Here are some useful things to have on the go during orthodontic treatment.

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Last updated August 21, 2023


I'm worried about care and trouble when I'm out and about during orthodontic treatment, is there anything I should bring with me when I go out?


Yes, it is true that during orthodontic treatment, you are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease, and since the orthodontic appliance will be attached to your teeth, you will be in a different environment than usual, which can be worrisome.

In this issue, we will introduce some items that are useful to have on the go during orthodontic treatment!

Things to have handy when going out during orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic toothpaste

The following items are useful for outings during orthodontic treatment

  • Post-meal mouth care items
  • First aid items for troubleshooting
  • Xylitol 100% snacks

Post-meal mouth care items

The following five items are useful to have with you for after-meal mouth care. There are several types of auxiliary tools,The choice is based on the orthodontic appliances used and the condition of the teeth.

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • auxiliary equipment
  • floss
  • interdental brush
  • one-tufted brush
  • Mouthwash that can be used up
  • Spare jaw guard rubber (only if your dentist instructs you to use it)

You often don't know if you will be able to brush your teeth on the go until it is time to do so.

Having five items is convenient for any occasion.

Also,If you have mouthpiece braces, the following four items, in addition to the above, will provide additional peace of mind.

  • hand sanitizer
  • Case for mouthpiece
  • aligner tuit
  • Antimicrobial spray for orthodontic devices

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, aids, mouthwash

It is a good idea to use different items for different situations when you can and cannot brush your teeth.

When you can brush your teeth

When you can brush your teeth carefully on the go, use a toothbrush with toothpaste to brush the entire area, then use an auxiliary tool to remove fine stains and food debris from under the wires and in the spaces between the teeth.

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When you cannot brush your teeth

If you cannot brush your teeth,Gargle often with used mouthwash and keep the mouth as free of food debris and dirt as possible.

If large food debris has settled on the front teeth or other areas, use either an interdental brush, one-tufted brush, or floss to quickly remove only the food debris in the area of concern.

In the case of mouthpiece orthodontics, wearing the mouthpiece takes precedence over brushing the teeth after meals when going out.Be prepared to provide minimal care even when you do not have enough time to brush your teeth.

Spare jaw guard rubber

In both wire and mouthpiece orthodontics, dentists may require the use of a "chin guard rubber" to assist tooth movement.

The chin guard must be put on and taken off by the patient when eating or brushing teeth.

When instructed to use jaw guard rubber, prepare a spare,Wear it after you have finished taking care of your mouth after eating.

Additional items that mouthpiece orthodontists should have

For those with mouthpiece orthodontics,It is a good idea to have items that will help when the mouthpiece is removed for meals.

hand sanitizer

Recommended for use as an anti-virus measure, as hands are placed in the mouth when removing the mouthpiece.

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Case for mouthpiece

Used to temporarily store mouthpieces removed during meals.

If you wrap it in a tissue without putting it in a case and put it on the table or put it in your bag as it is,Be aware that this can cause loss or deformation of the mouthpiece.

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aligner tuit

Aligner chewies are used to fit the mouthpiece to improve fit.

Items recommended for use each time the mouthpiece is wornSo it is a good idea to keep one in a case for the mouthpiece.

Antimicrobial spray for orthodontic devices

Antimicrobial sprays for orthodontic appliances are sprayed on the mouthpiece before wearing to inhibit the activity of bacteria that cause tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The mouthpiece can basically be washed in water, though,Use of an additive will help reduce the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

There are various types of antimicrobial sprays, such as those for the fingers, to prevent alteration or deformation of the mouthpiece,Be sure to use "orthodontic device" antimicrobial sprays.

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First aid items for troubleshooting

During orthodontic treatment, problems such as wire or mouthpiece edges hitting or brackets coming off may occur.

It would be nice if we could go to the dentist's office that does orthodontics right away, but it is more often difficult when we are out of town.

Therefore,It is a good idea to have items that can be used for simple first aid.

mouthpiece orthodontics

With mouthpiece orthodontics, for some reason the edges of the mouthpiece may deform or the gums may swell while you are out and the mouthpiece may hurt when it hits your lips, tongue, or gums.

Therefore, it is useful for mouthpiece orthodontists to wait for either of the following for first aid

  • nail clippers
  • file

If it hurts when the edges of the mouthpiece hit,Cut or file the area being hit with nail clippers to make it smooth.

However,Cutting too much or too little can cause problems such as weakening the corrective power of the mouthpiece.If you cut or shave the mouthpiece yourself, contact your dentist to be sure.

wire orthodontia

In the case of wire braces, the device may hit and hurt or come off while you are out and about. Therefore, it is useful to have the following items waiting for first aid

  • Dental wax
  • toothpick
  • Nail clippers or small nippers
Dental wax

Dental wax is like silicone clay.It is applied to the area where the wire or bracket hits to cover it and relieve pain.

  • Cover the wire with wax by sticking it on top of the wire.
  • The dislodged bracket is fixed to the wire with wax to reduce rattling.
  • The loose wire is waxed onto the bracket to hold it in place.

It can be used in a number of ways, such as However, dental wax comes off easily with eating and brushing.

If it hurts when the wire or bracket hits you,Contact your dentist as soon as possible because you will need to have it adjusted so that it does not hit.


Orthodontic wires may be tied to brackets with thin wires (ligatures), and the knots may pop out and catch on the cheeks when eating or brushing teeth.

If the end of the ligature line pops out and hurts,Use a toothpick to push the end of the ligature wire under the wire toward the tooth.The key is to push the toothpick in slowly and gradually so as not to puncture the gums.

Nail clippers or small nippers

Used to partially cut wires that have popped out or come off.

If you cut the wire by lightly holding it down on the tooth surface with your finger, the wire is less likely to fly apart.

However, this need not be forced.

other than the portion that accidentally overflows.If you cut the wires, the force to move the teeth will not work.Because of,

Contact your dentist as soon as possible to have it fixed.

100% xylitol candy

During orthodontic treatment, I recommend this as a snack when you get hungry.Xylitol 100% snacksIt is.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has the same sweetness as sugar but does not cause tooth decay. It also prevents cavities by promoting saliva secretion and remineralization.

Xylitol 100% snacks will not cause cavities and are recommended as a snack during orthodontic treatment, when the risk of tooth decay is high.

While chewable xylitol snacks such as gum or gummy bears cannot be eaten during mouthpiece orthodontic treatment, candy and tablet types can be eaten without chewing while wearing the mouthpiece.

However,Be careful about snacks that contain caries-causing sugar in addition to xylitol.Is. Check the package and choose a sugarless one.

Carry a care set with you when you go out during orthodontic treatment.

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During orthodontic treatment, there are times when you need to take care of your mouth and deal with problems when you go out, but if you have the care set we have introduced here, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We'll find the right dentist for you.365dentistprovides useful information about the mouth!

We also have an on line chat where you can share your orthodontic and oral concerns with the dentist and everyone else, so if you are interested, please come visit us!

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