What to do if you chip a tooth? We teach you how to deal with it immediately!

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Doctor, I chipped my tooth while eating.
What should I do?


Do not touch the chipped tooth and go to the dentist as soon as possible.
This time,We will discuss immediate steps you can take when you have a chipped tooth!

What to do if you chip a tooth? What to do immediately

Chipped tooth.

If you have a chipped tooth, take the following steps

  • If the tooth has a large chipped area, save the tooth.
  • I don't touch the chipped tooth too much.
  • Go to the dentist even if it's small and doesn't hurt.

If the tooth has a large chipped area, save the tooth just in case.

If it is a small chip, it is difficult,If you have a relatively large chipped tooth, save the tooth and bring it to the dentist just in case.

Although unlikely, dental adhesives can be used to attach and repair chipped teeth.

When preserving teeth,

  • Never wash with water
  • Do not let dry

The key is to

This is the same way to deal with a missing tooth.

Rinsing the teeth with water may remove the tissue needed to attach the teeth together, making it impossible to preserve them.

It is also not to be allowed to dry out.Soak in milk, tooth preservation solution, or saline solution.Bring it to your dentist.

Tooth preservation solutions and saline solutions can be purchased at drugstores.

If there is no liquid to soak in, put it in your mouth andThe dentist is not allowed to dry it out, and it is then taken to the dentist.

I don't touch the chipped tooth too much.

When a tooth is chipped, even if it is small, it may bother you and you may touch it with your tongue or fingers.

Touching unnecessarily,Chipped teeth can cause inflammation due to bacterial infection or cause the remaining teeth to wobble.

If the chipped area is touched, causing problems with the remaining teeth, the treatment period may be extended, and at worst, the tooth may have to be extracted.

Also, do not touch the tongue, as chipped and sharp teeth can injure it.

Go to the dentist even if it's small and doesn't hurt.

If a tooth is chipped,Whether the chipped area is small or large, go to the dentist even if it does not hurt.

There are many causes of chipped teeth, including tooth decay, habitual biting, and trauma.

If a tooth is chipped, there is a good chance that some problem is occurring.

Do not leave it untreated just because it does not hurt, but see your dentist.

Causes of Chipped Teeth

Chipped tooth.

There are many causes of missing teeth.

  • cavity
  • Biting habits
  • I smashed my teeth in.
  • eating habits


If there is decay that spreads within the tooth, the tooth may be chipped.

Teeth are composed of three layers, from the outside: enamel, dentin, and tooth nerve.

Since enamel is harder than dentin, when a cavity develops, only the relatively soft dentin may dissolve, leaving the outer enamel to progress.

When this happens, when you chew food or bite your teeth together, the enamel disintegrates and the teeth chip.

Biting habits

such as grinding, clenching, and dental contact habits (TCH),

Teeth may be chipped due to habitual biting.

Grinding and clenching of teeth

Teeth grinding or clenching is an unconscious habit of grinding or gnashing the teeth together.

It is often done subconsciously at bedtime to relieve stress or for mental stability.

When you grind or clench your teeth, a force of up to three times your body weight is applied to your teeth.

By this,Teeth may disintegrate and become chipped.

Teeth Contact Habit (TCH)

Dental contact habit is the habit of constantly aligning the upper and lower teeth.

It is not as strong a force as clenching or grinding,Constant biting of teeth with weak force causes chipping, wear and tear, and sensitivity of teethIt is said.

I smashed my teeth in.

When a tooth is hit and causes some problem, it is called "trauma" in dentistry.

The impact of a fall or hitting your face on something can cause a tooth to chip.

eating habits

By eating habitsAcid erosion can result in chipped teeth.

Acid erosion is a condition in which the ingestion of highly acidic foods and drinks causes the teeth to dissolve and become brittle, even though they are not decayed.

Foods and drinks with high acidity include lemons, carbonated drinks, and sports drinks.

What happens if a chipped tooth is left untreated?

Chipped tooth.

Chipped teeth, if left untreated, can cause the following problems

  • Problems due to dentin exposure
  • get one's jaws out of alignment
  • hurt one's tongue

Problems due to dentin exposure

The dentin inside the tooth is softer and more delicate than the enamel that covers the outside.

When teeth are chipped and dentin is exposed,The risk of tooth decay is increased.

In addition, because dentin has a hole called the "dentin tubule" that leads to the tooth nerve

, ,The temperature of the food and the stimulation of the toothbrush hitting the area are transmitted to the nerves, causing pain.

Problems due to exposed tooth nerves

If a tooth is severely chipped and the nerve is exposed,Severe pain is likely to occur.

When the nerve of a tooth becomes inflamed, treatment is basically required to remove the tooth's nerve.

When the tooth nerve is lost, the tooth structure becomes brittle and the life of the tooth is shortened because of the lack of tooth metabolism.

get one's jaws out of alignment

The space between teeth can be chipped away and adjacent teeth can fall into the vacant space,

If the biting surface of the back teeth is chipped and the bite is low,The bite may be disturbed.

hurt one's tongue

If the teeth are chipped and sharp,The tongue may scratch it when it touches it.

How many days should I go to the dentist if I have a chipped tooth?

Chipped tooth.

If a tooth is chipped, do not leave a day,It is advisable to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

If the chipped area is small, painless, and unremarkable in appearance, some people leave the chipped back teeth alone, which is dangerous.

Go to the dentist before you get cavities or pain from the chipped area.

If you chip a tooth, go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Chipped tooth.

Missing teeth can cause some problems later, even if there is no pain and no bite problems.

If you chip a tooth, go to the dentist as soon as possible.

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