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Teacher! I watched TV the other day and saw a celebrity who looked very innocent and beautiful, what's the difference?


Hmmm, maybe it's the teeth?


Ah! Maybe it is!
All celebrities have beautiful teeth.
How are they correcting the problem?


Then, this time,Before-and-after pictures of celebrities who wore braces are described by type of orthodontic treatment!

Entertainers with wire braces

Orthodontics Celebrity Wire

Wire braces are,An orthodontic method in which a square attachment called a bracket is fixed to the teeth and a shape-memory wire is fastened over it to move the teeth.It is.

Brackets and wires can be divided into the following three categories depending on the position in which they are placed.

  • lingual braces (dentistry)
  • Backside orthodontics (lingual and tongue braces)
  • half-lingual braces

lingual braces (dentistry)

Surface orthodontics is,A method of aligning teeth by wearing wires on the front of the teethThe following is a list of the most common types of braces and wires used in dentistry. Since the device is always visible when the mouth is opened, a white bracket and wire are used if the device should be as inconspicuous as possible.

Celebrities who have had their teeth straightened with front side braces.
■Atsuko Maeda
NiziU Mako.

Atsuko Maeda

This is the teeth before orthodontic treatment. The teeth are a little uneven, but they look not so bad because they are symmetrically aligned.

Photo during orthodontic treatment.A single white wire runs across the upper teeth.Brackets should have been in place, but the color of the brackets blends in so well with the teeth that they are barely noticeable, and the teeth appear to be gradually becoming more aligned.

Recently, Atsuko Maeda has beautiful teeth without front side orthodontic brackets and her lip makeup looks great.

NiziU Mako

The left photo is before and the right photo is after.

Mako of the Korean idol group NiziU is,The orthodontic appliance on the front side of the teeth early in the audition program became a topic of discussion.

By the end of the program, the wires had been removed and the teeth were clean and white, so it appears that when the wire braces arrived early in the program, it was just before the braces were completed.

Here is MAKO's post-correction smile at a recent NIZIU official.


Left is before and right is after.White wire andwhiteI have front side braces done with brackets.

Before treatment, she had severely crowded teeth with double teeth and bumpy teeth. In the photo on the right, the patient is still in the process of orthodontic treatment, but both the double teeth and the bumpy teeth have been eliminated and the teeth are very beautifully aligned.

Ryuichi Hamaya, Kamaitachi

Poor bite,Extracted tooth, front sidewireremedyto start a radio program, "Kamaitachi no Hey! Cab! on the May 16 broadcast of the radio program "Kamaitachi no Hey!

Click here for YOUTUBE about Mr. Hamaya's correction!

I think it is encouraging for all of you who are worried about orthodontics to say that it is never too late at 38 years old. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in the future.

Backside orthodontics (lingual and tongue braces)

Backside orthodontics is,How to align the teeth by wearing wires on the backs of the teethThe front side of the braces is almost completely unnoticeable. Because the device is virtually invisible on the front side, it is by far the least noticeable of all orthodontic appliances.

Celebrities who had their teeth straightened with backside braces.
■Satomi Ishihara
■Matsuko Deluxe
■Tsubasa Honda

Matsuko Deluxe.

Ms. Matsuko Deluxe told a TV program that she has been using backside braces for three years.

He also mentioned that he was squatting before orthodontics, and it appears that he had extraction braces.
(Reference source: https://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2098482/full/)

It's a little hard to tell because it's the type where you can't see the upper and lower teeth very well when you open your mouth,

The photos show that the teeth are generally well aligned and look elegant.

Tsubasa Honda

Tsubasa Honda is another celebrity who had lingual braces. 19-year-old profile photos show that she had slightly protruding teeth, but after the braces were completed, her front teeth were retracted inward.

If you look closely at the photo from when he was 19 years old, it looks like he has a temporary tooth on the fourth tooth from the front above (first bicuspid),It is thought that the space where the tooth was extracted may have been used to retract the front tooth.

From the front, the bumps on the upper front teeth have been eliminated, giving the teeth a clean and well-defined appearance like a dental model.

This is a photo of Tsubasa Honda. Her upper teeth are nicely aligned. Her smile is very nice.

Minami Minegishi

The photo above shows Minami Minegishi in 2017, before the device was installed.

Minami Minegishi, a former member of AKB48, is another celebrity who uses backside braces.

Minami Minegishi has also uploaded the progress of the correction on her youtube.

half-lingual braces

Half-lingual braces are,Backside braces for upper teeth that are easily visible when opening the mouth and front side braces for lower teeth that are less visibleIt is.

Since the backside is more difficult and expensive to clean and brush, this method is sometimes used to keep costs down while still allowing for esthetics and cleanability.

Celebrities who had their teeth straightened with half-lingual braces.
■NiziU Riku.
Ayako Hatta

NiziU Riku.

BEFORE.The dentition is narrowed and the front teeth are large, resulting in bucktooth.

This is a photo taken after the start of orthodontic treatment.The fourth tooth from the front has been removed from both the top and bottom, with orthodontics on the front side on the bottom and on the back side on the top.You can see that the

He still has orthodontic appliances on his lower teeth, so he is still in the process of straightening them,The upper teeth are lined up like tiles.

Ayako Hatta

Ayako Hatta also reported on her official blog that she has started half-lingual braces.
(Reference source: https://ameblo.jp/ayako-hatta/entry-12579410286.html)

See the photos featured on the blog,Both upper and lower fifth anterior teeth (second bicuspids) have been extracted, and the teeth are quite well aligned after about six months.You can see that the

BEFORE. He started orthodontics because he was concerned about his protruding mouth. Looking at the photo before orthodontics, he does indeed have a protruding mouth type of bucktooth.

This is a picture after the start of orthodontic treatment. Compared to before orthodontic treatmentThe teeth are aligned along the smile line (*) and are clean.You have also done some rubber application to retract the front teeth.

The smile line is the arch of the lower lip. It is said to be beautiful when the tips of the six upper front teeth are aligned along this line.

Entertainers with mouthpiece braces

Orthodontics Celebrity Mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics is,This is a method of moving teeth by wearing a transparent mouthpiece that can be put on and taken off by the patient.

Once the mouthpiece is removed, the patient can eat and brush his or her teeth as usual, and the device is barely noticeable, so the patient has even appeared on television while wearing the mouthpiece.

Celebrities who had their teeth straightened with mouthpiece orthodontics.
JUMP Hikaru Yaotome
Kazuma Kikuchi, SexyZone

Kaze Fujii (still undergoing treatment)

JUMP Hikaru Yaotome

BEFORE.This is a severe case of double teeth and plexus.

This is a photo taken after the start of orthodontics. Looking closely,The mouthpiece is attached to the surface of the teeth with bumpy protrusions.

Compared to the Before, the bumpy teeth are much improved. Probably, the mouthpiece orthodontic treatment is performed with Invisalign, which can be applied to severe cases.

SexyZone Kazuma Kikuchi

BEFORE.The front teeth are tilted like wings and the overall impression is uneven.

This is a photo taken after the start of mouthpiece orthodontics.Protrusions have arrived on the surface of the teeth and are shiny, as if covered by a mouthpiece.Therefore, it is considered that the teeth are aligned with Invisalign.

Mr. Fujii Feng

Kaze Fujii has been the talk of the town since she participated in the Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest) and sang while wearing invisalign.

The official Instagram photo from May 2021 gives the impression of slightly prominent double teeth.

This is about a year later, 2022. You can also see the Invisalign attachments. The teeth are definitely becoming more aligned.

Chocolate Planet Nagata

Chokopra Nagata also uses Invisalign for orthodontics!

You mentioned 3 months in youtube!

We're talking about 7:00 here - after the correction is completed ↓.

From what you said, the surface may have been direct bonded and the teeth may have been reshaped.

Entertainers with ceramic braces

Nicole Fujita

In Nicole Fujita's case, the treatment is not orthodontic but a ceramic treatment in which the teeth are shaved and covered.

It is sometimes referred to as ceramic orthodontics because it realigns the teeth and is introduced here.

Tweet by Nicole Fujita 1

She had six front teeth aligned with ceramics.

She chose this treatment after understanding the disadvantages because of her profession as a celebrity and her desire for a quick and clean look.

There are many disadvantages to ceramic orthodontics, which involves grinding down healthy teeth for tooth alignment,

Many dentists do not make recommendations.

If you want to have your teeth aligned quickly and beautifully, we recommend that you first have a thorough consultation with your dentist, including orthodontics.

Nicole Fujita, as for her lower teeth, she used to have mouthpiece braces.

Tweet by Nicole Fujita

The tweet that was recently in question has been erased, but this is the state of the temporary teeth before that.

Tweet by Nicole Fujita 2

Performers with beautiful teeth

Satomi Ishihara.

Actress Satomi Ishihara has beautifully aligned white teeth that are visible when she smiles.

Although there were no episodes from you that you had been wearing braces, the arches of your teeth seem to have widened laterally compared to the old photos. If he was wearing braces, he probably wore wires on the back of his teeth and wore buttons on the front of his teeth only when he was adjusting the tilt and bite of his teeth, etc., and wore elastic latch.

The celebrities had their teeth aligned with various orthodontic devices.

Celebrity Correction

Teeth alignment affects appearance and cleanliness. Even celebrities, who often appear in public and on television, used various types of orthodontic appliances to keep their teeth aligned.

When you all start straightening, look at the celebrities,It is also recommended to refer to the appearance of the device and the treatment process!

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