Is it true that many celebrities have false teeth? With images!

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Last updated August 21, 2023


Many celebrities have beautiful teeth!
I heard that everyone is getting false teeth, is that true?


Not all celebrities have false teeth, but it is a concern.
In this issue, we will discuss celebrity dentures!

Entertainers with false teeth

Dentures Celebrity

Tsuyoshi Shinjo
■Nicole Fujita

Takeshi Shinjo

There is a famous story about former professional baseball player Tsuyoshi Shinjo who, at the age of 23, had all of his teeth ceramicized because he wanted them to be the color of a toilet bowl.

It seems that there were no such white ceramics in Japan,Using ceramics imported from Swedenand they seem to have gotten pure white, beautifully aligned teeth.

Nicole Fujita

Nicole Fujita thinks her two protruding front teeth and double teeth are her charm points, but she was concerned about her teeth when she smiled.

On his Instagram, he revealed that he had ceramic replacement teeth.

The teeth are no longer uneven and more beautiful.



Originally tweeted by GACKT (@GACKT) on July 30, 2022.

Speaking of ceramic replacement teeth, musician GACKT's teeth are often discussed.

The tightly aligned teeth and shiny white teeth are attractive.

Are celebrities full of false teeth?

Celebrity Dentures

Many celebrities have beautifully aligned teeth and white teeth.

Each of the following methods can be used to straighten and whiten teeth.

  • Aligning teeth → dentures, orthodontics
  • Teeth whitening → tooth replacement, whitening

The two have one thing in common: dentures.

An artificial tooth is a tooth that has been shaved from a healthy tooth, the nerve removed (*), and a tooth-shaped or color-covered tooth of your choice placed on top.

*In some cases, the nerve may not be removed.

In dentistry, they are called "all-ceramic," "ceramic treatment," or "ceramic orthodontics.

It is also possible to adjust for some tooth rattling when placing a covering.

They can also be changed to rounded shaped teeth for a gentler look or straight line teeth for a neat look.

The teeth of celebrities who did not wear wires or other orthodontic devices,If one day it is clean, it may have been replaced by a replacement tooth.

However, if wires are worn on the back side, they are barely visible when the mouth is open, and mouthpiece braces are very discreet.It is not generally true that "celebrities are full of false teeth."

If a healthy tooth is ground down or a nerve is extracted to make a tooth replacement, there is a risk of shortening the life of the tooth.

With the increased awareness of dental health and the advent of less noticeable wear such as mouthpiece orthodontics,More and more celebrities are beautifying their teeth with orthodontics and whitening.



Advantages of dentures for celebrities

Some of the advantages for celebrities choosing to have replacement teeth may include the following

  • Short treatment time
  • Can change the color and shape of teeth.
  • No toothache when trouble occurs.
  • Can make teeth whiter than whitening

Shorter treatment time than orthodontics

Since the replacement teeth are simply shaved and covered, the treatment time is only about two to three months.

Because orthodontics involves wearing orthodontic appliances such as wires and mouthpieces to move teeth and takes years to complete,Treatment time is much shorter with dentures.

Entertainers may lead irregular lifestyles, such as late-night filming or long business trips on location, or they may stay in a rural area or abroad for several months.

The short treatment time is a great advantage for celebrities who find it difficult to regularly visit the dentist for years to correct their teeth.

Can change the color and shape of teeth.

Orthodontics will not change the shape or color of the teeth, though,With replacement teeth, you can change the teeth to any shape or color you want.

Some celebrities may want to change the shape of their teeth to create their own character or image.

  • Some teeth are naturally small (dwarf teeth)
  • Bumpy tooth surface due to dysplasia (enamel dysplasia)
  • Discoloration due to tetracyclines (tetracycline teeth)

Such as,Born with dental problems that cannot be solved by orthodontics or whiteningIn some cases.

In these cases, replacement teeth that can change the shape and color of the teeth may be the first choice of treatment.

No toothache when trouble occurs.

To replace a tooth, it is basically necessary to remove the tooth's nerve.

Since nerves are responsible for the metabolism of the tooth, removing the nerves of a healthy tooth is not recommended because the tooth tends to become brittle.

However, he said that he would not be able to go to the dentist's office because of his schedule when he had a toothache due to a cavity or other dental problem,I want to remove the nerves beforehand to avoid tooth pain.Some entertainers seem to think that

Can make teeth whiter than whitening

Since the replacement teeth are artificial, you can choose the color of the teeth as you wish.

Even if natural teeth are whitened with whitening, they will turn yellow again with daily eating and drinking. Also, since they are natural teeth, there is a limit to their whiteness.

However, if the replacement teeth are made of a stain-resistant material such as ceramic,It is significantly less yellowing than natural teeth and can be whiter than whitening.

If whitening alone is not enough to satisfy the whiteness of the teeth, or if artificial whiteness is desired to create an image, teeth may be whitened with tooth replacements.

Why celebrity dentures are unnatural.

Celebrity Dentures

When watching television, the teeth of celebrities sometimes look unnatural.

The celebrity whose false teeth look unnatural,In many cases, the border between the teeth and gums is darkened or the teeth are too white.

Blackening of the border between the teeth and gums is more likely to occur with ceramics that use metal inside and is called metal tattooing.

Also, some people may find it unnatural to have teeth that are whiter than whitened with ceramics, such as Mr. GACKT and Takeshi Shinjo.

Some celebrities clean their teeth with false teeth.

Celebrity Dentures

While orthodontics and whitening are other methods of shaping teeth, some celebrities use tooth replacements because of the short time it takes for teeth to become beautifully aligned and the choice of tooth shape and color.

If you are looking to straighten your teeth or whiten your teeth, please see our 365dentist column for many ways to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit us in our dentist-run open chat!

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