Differences between those who are cured by outpatient halitosis and those who are not. Treatment details, costs, and effectiveness.

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The closer you are to people, whether on public transportation, at work, or spending time with your loved ones, the more you worry about "bad breath. It would be a pity if someone you want to get along with keeps his or her distance from you because of a bad breath complex. In these contents, we will explain the difference between those who are cured by halitosis treatment and those who are not, as well as the treatment details and costs.

Tests to be taken at an outpatient halitosis clinic

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Halitosis is measured by measuring the gas concentration of halitosis components to identify the cause of halitosis. The measuring instrument used is the OralChroma measuring instrument. The test is usually performed mainly at university hospitals. When testing, halitosis components of "hydrogen sulfide," "methyl mercaptan," and "dimethyl sulfide" are divided into three parts for measurement. Since the components of halitosis gases differ depending on the source, the cause of halitosis can be identified by breaking down each component. Once halitosis is identified, appropriate treatment in each department according to symptoms can be expected to improve halitosis.

Treatment and cost of outpatient halitosis

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Outpatient halitosis treatment not covered by insuranceThis is the case. Therefore, prices generally vary from one medical facility to another. Here is a general reference price. There are three main steps in outpatient halitosis treatment. The first is a pre-treatment examination, which costs about 11,000 yen. The second is a full-fledged halitosis examination, which costs 38,500 yen for the first examination and 22,000 yen for the second and subsequent ones. Considering that the cost of general dental care covered by insurance is around 5,000 yen, this may seem a little expensive.

However, if the cause of halitosis is a disease, it can be treated by health insurance. Outpatient halitosis itself is not covered by insurance, so the examination details, price, and treatment may differ slightly from one medical facility to another. It is advisable to inquire at each hospital before visiting.

Outpatient Halitosis Treatment Effectiveness

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At the Halitosis Outpatient Clinic, various treatments are given according to the symptoms. Here we will explain the differences between those who are cured and those who are not, along with their treatments. The following five symptoms are typical of those with halitosis.

  • I have a sticky taste in my mouth.
  • Feeling of dry mouth or throat
  • My mouth feels sour.
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • For some reason, I always have oral discomfort.

If you experience these symptoms on a relatively daily basis, there is a good chance that you have halitosis. Since halitosis is mostly caused by gases produced by periodontal bacteria, the main symptoms appear in the oral cavity.

However, in some cases, there is a complex interplay of various internal factors. Therefore, if oral care with mouthwash and other products does not improve the situation, it may be necessary to suspect a lesion in the body as well. In any case, the root cause of the odor must be eliminated to improve halitosis.

There are many different causes of halitosis. Different symptoms require different treatment plans. It is necessary to conduct a multifaceted examination and develop an exclusive treatment plan tailored to each patient. Therefore, we do not just cover up bad breath with mail-order halitosis prevention products,Seek medical attention to correct the cause of the problem itself, including improvement of the constitution.By working on theFundamental improvement of halitosisYou can expect to see the following


When to visit an outpatient halitosis clinic,The most important is counselingThis is because this hearing of symptoms will determine the future course of treatment. This is because this hearing will determine the future course of treatment. A medical institution that provides thorough counseling can be said to be trustworthy.

Oral treatment with highly concentrated HCLO water

Highly concentrated HCLO water is "highly concentrated hypochlorous acid water. It has been proven to have a strong bactericidal effect. Periodontal disease is the most common cause of halitosis. Until now, in order to eliminate the cause of bad breath, periodontal disease and halitosis treatment has been limited to the removal of stains and tartar from the gums by machine or manual labor. However, it was difficult to completely remove the bacteria by itself, and after a few months, the bacteria could increase and reappear. Therefore, "highly concentrated HCLO water" was used in combination with the conventional method. This method has enabled the disinfectant effect to spread to every detail of the oral cavity and eliminate the causative bacteria, thus reducing the risk of bacterial recurrence.Long-term symptom improvementThe first time the "new" model was introduced, it was seen that the

Intra-body treatment with probiotics

Probiotics are "procedures that utilize microorganisms and other organisms" that have a positive effect on the human body. In the oral cavity,Good and bad bacteria are endemicThe number of these is in the trillions. Thislose one's balanceBy,Periodontal disease-causing bacteria proliferate, causing bad breathIt does this by. Improving the constitution maintains the oral bacterial balance and makes periodontal disease and halitosis treatment effective with probiotics. The main drug used in these treatments is "Prodentis". This supplement is designed to improve oral bacteria and is currently used in 52 countries around the world. It is the only medical supplement approved by the renowned Karolinska Medical University, the headquarters of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. It is made by Bio Gaia, a company that develops medicines based on the concept of probiotics, and is recognized by the inspection headquarters of the prestigious university.Intracorporeal Therapeutic SupplementsTherefore, you will have a sense of trust in the treatment of your patients.

Also, in addition to the aboveScientifically proven effectiveThe "I" in the "I" column of the "I" column is "I".Mouthwash, fine granules, special gumSome medical institutions offer prescriptions such as This can be used to prevent bad breath at home, and may be suggested during the counseling session and incorporated as part of the treatment plan.

What you need to know before undergoing treatment at an outpatient halitosis clinic

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One of the things you can do before visiting an outpatient halitosis clinic is to perform a self-check. Here we explain how to perform a self-check.

Many people with halitosis tend to have malodorous saliva itself. Therefore, to some extent, you can check this yourself. Below are some methods of self-assessment.

Smell the exhaled breath.

Exhale into an empty cup and place the lid on it. Once you have caught your breath, remove the lid and smell the inside of the cup. If you smell a bad odor, it is highly likely that you have bad breath on a regular basis.

Check the smell of saliva.

Clean your fingers and touch your teeth, gums, and tongue with your fingers. Then smell the saliva on your fingers. If there is a tingling, sour or bitter unpleasant odor, there is a high probability that you have bad breath.

Visualize the condition of the tongue.

If the top of the tongue is white, there is a high probability that the cause of bad breath called "tongue coating" is proliferating. In this case, there is a considerable probability of bad breath.

Collecting tongue debris

If you can see what appears to be tongue coating, but it is difficult to judge for yourself whether or not there is malodor, take a sample of the tongue to check. Wipe the surface of the tongue using a soft object such as a cotton puff used for makeup. Smell what you have wiped off. If there is an unpleasant odor there, it is a good indicator that you have bad breath.

Check the odor of oral care aids.

Check the odor when using dental floss or interdental brushes. If the plaque on these items has a bad odor, there is a good chance that you have bad breath on a regular basis.

If three or more of the above apply to you, we recommend that you see an outpatient halitosis clinic. By seeing a doctor,Cause of halitosis is identified.Not only to do,Learn how to take care of yourself from a professional.By,Long-term retention of treatment effectsYou can expect to see the following


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Bad breath can make you feel distant from people when it starts to bother you. If you find that self-care does not improve it, it is advisable to seek professional help. You may be surprised to find that it improves faster than expected, or a visit to a halitosis clinic may lead to the discovery of a disease in your body. In any case, don't stop at self-judgment and self-solving, but combine it with self-care.Make good use of medical facilitiesIt is recommended to do so.Those who suffer from bad breathYou may want to visit a halitosis outpatient clinic once with reference to this content.

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