What is a "Craprox" toothbrush? Is there an electric toothbrush? Popular reviews among dentists and dental hygienists

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Last updated July 8, 2022

The "Klapprox" toothbrush was created in Switzerland.

The colorful appearance and the "chunky, fluffy" bristles made of Curen® fiber make for a very comfortable brushing experience.


This time,I will talk about the popular toothbrush "Klaprox"!

What is a "KURAPROX" toothbrush?

  • Born in Switzerland, where preventive dentistry is emphasized.
  • High-density Curen® fibers firmly remove plaque
  • Can be used for about 3 months if used carefully.
  • Wide variety of toothbrushes for different mouth conditions and ages



Craprox is a toothbrush created in Switzerland, where preventive dentistry is emphasized.

Curaprox" is a toothbrush created by Curaden, a Swiss dental manufacturer that emphasizes preventive dentistry.

In Switzerland, where health insurance premiums are relatively high, the emphasis tends to be on prevention through self-care rather than treatment.

Therefore, for the Claprox, which was born in Switzerland, where there is a high level of awareness of preventive dentistry,It is loved in 75 countries around the world for both its comfort and its ability to remove stains.(*)


CLAPROX® toothbrush with high-density Curen® fibers for firm removal of plaque

Curen® fiber, a proprietary fiber, is used in CLAPROX.

Characteristics of Curen® fiber
■Elasticity to remove dirt
■Soft and less likely to damage gums
■Even when moistened in the mouth, it retains the same elasticity and softness.

The brushes are densely packed with Curen® fibers,It gently and efficiently removes plaque from the delicate border between teeth and gums and periodontal pockets.

With careful use, the KURAPROX toothbrush can be used for about three months.

The Curen® fiber used in the Craprox toothbrushes is a long-lasting polyester fiber that drains well.

This depends on the frequency of brushing and brushing pressure, though,If used carefully, one bottle can be used for about 3 months.

It lasts much longer than a typical toothbrush, which often needs to be replaced after a month or so.

Craprox has a wide variety of toothbrushes to match the condition and age of the mouth

In addition to a common toothbrush,These include interdental brushes and electric toothbrushes using the same Curen® fiber.

The selection is based on the condition and age of the mouth, so you can find the perfect toothbrush for new teething babies, those in orthodontics, and those with many implants and other prosthetics.

On the official website, there is a diagnosis that suggests the best toothbrush from the Klapprox series, so if you are interested, you can try it out.

Official website of KURAPROX

Types of Claprox toothbrushes


For the Klapprox,Common types of toothbrushes, interdental brushes, and electric toothbrushes are available.

CLAPROX Toothbrush [CS Series

In Klapprox.Most standard typeIt is.

The bristles, densely packed with ultra-fine Curen® fiber bristles, penetrate between teeth and into the grooves of the gums to remove even the smallest of plaque.

In addition, the octagonal handle design makes it easy to apply the brush at an appropriate angle to the gums.

There are five types of brushes, depending on the size of the brush portion (head), the softness of the bristles, and the number of bristles planted.

  • CS 12460/velvet
  • CS 5460 / Ultrasoft
  • CS 3960 / Supersoft
  • CS 1560 / Soft
  • CS smart
  • CS Ortho/Ultrasoft

The key to choosing the right one is,Bristle softness and brush sizeIt is!

Heads of the same size are selected by the softness of the bristles.

The following four CS series have the same head size.

CS 12460/velvet
cs12460velvet001 min
created by Rinker.
¥1,430 (As of 06/15/2024 02:49:28 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)
CS 5460 / Ultrasoft
CS 3960 / Supersoft
cs3960001 min
created by Rinker.
¥1,210 (As of 06/15/2024 02:49:28 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)
CS 1560 / Soft
cs1560001a min
created by Rinker.
¥1,210 (As of 06/15/2024 02:49:29 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

Each has different thickness of bristles, different number of bristles planted, and different softness of the bristles against the teeth.

These have the same head size,Select by hair softnesswould be a good idea.

For first-time users of Klapprox and those who want to try standard hair softness, "Ultra Soft" is recommended.

If you prefer the softest bristles possible, we recommend "Velvet". The bristles are the thinnest and the number of bristles planted is large, so you can brush as if you are gently wrapping your teeth.

For those who prefer a slightly firmer texture, we recommend "Soft," which has the smallest number of hairs planted.

If you like small heads, "CS smart" is recommended.

cssmart001a min
created by Rinker.
¥1,210 (As of 06/15/2024 02:49:29 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

While the CS series head measures approximately 25 x 12 mm, the CS smart head measures approximately 20 x 10 mm, making it a bit more compact.

Because the compact size makes it easy to insert the toothbrush into the back teeth,If you like small heads.."CS smart" is recommendedIt is.

CS Ortho/Ultrasoft is also popular by word of mouth if you are in braces.

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created by Rinker.
1,168 (As of 06/15/2024 06:53:35 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

CS Ortho is also recommended for those in wire braces.

A step is made where the wire hits the surface, allowing for smooth polishing of the surface.

The head is slightly larger and is recommended for use on adults 15 years of age and older undergoing orthodontic treatment.


More and more people are actually using it and it is popular by word of mouth!

CLAPROX Interdental Brush [CPS Prime

created by Rinker.
¥1,870 (As of 06/15/2024 02:49:30 PM, based on Rakuten market research.Details)

This interdental brush is made of Curen® fiber, the same material used in Craprox.

The brush, which is softer and more elastic than a typical interdental brush, fits snugly between the teeth without gaps.

Because the fit between the teeth is very good,Just one stroke of insertion and withdrawal is sufficient to scrape out plaque.

There are also several different shapes of holders, allowing you to use whatever you like with different brushes.

We recommend the "UHS 409 Holder Handy" for those who prefer a compact type, and the "UHS 41" made of aluminum or the "UHS 415" made of stainless steel for those who prefer a longer handle.

Claprox is also popular for its electric toothbrushes

CLAPROX electric toothbrush [Black is White Hydro Sonic].



This electric toothbrush uses the same Curen® fiber as the Craprox®.

Who would you recommend a Klapprox electric toothbrush to?

  • Concerned about staining of teeth
  • Likes coffee, tea, and red wine
  • I want to polish my teeth smooth.
  • I want to brush efficiently and cleanly with an electric toothbrush.
  • I like new things.

Features of Klapprox electric toothbrushes

  • Carbon bristles with activated carbon particles polish without damaging enamel.
  • Combined use of whitening powder revives the original whiteness of teeth.
  • CURENⓇ fiber use for gentle brushing on gums
  • Curved brush head for easy deep brushing
  • Up to 42,000 sonic vibrations per minute to remove even the smallest plaque
  • High-capacity battery that can be used for 4 minutes a day for about 2 weeks on a single charge
  • Simple design with a single button for on/off mode switching
  • It comes with a case and is lightweight and easy to carry with you every day!

By,It is easy to use even for those who have had gum pain with electric toothbrushes in the past, or who feel that electric toothbrushes do not fit their bristles well.

↓ Now there is a free whitening powder gift! ↓↓

Free gift of toothpaste powder! Craprox Black is White Electric Toothbrush

Comfortable self-care with the Claprox toothbrush


The high-density Curen® fibers of Craprox® allow the toothbrush to wrap around the teeth and gums as it brushes.



In addition to toothbrushes, interdental brushes and electric toothbrushes are also available, depending on your oral condition, preferences, and lifestyle.

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