What does it cost to have celebrity-like teeth? Cost of all-ceramic and orthodontics

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Many celebrities have beautiful teeth with all-ceramic treatment, orthodontic treatment, and whitening.
This time,Let's talk about the cost of getting celebrity-like teeth!

The cost of getting celebrity-like teeth|Explanation of each method!

Teeth like a celebrity Cost

The following is a list of ways to get celebrity-like teeth and the cost price of each.

  • All-ceramic treatment → approx. 100,000 yen or more per piece
  • Orthodontic treatment→approx. 700,000-1,300,000 yen
  • Whitening → approx. 20,000-80,000 yen

Some celebrities use a combination of several of these methods to keep their teeth clean.

Let's take a closer look at the cost of each!

All-ceramic treatment

Teeth like a celebrity Cost

All-ceramic is a treatment in which the teeth are shaved and covered with ceramic, sometimes called "orthodontic ceramic" or "replacement teeth".

The all-ceramic cost price is,About 100,000 yen per bottleIt is.

For example, if you want to fix six upper front teeth that are visible when you smile, it would cost about 600,000 yen in total.

Also, among all-ceramic,The cost per tooth is much higher for those with higher strength or those that are processed to have a texture similar to natural teeth.

  • White teeth can be achieved in a short period of time while straightening teeth.
  • Can shape and lengthen teeth to some extent
  • Long-lasting whiteness of teeth
  • Less susceptible to staining, so there is less risk of decay than with other coverings.
  • No worries about metal allergies

Because of these advantages, celebrities who want to clean their teeth faster than orthodontic treatment, which requires a longer treatment period, may choose all-ceramic treatment.

Entertainers who have had all-ceramic treatment

The famous celebrities who have publicly stated that they have gone all-ceramic are,Nicole FujitaIt is.

He made headlines when he said on social networking sites and on the radio, "I chose all-ceramic because I wanted to be beautiful while I was still successful in the entertainment industry."


  • Takeshi Shinjo
  • Mr. GACT.

is a well-known celebrity who has had all-ceramic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment|About 700,000-1,300,000 yen

Teeth like a celebrity Cost

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment to align and align the teeth and bite by moving the teeth one by one.

There are two main types of orthodontic appliances for moving teeth: wires and mouthpieces, and the cost rates differ slightly.

Cost price by orthodontic device]
Wire orthodontics → 700,000-1,500,000 yen
 Front side orthodontic treatment→approx. 700,000-1,500,000 yen
 Backside orthodontic treatment → Approx. 1,000,000-1,500,000 yen
 Half-lingual orthodontic treatment → approx. 800,000-1,300,000 yen
Mouthpiece orthodontics→approx. 800,000-1,300,000 yen

Basically, orthodontic appliances that are noticeable when worn, such as front braces, are less expensive, while those that are more visually pleasing, such as back braces, half-lingual, and mouthpiece braces, are more expensive.

Because entertainers are often in public,Often choose backside braces, half-lingual braces, or mouthpiece braces, which are less noticeable, even though they cost more.It seems to be.

Entertainers who have undergone orthodontic treatment

Celebrities who have undergone orthodontic treatment include.

  • Atsuko Maeda
  • YUKI.
  • Tsubasa Honda
  • Members of NiziU
  • Kento Kaku
  • Akane Hotta.
  • Minako Nakano and many others

Whitening|Approx. 20,000-80,000 yen

Teeth like a celebrity Cost

Whitening is a treatment that whitens teeth using agents that break down tooth pigment.

Not only does it whiten the yellowing of teeth that accumulates on a daily basis,It is popular among celebrities because it can be whiter than the original tooth color.

There are three types of whitening methods: office whitening, home whitening, and dual whitening, with different cost rates.

Cost of each type of whitening
Office Whitening30,000-70,000 yen
Home whitening20,000-40,000 yen(Cost of mouthpiece creation + cost of drug)
Dual whitening50,000-80,000 yen

Teeth yellow slightly due to dark-colored foods and drinks, smoking, and aging.

Therefore, in addition to daily brushing and cleaning, regular whitening is an effective way to maintain white teeth.

Some celebrities have publicly stated on their social networking sites that they whiten their teeth,Regular whitening keeps teeth white.It seems to be.

Entertainers who whiten

Celebrities who have publicly stated that they have whitened their teeth include the following people

  • Reina Sumi
  • Minami Minegishi
  • Nana Suzuki
  • Natsuko Yokosawa

How to get celebrity-like teeth at a fraction of the cost.

Teeth like a celebrity Cost

If you want to have celebrity-like teeth at a reduced cost,By applying for a medical expense deduction, you may be able to lower the actual cost.

The medical expense deduction is a system under which income tax refunds and inhabitant tax reductions are available for government-approved out-of-pocket medical treatment expenses that exceed a certain amount.

Whitening is not indicated, though,All-ceramic and orthodontic treatments often performed by celebrities are conditionally eligibleThe first two are the following.

If you want to have teeth like a celebrity but are worried about the cost, you should consider applying for a medical expense deduction when choosing a dental clinic.


Teeth like a celebrity Cost

The following is a list of methods and cost rates for getting celebrity-like teeth.

  • All-ceramic treatment → approx. 100,000 yen or more per piece
  • Orthodontic treatment→approx. 700,000-1,300,000 yen
  • Whitening → approx. 20,000-80,000 yen

These vary in cost depending on the materials and equipment used, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to achieve celebrity-like teeth, have a consultation with your dentist and consider it carefully.

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