What Causes a Sore Tongue? How to heal it and how it relates to stress."

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Last updated April 14, 2023

The tongue is an extremely sensitive organ; it can sense even a single hair.

There are many causes of a sore tongue, some of which require a bit of attention.

What causes a sore tongue?


Stomatitis can be caused by mechanical irritation in the mouth, vitamin deficiency, stress, etc. In the mouth, they tend to form on the tip and back of the tongue as well as on the mucous membranes. Mouth ulcers can be painful when they touch other tissues in the mouth or are irritated by food or other stimuli.

When mouth ulcers form on the tongue, simply moving the tongue often causes pain.


Candida is not caused by bacteria but by a fungus, which is usually very weakly infectious.

However, if for some reason the body's immune system is weakened, candida can multiply and appear as a symptom.

Candida infection can causeSore tongue, or the tongue itself becomes red or whiteI will do so.


If there is a tingling sensation on the tongue, even though there is no specific disease visible to the eye, a diagnosis of glossodynia may be made.

The cause is said to be stress, etc.It is difficult to identify the specifics.

The tongue is a very sensitive organ with several nerves inside.

Even the slightest nervous imbalance can manifest itself as pain.It is especially common among middle-aged and older women.

Oral dryness

Saliva is produced by the salivary glands, but if the salivary glands atrophy, the amount of saliva produced will decrease.

The causes of salivary gland atrophy are said to be aging, stress, and hormonal balance, but it is difficult to pinpoint specific causes.

Low saliva levels can cause dryness of the oral cavity and a sore tongue.

Also,Dry mouth can cause taste disorders and dysphagiaThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Systemic Diseases

Tongue may be sore from systemic disease.

It is an autoimmune disease.

Sjogren's syndrome

Iron deficiency anemia, etc.

is a typical example.

Sjogren's disease

This disease causes inflammation of the lacrimal and salivary glands, resulting in decreased saliva production. The cause is that one's immune cells attack the salivary secreting cells in the salivary glands for some reason and cause inflammation. Decreased saliva secretion may cause a sore tongue.

iron-deficiency anaemia

Iron deficiency results in anemia as blood cell components of the blood are not produced. The effect of this can be a reddish and sore tongue.

Malignant and benign tumors

Benign and malignant tumors can also form on the tongue.

Malignant tumors, in particular, may cause pain in the tongue as they invade the nerves in the tongue.

If you have something like a mouth ulcer on your tongue that does not heal after a few weeks, or if you have a boil, be careful.

Tumors are said to be caused by aging, stress, and mechanical stimuli.

Is a sore tongue due to stress? Is it related?

IMG 2041

Direct proof that the sore tongue is caused by stress is not yet clear.

The tongue is an organ that is lined with a number of nerves and blood vessels.

It is possible that stress increases or conversely decreases blood flow or irritates the nerves, which can cause a sore tongue. However, it is difficult to pinpoint stress as the cause of a sore tongue.

It will remain only a possibility.

How to heal a sore tongue

IMG 0534

The cure for a sore tongue depends on the cause.

...In case of bacterial, viral, fungal, or other infectious diseases

For example, if the mouth ulcers are caused by bacteria or a virusPrescription for mouth ulcersThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

It can be purchased at drugstores and other places, but it may be different when you think you have mouth ulcers, or when you think you have mouth ulcers,

Drugs prescribed by a dentist may have a higher medicinal content,It is recommended that you see a dentist.

If it is caused by a fungus such as candidaAntifungal drugs are prescribedThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

...in the case of glossodynia

Tonsillitis is difficult to identify the cause. Therefore, the cure isFocus is on coping therapyThe first two are the following.

The response varies from clinic to clinic,Chinese herbs, mouthwashes (gargles), and antidepressants are prescribed.There are times when

In case of xerostomia

Due to difficulty in producing saliva,Massage salivary glands to stimulate saliva production.The user will be instructed to

Also,Oral moisturizing solution is prescribed.In some cases In some cases, Chinese herbs may be prescribed.

In case of systemic diseases

If the tongue is sore due to systemic disease,Treatment of systemic diseasesto the "I" in the following paragraphs.

There are many things that cannot be handled by the dentist alone,Treatment proceeds in consultation with a medical doctor.Often.

Malignant or benign tumors

In the case of malignant tumorsDetailed examination and treatment at a specialized hospital andIt will be.

In the case of tongue cancer, the treatment plan depends on the degree of progression.

In early stages, the disease may be cured by surgery alone, but in advanced stages, chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be used in combination.

Benign tumors are often removed surgically.

How long does it take for a sore tongue to heal?

How long it takes for a sore tongue to heal is the cause or the disease.Depends on severityThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Therefore, it is difficult to determine exactly how long it will take to heal.

For example, when asked how long it takes for mouth ulcers to heal, it depends on the size of the mouth ulcer inflammation and the person's immune system.

Also,Tongue pain due to glossodynia or xerostomia is basically a symptom that often lasts for a long timeIt is.

See a dentist or hospital.

Tongue pain can have many causes, and depending on the cause, some can heal quickly without any action, while others require the intervention of a dentist or physician.

If the tongue sore persists for several weeks, do not underestimate it and see your dentist.

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