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How can I prevent oohing and aahing when I brush my teeth?

Patient: Doctor, I often get nauseous and gag while brushing my teeth. Is there any way I can brush my teeth easily? DentistIt is difficult to feel nauseous while brushing your teeth, isn't it? If you are prone to nausea, you can make a few adjustments to the way you brush your teeth and the way you choose your toothbrush...
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Can Listerine remove tartar? What to do if you have tartar and how to prevent it

Patient: Doctor, I heard that gargling with Listerine removes tartar! Is it true? DentistHmmm. It's tartar...I understand! In this article, we will discuss whether Listerine can remove tartar? I will talk about preventive measures to deal with tartar formation! (adsbygoogle =...
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Causes, risks, remedies, and treatment costs of cavity-filled teeth in the 20s.

PatientDr. Doctor, it's still not good to have so many cavities in your 20s...? DentistYes, that's right. Cavities are not only bad for your mouth, but also for your health and real life. In this article, we will discuss the causes and risks of having a lot of cavities in your 20s, as well as remedial measures and the estimated cost of treatment...
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Should I not brush my tongue? How to brush properly and the advantages and disadvantages.

PatientI heard that I shouldn't brush my tongue because it makes my breath bad. Is this true? DentistYes, tongue brushing is an effective form of self-care for bad breath. However, it must be done correctly because there are harmful effects caused by incorrect or excessive tongue brushing. In this issue, we will discuss how not to brush the tongue...
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Can a pregnancy full of cavities affect the baby? Prevention and treatment that can be done during a prenatal dental exam.

Patient: Doctor, I heard that if I have a lot of cavities during my pregnancy, it could affect my baby. I received a notice about a pregnancy dental checkup. Should I take it? DentistYes. The risk of tooth decay is higher during pregnancy, and there is no guarantee that it will affect the baby. Pregnancy dental checkups are...
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A Dental Hygienist Teaches! Effective use of dental floss and 5 recommended brands

PatientI've heard that brushing teeth doesn't remove stains properly unless you also use dental floss, is that true? Dental HygienistYes. Since a toothbrush cannot reach the stains between the teeth, dental floss is essential for self-care to brush teeth properly. In this issue, we will discuss the dental fl...
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Can I remove tea stains from my teeth at home? I will also tell you the difference between it and tooth decay.

PatientI drink a lot of tea and I have tea stains on my teeth... It's too much trouble to go to the dentist, so is there any way to remove them at home? DentistIn this article, I will discuss how to remove tea stains from teeth at home! However, you need to be careful because what you thought was tea stain may turn out to be a cavity...
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Regular dental checkups not worth it? Why are dental checkups important?

PatientWhile I am in orthodontic treatment, the dentist wants me to come for regular checkups. I don't think there is any point in going if there is no pain... Dentist I see... So, in this article, is there any point in regular checkups at the dentist? I will talk about why dental checkups are important! The purpose of regular checkups and...
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Can acid erosion be cured? We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste.

Patient Dr. What is "acid erosion of teeth"? Can it be cured? DentistAcid erosive tooth is a tooth that is dissolved by acid in food or drink. In this article, we will discuss whether acid erosion can be cured. We will tell you about treatment, costs, and toothpaste! Can it be cured? What is acid erosion?
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2023 Toothpaste Danger Ranking, Is Your Toothpaste Safe?

Patient Doctor, is it true that there are dangerous toothpastes? DentistYes, it is. The toothpastes sold in Japan have passed government inspections and are basically safe as long as you follow the directions for use. However, some toothpastes that have passed government inspections have been found to be carcinogenic...

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