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What does it cost to have celebrity-like teeth? Cost of all-ceramic and orthodontics

Dentist Many celebrities have beautiful teeth with all-ceramic treatment, orthodontic treatment, and whitening. In this article, we will discuss the cost of getting celebrity-like teeth! The cost to have teeth like a celebrity|Explanation of each method! Like a Celebrity...
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Why do people say you will regret having ceramic teeth? What you need to know to avoid regret.

Patient I want to have my teeth made beautiful with ceramics, but I heard that some people regret it...what's wrong with that? Dentist Since ceramic is a treatment that involves cutting down the teeth and covering them with ceramics, some people may regret it later in terms of their dental health. In this issue, we'll discuss the benefits of having your teeth ceramic...
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Is it true that many celebrities have false teeth? With images!

Patient Many celebrities have beautiful teeth! I heard that they all have false teeth. Is it true? Dentist Not all celebrities have false teeth, but it is something to be concerned about. Let's talk about celebrity dentures! (adsbygoog...
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Dentist's Commentary] Introducing the price and life span of ceramics, as well as those covered by insurance.

Patient I have a cavity and I'm going to have a cavity covered or a filling... I'd like to have a white ceramic for appearance, but how much will it cost? Dentist On average, a self-funded ceramic tooth will cost about 100,000 yen per tooth, while a ceramic tooth covered by insurance...

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