Which international celebrities have beautiful teeth? Are orthodontics and whitening the norm?

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Doctor, are orthodontics and whitening common among foreign celebrities?


A great many foreign celebrities have beautifully aligned and white teeth.
This time,We introduce you to the orthodontic and whitening situation overseas and foreign celebrities with beautiful teeth!

The situation of orthodontics and whitening of foreign celebrities with beautiful teeth

International celebrity teeth

I have the impression that many international celebrities clean their teeth by straightening and whitening.

What is the situation of orthodontics and whitening overseas?

Good teeth and white teeth are the norm in America.

In the United States,

  • Badly aligned teeth and poor upbringing
  • Double teeth remind me of Dracula.
  • Yellow teeth are unclean and unhealthy

saidMany tend to have a negative image.

As background,

  • Yellow teeth are reminiscent of poorly cleaned, decayed, or periodontally diseased teeth.
  • High status awareness of spending money on teeth that are not covered by insurance treatment to keep them clean.

The following are some examples.

It is also thought that poorly aligned teeth would stand out among Westerners, who have larger jawbones and teeth that are more easily aligned neatly.

From this,In the U.S., there is a widespread awareness that good dentition and white teeth are the norm.The image is likely to be negative for people with yellow teeth and bad teeth.

In Sweden, people have a high level of dental health awareness

Sweden is very well known as an advanced dental prevention country.

In Sweden, with its excellent benefits package, the entire country is focused on dental health,

  • Free orthodontic costs until age 19
  • Leaving a cavity in a child under the age of 18 is a crime of child abuse.
  • Free of charge for general cavity treatment

A number of dental policies have been put in place, such as

Therefore,The public's "natural" standards for teeth are also high, with clean, white, healthy teeth being the norm.It is.

In Korea, many people prioritize correction over plastic surgery.

Korea, with its many excellent cosmetics and skin care products, is famous for the large percentage of people who undergo beauty treatments.

Looking at Korean actors and idols, I have the impression that few of them have misaligned or yellow teeth.

Korea has an image of people who spend a lot of money on beauty,In fact, many people tend to prioritize correction over cosmetic procedures.

Korean is a language that uses the shape of the mouth and tongue to create pronunciation.

Because of this, people tend to look at their mouths when they are talking and are concerned about the alignment of their teeth.

10 international celebrities with beautiful teeth

International celebrity teeth

Here are 10 international celebrities with beautiful teeth!

■Emma Watson
■Kendall Jenner
■Willow Smith.
■Angelina Jolie
■Matthew Lewis
Tom Cruise
■Celine Dion
■David Beckham
■Neil Horan
Zac Efron

Emma Watson

Emma Watson became famous for her role as Hermione in Harry Potter.

Originally, the second and third teeth were small, and the dentition was uneven and cuspid.

Currently,The volume and straight aligned teeth are very nice.

Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner, an American model and TV personality, began wearing wire braces at age 13.

The finished product isThe teeth are white and nicely aligned, although slightly tilted inward.

Willow Smith.

Willow Smith is an American singer, actress and dancer. She is also well known as the daughter of the famous actor Will Smith.

Her symmetrically aligned, bright white teeth are very impressive, and she had braces with wires to straighten her teeth.

During orthodontic treatment, the rubber that holds the wires in place should be colorful,They enjoyed it as a part of fashion.

Angelina Jolie.

The world-famous Angelina Jolie originally had large, bucktooth front teeth.

She was seen wearing wire braces when she was 12 years old, when she was already an actress,After orthodontic treatment, the front teeth stand up and are beautifully aligned.

The teeth are also pure white, so they may have been whitened or made ceramic.

Matthew Lewis

He is also a British actor best known for his role as Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter.

I had a severe double tooth that was so severe that the second tooth was not visible,After orthodontic treatment, the teeth are aligned straight and the second tooth, which was not visible, is now visible.

The shape of the double tooth does not appear to have changed, so it appears to be whitened, but not ceramic.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise's original teeth were in very poor condition, and there are still films in which he appeared when his teeth were yellow and uneven.

Around 2002, he was seen wearing wire braces, and it appears that he straightened and straightened his teeth.

Today, his beautiful white teeth are straight and his smile is dazzling.

However, the midline of the upper teeth is shifted to the left by about one tooth,The teeth are noticeably misaligned when viewed from the front.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a world-class diva who has won five Grammy Awards for her Titanic theme song.

Before the braces I had slightly double teeth. I don't know if the braces are ceramic,Now the double teeth are less noticeable and white.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a well-known English former soccer player.

It became quite popular in Japan during the World Cup, didn't it?

The original teeth were double and yellowish,He now has white teeth and a very nice set of teeth.

Neil Horan

Neil Horan is a member of the popular British singing group One Direction.

He had been undergoing orthodontic treatment for two years since he was 17 years old,On the day the braces were removed, she reported to her fans on her Twitter page, "Finally!" and reported her happiness to her fans.

The teeth were originally uneven, but after orthodontic treatment, they are now beautifully straight and aligned.

Your teeth are very white and beautiful!

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is an American actor who has appeared in popular films such as High School Musical and The Greatest Showman.

I had a large gap between my upper front teeth,The teeth are now white with no gaps.

Since there is no significant change compared to the shape of the teeth before treatment, it is thought that whitening has probably been done, but not ceramic.

International celebrities have the status of having their teeth cleaned by orthodontics and whitening.

International celebrity teeth
young woman showing bright white teeth

Many international celebrities straighten and whiten their teeth because of their status-consciousness about having clean teeth and spending money on their teeth.

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