What is Mouthpiece Orthodontics? A dentist explains how it differs from wire braces!

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Last updated November 19, 2023


I heard that there is an orthodontic treatment called "Mouthpiece Orthodontics" which does not use wires.

What is the difference from wire braces?


Mouthpiece orthodontics uses orthodontic appliances that are shaped very differently from wire orthodontics to align the teeth and bite.

This time,This section explains the difference between mouthpiece orthodontics and wire orthodontics!

What is Mouthpiece Orthodontics?

mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics is,An orthodontic appliance in which a transparent mouthpiece is worn to move the teeth.

  • People who do not want to use conspicuous orthodontic appliances
  • People who want to brush their teeth well without worrying about orthodontic devices.
  • People who want to straighten their teeth without pulling them out.

This is the recommended correction method for

Difference between Mouthpiece and Wire Orthodontics

mouthpiece orthodontics

There are four differences between mouthpiece and wire orthodontics.

  • Shape of orthodontic device
  • Applicable case levels
  • How to move teeth in your specialty
  • Pain

Shape of orthodontic device

Mouthpiece and wire orthodontics differ in the shape of the appliance.

Because the materials are also different,The appearance of the device and whether it can be put on and taken off by oneself differ.

Mouthpiece orthodontic shape

Mouthpiece orthodontics is,It is transparent and shaped to encircle the teeth.

This is a mouthpiece that covers all teeth up to the back teeth, whether partially or fully orthodontic.

The material is made of transparent plastic,The device blends in well with the teeth and is not noticeable.

Also,Can be put on and taken off by yourself when needed.Therefore, during orthodontic treatment, you can eat and brush your teeth with almost the same sensation as before orthodontic treatment.

Shape of wire orthodontics

Wire braces are,Silver or white brackets and wires are fastened to the teeth to move them.

There are several variations of materials, including metal, ceramic, and plastic, and the conspicuousness of the device depends on the material.

When wires are attached to the front surface of the teeth, the unevenness of the device can easily become a concern,This is especially noticeable when metal brackets and wires are used.

Also,The device cannot be put on and taken off by oneself.Therefore, it is necessary to be somewhat more careful in eating and brushing one's teeth.

Applicable case level

In mouthpiece vs. wire orthodontics,There are different levels of cases that can be adapted.

Level of cases amenable to mouthpiece orthodontics

There are several mouthpiece orthodontic brands available,Each brand has a different level of cases that can be cured.

Mouthpiece orthodontic brands that are designed for mild cases or only partial correction are often not applicable to moderate to severe cases that require total correction.

On the other hand, mouthpiece orthodontic brands such as Invisalign, which can be applied to total orthodontic correction, may be applied to severe cases involving tooth extraction or surgery (osteotomy) by incorporating attachments and elastic hangers into the treatment plan.

Level of cases amenable to wire orthodontics

Wire braces are,Applicable to almost all cases from mild to severeThe orthodontic device is a

This is because the orthodontic appliances have been used worldwide for a long time, so there are a large number of cases, and treatment plans that incorporate tooth extraction, surgery, and orthodontic implants can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the patients.

How to move teeth in your specialty

For mouthpiece and wire orthodontics,Each has its own specialty in moving teeth.

Mouthpiece orthodontics is good at moving teeth

Mouthpiece orthodontics is,

  • Move the back teeth back.
  • Movement that pushes the teeth into the gums (pressure reduction)
  • Movement to expand the dentition horizontally

is a good orthodontic device.

This will allow us to move the back teeth back and create some space for the front teeth to retract without having to extract them,It may be possible to treat mildly protruding or bucktooth with non-extraction.

Also,Also good at treating open bites that require pressure reduction of back teeth.It is.

How wire orthodontics is good at moving teeth

Wire braces are,

  • Tooth rotation
  • slight movement
  • Parallel shift of teeth

is a good orthodontic device.

Therefore, tooth extraction and surgery,It is suited for severe cases that require large parallel shifts of the anterior teeth.

Also,Cases with significant tooth torsion and rattling may also be improved more quickly than with mouthpiece orthodontics.


The way both sides are good at moving teeth is the way each device is not good at moving teeth.

Therefore, both mouthpiece and wire orthodontics are used in a single case to compensate for each other's disadvantages.Combination therapy."is sometimes done!


Mouthpiece braces apply force to move teeth in smaller increments than wire braces,There is less pain when the teeth move.

In addition, the smooth surface of the mouthpiece is shaped to prevent damage to the inside of the mouth.

There is no pain, such as that often felt with wire braces, where the corners of the brackets or the edges of the wires hit the patient.

Mouthpiece orthodontic treatment flow

mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics proceeds as follows

  1. counseling
  2. close inspection
  3. 3D scan of teeth
  4. Treatment planning and simulation
  5. Mouthpiece creation
  6. Start of treatment

What differentiates orthodontics from wire braces is that the inside of the mouth is photographed with a camera that can take 3D scans of the teeth.

To simulate orthodontic treatment based on 3D scanned data,You can see your own teeth aligned nicely before treatment.

After treatment begins, the patient will visit the dentist once around every two to three months to check the fit of the mouthpiece.

Cost and Duration of Mouthpiece Orthodontics

mouthpiece orthodontics

The estimated cost and treatment time for mouthpiece orthodontic treatment are as follows


  • Partial correction → about 100,000-700,000 yen
  • Whole body correction → about 800,000-1,000,000 yen


  • Partial correction → about 5 months to 1 year and 6 months
  • Total correction → about 1 to 2 years

However, orthodontics is self-funded,costand ... andLength of treatmentdepends on the level of the case and the dentist.

During the counseling session, it is a good idea to find out if there will be additional costs for visits during treatment or for remaking the mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece orthodontics is a different orthodontic method than wire orthodontics

mouthpiece orthodontics

Mouthpiece orthodontics differs from wire orthodontics,

  • Orthodontic appliances are inconspicuous
  • Can move teeth that are not good with wire braces.
  • Less pain during correction

is a feature of this product.

In particular, the fact that mouthpiece orthodontic appliances are less noticeable and that they move teeth in a way that is difficult with wire orthodontics may allow for the treatment of bucktooth and posterior mouth without the need for tooth extraction.

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