasons The following are some of the reasons why people have come to feel that their lives haveThey are coming in.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

  • My thinking became more positive!
  • I can now close my mouth and chew with my front teeth!
  • The complex turned into a point of pride!
  • My tongue has improved and I am able to speak confidently in public!
  • It is easier to brush my teeth and keep my mouth clean!

My thinking became more positive!

Orthodontics Changed my life.

By getting braces to straighten the teeth and mouth,

  • Before braces, I used to hide my mouth, but now I can smile without hiding!
  • I was so happy to see my mouth becoming more beautiful that I looked forward to looking in the mirror!

Such as,People have told us that their thinking has become more positive and they have more confidence in themselves.

People often praise a smile with a beautiful set of teeth because it looks great.

I can now close my mouth and chew with my front teeth!

Orthodontics Changed my life.

Do you have a complex with a pouty mouth that is difficult to close due to bucktooths or a mouth sagging?

When the mouth is retracted by braces, the lips are easier to close.

In addition, the bite will be aligned and the front teeth will be able to chew more firmly, making it easier to chew food that used to be difficult to eat.

Not only the appearance but also the function of chewing food could be improved.Some people feel that this has changed their lives.

The complex turned into a point of pride!

Orthodontics Changed my life.

If you have a dental complex due to misaligned teeth,The alignment of my teeth has turned a complex into a point of pride.I feel that this is a good thing.

It's amazing how you can not only overcome your complexes, but on the contrary, make them a point of appeal!

My tongue has improved and I am able to speak confidently in public!

The alignment of the teeth and the use of the tongue and lips have a significant impact on gliding.

Braces make it easier to create a clear pronunciation,Some people feel that they are able to speak more confidently in public because of their improved fluency.

Especially for those who have a complex about their smoothness and have difficulty speaking in public, this would be a life-changing change.

It became easier to brush my teeth and keep my mouth clean!

Some people find it difficult to brush their teeth because the uneven alignment of the teeth makes it difficult to brush, and plaque and tartar, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease, can easily build up.

People like this,Many people find that braces make their teeth less uneven and make it easier to brush their teeth.

Plaque and tartar are also less likely to build up, making it easier to prevent cavities and gum disease, which in turn extends the life of the teeth.

Eating with one's own teeth satisfies one of the three major human appetites and helps to stimulate the brain.

If braces make it easier to brush your teeth and allow you to chew with your own teeth for a longer period of time, it will make a big difference in the quality of your life.

Life-Changing? Benefits of Braces

Orthodontics Changed my life.

There are so many benefits to braces that some people think they have changed their lives.

A well-aligned teeth and bite can provide significant visual and health benefits, including the following

  • It gives you a beautiful smile and makes you feel more confident.
  • Better first impressions.
  • Longer tooth life due to easier prevention of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Improvement of immune system by improving mouth breathing, etc.

Life-Changing Types of Braces

Orthodontics Changed my life.

There are two main types of braces.

  • wire orthodontia
  • mouthpiece orthodontics

wire orthodontia

What is wire orthodontics?An orthodontic method in which a device called a bracket is attached to the front or back of the teeth and a wire is attached to guide the teeth from above.It is.

Depending on the position of the teeth to which the wires are attached, there are three types.

  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • Backside orthodontics (lingual orthodontics)
  • half-lingual braces

The greatest advantage is that it can be adapted to almost all cases from mild to severe.

The cost is about 700,000 to 1,500,000 yen.

mouthpiece orthodontics

What is mouthpiece orthodontics?An orthodontic method in which a transparent mouthpiece is worn for 20 to 22 hours a day to move the teeth.It is.

Because the mouthpiece can be put on and taken off by yourself, you can brush your teeth and eat almost the same way during orthodontic treatment as you did before treatment.

In addition, because the mouthpiece is transparent and inconspicuous, it is far less noticeable than wire braces, which attach wires to the front of the teeth.

The cost is about 800,000-1,300,000 yen.


Orthodontics Changed my life.

Those who have had braces,Many people feel that their lives have changed because they look better, pronounce things easier, and eat better.It is.

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