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How to clean up a cleft lip and palate and what to look out for | A Dentist Explains Thoroughly

In this issue, a dentist explains about cleft lip and palate, how it can be treated beautifully, and frequently asked questions. Written by Dentist/issyAfter graduating from the National School of Dentistry, he trained at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Dental Hospital, and is currently working as a dentist and is involved in general dentistry and orthodontics. He is a member of the Japan Oral Implant...
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Can I whiten my teeth while in braces?

Patient Dr., I am in orthodontic treatment and I am concerned about the color of my teeth. Can I whiten my teeth during orthodontic treatment? DentistAs your teeth become more beautiful, many people are concerned about the color of their teeth. Can whitening be done during orthodontic treatment?
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Three mouthpiece cleaning recommendations! Can it be for dentures?

PatientDo you recommend using a mouthpiece cleaner for dentures when cleaning mouthpieces? DentistMouthpieces and dentures are made of different materials, so it is recommended to use a mouthpiece cleaner for mouthpieces. In this issue, we will discuss whether it is safe to use a mouthpiece cleaner for dentures,...
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What are congenital absent teeth? Causes, treatments, and how to recover from the shock.

PatientDuring orthodontic treatment, doctor, I heard that I was born with fewer teeth than others...I'm shocked. DentistYou are right....The term "congenital deficient teeth" is used in dentistry to describe being born with a small number of teeth. What is congenital deficient tooth, causes, treatment, shock or...
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For those who are concerned about the alignment of their children's teeth! Learn more about the features, costs, advantages and disadvantages of Invisalign First.

Patient Doctor, I am concerned about my child's teeth. I heard that Invisalign First can correct this problem...DentistI recommend Invisalign First if you are looking for orthodontic treatment for your child's future! In this article, we will discuss the special features of Invisalign First...
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Mooshield or Pre-Ortho? Differences and advantages and disadvantages of mouthpiece orthodontic appliances used for early orthodontic treatment of children with an opposing bite (ukeuchi).

Patient Dr., I am concerned about my child's passive mouth. I heard that a mouthpiece called Mooshield or Pre-Ortho can be used for early orthodontic treatment, what is the difference between them? DentistMooshield and Pre-Ortho are the most common early orthodontic treatment for children with a passive mouth....
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Cases in which partial correction is not possible and the reasons|Cases in which total correction is necessary and its advantages

Patient: Doctor, I want partial orthodontic treatment, but I was told that partial orthodontic treatment is not possible with my teeth. Why is that? DentistPartial orthodontic treatment tends to be shorter and less expensive, so many people want it. I understand. This time, I can't do partial orthodontics...
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Characteristics and advantages of people born with a good set of teeth|Causes and prevention of misaligned teeth

PatientDr. Doctor, what kind of person is born with a good set of teeth? DentistI understand. In this article, I will discuss the characteristics and advantages of people who are born with a good set of teeth, the causes of misaligned teeth, and preventive measures! Characteristics of people who are born with a good set of teethThe characteristics of people who are born with a good set of teeth...
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Is it true that I should stop wearing adult braces?

PatientDr. Doctor, I heard that it is better not to have braces for adults. I would like to get braces now too... DentistIn this article, I will discuss whether adults should stop wearing braces or not, based on the advantages and disadvantages of braces for adults! Should adults stop wearing braces...
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How to fix a distorted face? We show you why braces are effective.

Patient, I am concerned about the distortion of your face. I heard that it can be cured with braces. DentistAs facial distortion is also related to the bite, it can be cured with orthodontics. In this issue, we will discuss the causes of facial distortion, how to cure facial distortion, and how effective orthodontics is for facial distortion...

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