What are Invisalign attachments? Explaining its role, advantages and disadvantages.

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Doctor, I would like to have orthodontic treatment with Invisalign.
I was told that I would have an "attachment" to my teeth.


Attachments are orthodontic appliances used to support tooth movement.
This time,Let's talk about the role, types, advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign attachments!
We will also show you how to attach and remove attachments and what to do when they come off!

What is an Invisalign attachment?

Invisalign Attachment

What is an Invisalign attachment?Small white protrusions to attach to teethIt is.

The role and types of attachments are explained.

Role of Invisalign attachments

Attachments are,Role of the mouthpiece in supporting tooth movement and moving teeth preciselyThere are

They are made by placing a white dental resin directly on the teeth and are about the size of a grain of rice at the largest. They are designed to be removed when orthodontic treatment is complete.

The mouthpiece alone can move the teeth to some extent, though,By combining attachments, more complex tooth movement can be achieved.

Invisalign can be adapted to relatively more severe cases than other mouthpiece orthodontic solutions because it allows for treatment planning that utilizes attachments.

Attachments also serve to secure the mouthpiece to the teeth and increase adhesion.

Improving the adhesion between the mouthpiece and the teeth is also important for accurate tooth movement.

Types of Invisalign Attachments

There are two main types of Invisalign attachments

  • Optimal Attachment
  • Normal attachment

Optimal Attachment

What is the optimal attachment?Attachment automatically placed by Invisalign software as teeth moveIt is.

It is used to guide teeth that have complex movements, such as tooth reduction, ejection, rotation, root control, and space for extracted teeth, which are difficult to move with a mouthpiece alone.

  • Optimal attachment for open bites
  • Optimal attachment for deep bite
  • Optimal attachment for rotation
  • Optimal attachment for route control
  • Optimal attachment for Anchorage

These are the five types.

Optimal attachment for open bites

The optimal attachment for open bites is a horizontal rectangle and is often placed on the four upper anterior teeth.

It is used to pull the front teeth through the gums (pressure drop) to bring the upper and lower teeth together.

Optimal attachment for deep bite

The optimal attachment for deep biting is an attachment that is sometimes used in combination with a mouthpiece protrusion called a bite ramp.

Push the upper front teeth into the gums with the bite ramp (pressure down) and the other way around.Deep bite is improved by pulling the back teeth out of the gums (parithesis).

Optimal attachment for rotation

Optimal attachments for rotation are attachments often placed on canines and bicuspids.

It is shaped like a rounded triangle,Rotate the teeth to cure twisting.

Optimal attachment for route control

The optimal attachment for root control is an attachment for controlling root movement.

It is characterized by two crescent-shaped attachments on each tooth.

It is used to correct a gap in the front teeth or a tooth tilt.

Optimal attachment for Anchorage

The optimal attachment for Anchorage is,Attachment used to hold the space created by extracting a toothIt is.

It is used when the first premolar (the fourth tooth counting from the front) is extracted.

Normal attachment

Normal attachments are rectangular, oval, or rectangular shaped attachments with slanted sides.

Installed as needed at the discretion of the dentistThe following is a summary of the results of the project.

Advantages of Attachment with Invisalign

Invisalign Attachment

What are the advantages of attachments with Invisalign?Broadening the range of applicable casesIt is.

This is because attachments allow for tooth movement that is difficult to achieve with a mouthpiece alone,It is more likely to be able to handle difficult cases that require tooth extraction or surgical procedures.

It is also likely to shorten the treatment period compared to moving the teeth with a mouthpiece alone.

Disadvantages of attachment with Invisalign

Invisalign Attachment

What are the disadvantages of wearing attachments with Invisalign?Occurrence of discomfort when eating or brushing teethIt is.

Until you get used to it, you may experience inconveniences such as food getting caught in the attachments, making it difficult to eat, or toothbrushes easily deteriorating when brushing your teeth.

However, it is not a large device like wire braces,Invisalign attachments are far less uncomfortable.It is.

How to put on and take off Invisalign attachments

Invisalign Attachment

Invisalign attachments are placed at the beginning of treatment and removed at the end of treatment.

This section explains the general method of attaching and removing attachments.

How to attach Invisalign attachments

Attachments are installed according to the following procedure.

  1. Remove stains from the tooth surface using a dental machine (brush).
  2. Once the tooth surface is clean, apply the treatment to the tooth.
  3. Dental resin is poured into a mouthpiece (attachment template) with dimples for attachments and placed on the teeth.
  4. Light is shone on the attachment template to harden the dental resin.
  5. Remove the attachment template from the tooth and remove excess dental resin to complete the process.

The entire process is performed by a dentist or dental hygienist, so there is no need to do anything yourself.

How to remove Invisalign attachments

Invisalign attachments are,Basically, a special device called a resin remover is used to remove the resin.

After removing the attachments with a resin remover, the tooth surface is rough due to the attachment debris remaining, so a special machine is used to polish and smooth the tooth surface.

What to do when an Invisalign attachment comes off

Invisalign Attachment

Invisalign attachments may come off when putting on and taking off the mouthpiece or when eating.

If an attachment is removed, contact your dentist first.Basically, the dentist will reattach the attachment.


Invisalign Attachment

Invisalign attachments are,Orthodontic appliances used to support complex tooth movementIt is.

It is made of white dental resin and is as small as a grain of rice.

Since complex tooth movement can be achieved by attaching attachments to the teeth, it may be applicable to severe cases that require tooth extraction or surgical procedures.

However, the level of cases that can be treated depends on the dentist's policy.

First, have a consultation to see if your teeth can be fixed with Invisalign.

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